Even Winners Party

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It’s Tommeke’s last run at the Paris Roubaix as he goes for win #5 this Sunday. No small task in any sense, and our friends at Specialized made this cool video to show his lasting dedication to cycling and becoming as strong of a rider as he could.

I don’t have as long a history on bikes as many of you, but I did start paying attention to Boonen 8 or 9 years ago. I was drawn to his panache (can I use that word?) – he’s strong AF and watching him race the Classics was always enjoyable. I’m not a racer, but when I used to ride bikes, you know, before adult happened, I’d find myself emulating these Classics riders as I pedaled to the nearest Circle K. All kitted up, riding with no hands, chucking water bottles to save weight, stuffing newspapers in my jersey to stay warm, babes leaving lipstick on my cheeks, Fanta at the finish line, the whole deal. Yup, I was that guy.


The title of this post is “Even Winners Party” and that’s because Tom had a good time throughout his career, and we applaud him for that.

Boonen snowed in. Again.


Boonen [really] likes the blow…

Tom boon aan de coke Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 08.00.01

And you know how it is, when your hero parties, so do you.

That time Dirty was at the Tour de France and a Basque guy did a line off Boonen’s name on the road.

Other than snowing our admiration for Tommeke and his storied career, we at Drunkcyclist sniff good vibes for him this weekend in hopes he blows the Hell of the North to pieces, and look forward to bumping into him on the top spot at the Roubaix Velodrome.


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4 Replies to “Even Winners Party”

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  2. Hard to believe it’s over. I never understood why the roadie nerds mocked his drug usage so much. Well, I do. Most roadies aren’t that cool.

    If you’ve ever tried cocaine, you wouldn’t mock the guy, you’d like him even more. Heck, I sure as hell know if money wasn’t an issue, I’d use the dust more liberally myself.

    Kinda hard to believe Boonen was that close last year!