Everybody Gets a Turn

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Mike Hall died racing the Indian Pacific Wheel Race.  From the reports it was early in the morning when he was struck by a car and died on the scene.  From the reports I read the driver was taken to a hospital, likely freaked out and in shock… (and we aren’t going to talk about the driver, fault, or anything else because this is not the place nor the time, so don’t start).

I found out about it on facebook, much like a vast majority of others.  …and it was Dirty’s post.  Oddly enough, I felt better learning of it from a brother.

I never met Mike Hall, but much like so many others I was inspired by him.  I do want to make it clear, I was never inspired by his accomplishments, rather his drive to live life in the way he saw fit, his way, his terms, his goals, his way.  I am inspired because he never stopped trying  …and that is why I am saddened.

So many times I meet people and they tell me about how they “Wish they could (insert whatever here)”, and simply using the word “Wish” is the most painful part because wishing ain’t shit, trying is.  The word “Wish” used in that way is a regret, a regret for a want that the person does not have the drive to even be willing to fail.  That is why – for me – it is terrible that Mike died, because we are now losing that drive, that push, the inspiration that you can always try, while so many other people live empty lives void of anything other than vicariousness and never to be fulfilled dreams that they truly believe are out of reach.

Let me tell you something, they aren’t.  Your dreams are just an attempt away.

If you are reading these words right now, you are in the middle of your turn.  It might be up the moment you finish this sentence, or it might be decades.  Either way, you only get one turn.  It is up to you to make the best of it, just like Mike Hall did.  I’m trying as hard as I possibly can, and hope you are too.  …and if you aren’t, start now.  Don’t waste your turn, for that is the worst thing you can do.  Mike died trying, and to me there is nothing more noble.

So I raise a glass to Mike, and to every mother fucking bad ass baller that ever once and ever will say, “fuck it, I’m going for it and giving it all I’ve got.” …and then fucking went for it.  Cheers you mother fuckers!

I promise all of you, I will die with my boots on.  I will die trying.  No matter what your dreams may be, please stop wishing and try.

There is a fund growing to help get Mike’s body back home, if you would like to help click the link.


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28 Replies to “Everybody Gets a Turn”

  1. Yes this means so much. I am doing my first duathalon this weekend. It’s my first race to run and ride. It will mean so much more now. It’s a small step but it will be in honor of Mike Hall.

  2. Word! I am one of the many inspired by Mike’s example, not just to ride but to live more deliberately. I’ve been traveling, riding and spending a buttload of time reflecting on shit since I took a break a few weeks ago from being on the tools at my LBS for 2 years longer than I planned coz i was too scared to try.
    Mike’s death hits home for many of us because a fellow rider is down. But deeper down it hits home because we realise the time to do shit is now and now is not the time for weak ass excuses.
    RIP Mike.

  3. Thanks for this. Sometimes it takes the right person to put the words to a lot of people’s feelings. You nailed it.

  4. 5 weeks of chemo to go, raising a glass of “fuckit” right back at you, looking at the registration for my first gravel race. Here I come, Mead, Nebraska. CHEERS.

  5. All day I’ve been trying to put to words about my feelings on Mike’s death. You nailed it. Cheers to those who try. And for those who shine while they try, you’re an inspiration. Thank you

  6. I feel fortunate to have called MIke a friend and you’ve made a very good assessment of his character. Not many choose to live the way Mike did but by doing so he touched all those he met. Driven but selfless, he’ll be sorely missed but his legacy will drive many to achieve what they might not otherwise have.

  7. Saw this developing last night and was crushed. As Danimal said, don’t wish, do it. I’m a well into middle age guy who is taking a leave to ride cross country this summer. Life is way too short, don’t leave anything in the table. Peace and Love

  8. Furthest I’ve ridden to date was 128km, I’m going to bust through that tomorrow in Mike’s honor. Ride on forever Mike, RIP.

  9. Spot on! To me Mike’s huge accomplishments aren’t what really what matters most to me — It just happens that sadly had he not achieved them many of us would have never gotten to see the important part — How damned inspirational he was just in the “DOING” let alone winning!

  10. Well written danimal..

    In my words. I am less scared of dieing than I am of not living.

  11. Aye ~ in a similar train of thought …Tim Barry once said “I’m not scared to die but fuckin terrified not to live”

  12. Your words teared my eyes and moved my soul. Thank you for sharing them.

  13. As Hunter S. Thompson would say “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow!

  14. Ah poor Mike. Rest in piece. Was a hero of Ultra Distance Races. Here are some his races:
    2011 – Tour Divide – 11th position – Took 19 days 8 hours 47 mins
    2012 – World Cycle Race – 1st position – 91 days 18 hours
    2013 – Tour Divide – 1st position – 14 days 11 hours 55 mins
    2014 – TransAm Bicycle Race – 1st – 17 days 16 hours 17 mins
    2016 – Tour Divide – 1st – 13 days 22 hours 51 mins

  15. Thank you for this article! My father died in a cycling accident over 3 years ago. He learned me not to waist my life on a job I hate. So 1 year after his death I took my turn. Last year I started my own YouTube channel, now I an just living life the fullest

  16. I’d never heard of this man till this morning, in photos he looks like he was a very fine person. Peace to him and courage to his loved one’s. Nice article danimal, it seems you and Mike have just giving me the encouragements to actually do 2 things I’ve being wishing/babling about for a while now.

  17. RIP, Mike Hall.

    GREAT post, Danimal. I’ve always been an extremely motivated, hard-working person. However, I’ve been dragging my feet on getting out of grad school for far too long. I haven’t been able to figure out why I can’t crack this challenge, as I’ve never not gone after what I get my sights on. Well, last Thursday I called a childhood friend. I explained my situation with my advisor, which he’s heard a good deal about over the years. He told me to immediately get out of the toxic relationship. Spoke with the department chair on Friday, she is supportive of me changing my committee. I should find out today if I can move on and finish up.

    You’re right and I needed to read this TODAY. I’m been in limbo for a few years now and have hated it. Today I start to truly live again! Thanks for this!!