Tales from the Trail – Getting Stomp’d

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“Getting stomp’d” out on the trail can have a variety of different meanings, and I’m about to get into my personal account from this past weekend.  First and foremost, this is a personal story that I debated whether or not to even put out there.  After some chats with D2 and Dirty about the pros and cons, I’m convinced that posting this will hopefully have more positive results than negative, so here we go.

I headed out to North Table Mountain in Golden, CO on Saturday for a quick ride.  It’s the closest trail to my house, and with a 10 month old at home I try to keep my mountain bike rides shorter than they used to be.  Not long into the ride as I was climbing up a portion of trail, I came behind a runner who was wearing headphones that wrapped around his neck, and a shirt/jersey that said either “COM” or “COR”.  I rang my bell a few times to let him know I was approaching from behind (this had never been an issue when sharing trail with hikers, runners, and other mountain bikers), but I don’t see any acknowledgement that he heard my bell.  I slowed down and before I could ask to pass, another mountain biker (who had pulled off to yield as they were descending) said, “there is a bike behind that wants to pass”.  The runner pulled off the trail, and as I passed I shook my head (the use of two earbuds or full headphones when on crowded trails drives me nuts as it’s a safety issue for everyone involved).  The runner obviously didn’t like me shaking my head and shouted, “shake your head at me again, and I’ll beat your motherfucking ass!”  Fun times, but I keep riding.

About 20 minutes later, I’m climbing up a different trail and see a runner coming in the opposite direction.  I pull off to the side of the trail to let the runner pass, and I recognize the “COM” or “COR” on the shirt as the guy who yelled at me before.  He is nearly past me, when he says, “I remember you”, then suddenly and aggressively moves towards me. Unprovoked, he grabs me by my throat and starts forcing me towards a boulder on the side of the trail.  He manages to shove me on top of the boulder, all the while punching my head, jaw, helmet, and anything he can reach. Once he had his fill with his fists, he moves on to stomping my back and ribs.  He decides that he’s had enough and heads over to my bike, picks it up and says “Shake your head at me again” before throwing my bike off the trail and down the steep mountainside.  Pleased with himself, he heads off down the trail. Still in complete shock, I pick myself up and slowly start to walk after him in hopes of getting a picture.  As he’s moving down the trail, he’s obviously keeping tabs on me, and rather than chance some more punches to the head, I walk away.  The entire incident couldn’t have taken more than 30-45 seconds, but it has been playing in my mind ever since.  Why hadn’t I tried to get a swing in at him?  Why didn’t I charge at him when he picked my bike up?  Could someone really be that pissed off about me shaking my head?













Bruised up throat













Courtesy of the runner’s shoe

I switched over to damage control, calling the police to get things started on filing a report, calling my wife to let her know what happened, and retrieving my bike.  For what it is worth, I ride with an ICEdot crash sensor, and thank fucking Christ for that.  My wife knew exactly where I was following the incident and that something wasn’t right–she was able to pinpoint exactly where I was and get to the nearest trailhead to meet me.  I get to my bike which is about 30-50 feet off the trail (down the side of the slope), and start giving it the once over, prepared for the worst.  Frame, maybe okay. Handlebars, a little off center but probably okay. Chain, good. Wheels… toast. So I am stuck walking back to a neighborhood access point.  I get lucky that some other people who pass me on the trail check to see how I am doing and verify that they saw the runner further on down the trail.  One fine gentleman named Ty even gives me his phone number and lets me know he’s be happy to give a statement and work to help to identify the runner.  Once back at the car I give a formal statement to the Deputy from the Sheriff’s Office.  As I finish my statement some chatter comes over the radios that they think they found a guy matching the description, and are trying to track him down.  But unfortunately he ducks into a residential neighborhood on the western side of North Table Mountain, and is lost.  Despite the assurances from park officials and deputies, it’s pretty obvious that the likelihood of finding this guy is fucking slim at this point.  I thank all those who helped out and head back home to try and digest everything that happened.

In the grand scheme of things I seem to be alright, the punches to the head didn’t really seem to cause much damage (thanks helmet), although my jaw is pretty sore and I made the mistake of trying to eat an apple on Sunday.  My legs are covered in smaller cuts and scrapes from getting shoved down on the boulder, and I have larger scrapes/bruises on my throat and shoulder from the respective grab and stomp.  General body soreness is also present, but nothing that I haven’t dealt with before.  My bike seems to be in decent shape, minus the two busted wheels, broken seat, and lost crash sensor.  All items that can be replaced, and again reminds me that in the big picture of life, I certainly caught some breaks with this one.













My rear wheel after its toss off the trail













My seat didn’t look that way at the start of the ride.

The shitty part of it all is:

1.) this guy got away and will no doubt be back on the trails in the future, and

2.) what the fuck has it all come to where punches and kicks get thrown on the trail between different users?

Something tells me that this guy was already in a shitty mood, ready for a fight, and I was the unlucky recipient of his rage.  Should I have shaken my head when I passed? In retrospect the answer is probably not; but if someone shaking their head at you is all it takes for you to assault someone, you’ve probably got a couple of loose screws to begin with.

In regards to the first question, part of the reason why I decided to put this story out there is that I was hoping the DC community could help to bring this guy to justice, or at least make him think twice about jumping another trail user.  Basic description is white male, somewhere in his 30s-40s, 6 feet tall, and somewhere between 180-190 pounds.  On that day he was wearing black shorts, wrap around headphones, and a black or dark blue shirt with either “COM” or “COR” on it.  Given that he was able to duck into a local neighborhood and wasn’t found, it seems likely that he lives in Golden and will be back out on North Table Mountain.  If you encounter someone that fits that description please reach out to either the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (303) 271-0211, or the Jefferson County Open Space (303) 271-5925.  Also, if you have any information you think might be helpful you can email me at 40Hands@drunkcyclist.com.  Also, based on the incident, this guy may take exception to how you pass him if out on the trail, so be fucking careful and don’t shake your head.

To the second question, I have no idea how many of these types of incidents take place, or what the proper way to deal with this.  This guy doesn’t represent all runners or hikers, the same way that the Stravahole trying to get rowdy on a descent doesn’t represent all mountain bikers.  The trails are crowded and sure we can preach the “don’t be a dick” approach, but as this guy proved, some people are just dicks and aren’t going to change.  Anyway, I’m at the rambling point where it all seems like hypothetical, deep questions, so I’ll end this pretty soon.  Thanks for taking the time to read, writing this has been somewhat therapeutic in dealing with everything that happened, and thanks to those of you out there who will keep an eye out for this guy.

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About 40 Hands

A fan of riding bikes with one gear, malt liquor, riding without knowing how many miles I’ve covered, and strip clubs that let you bring your own keg. I typically have a stupid grin on my face, it is because deep down I know that no matter what, my mom thinks I’m cool. Denver, Colorado, USA

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  2. That is some bullshit.
    As to why you didn’t fight back- you aren’t a psycho on the edge. It takes some time to switch from civilized human mode, and your caveman there was already operating as a savage. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

    I would join a committee to visit said individual should the opportunity arise.

    I guess take mace with you on your front range loops? Fucking savages.

  3. That sucks. I feel like I had the first part of that incident happen while climbing Shaw Butte here in Phx last summer. A guy who was really red faced and out of it looking (Heat stroked?) had both head phones in and I called out to him a couple times as I trudged VERY slowly up the hill. By the time I was next to him I was talking to him saying “Just coming by you over here buddy, on your left” I was barely going faster than his walking pace. When he realized something was there he went straight from surprise to yelling. “Really bro, are you fucking serious, I will fuck you up, fuck you” etc etc. just going off on a level I hadn’t seen on the trail, ever.
    He picked up a rock, why? I have no idea. It’s like he somehow felt threatened. I was just trying not to have a heart attack from the heat and so I just stood there staring at him asking “Really? What’s going on? Seriously man, what are you doing?”

    He seemed to snap back into some sort of reality and just turned and walked away. Holy shit. I was shaking the rest of that ride. Wondering if he was waiting for me somewhere. So odd. I have no idea what happened, but I’m really thankful that it didn’t turn into what you got.
    That just plain sucks. :-(

  4. Im sure you didnt fight back at the pure shock you are being attacked in the first place. What a pos.

  5. Time to invest in a couple of action cameras. Helmet to or chest mount yields best images. I also ride with a camera face rearward on a k-edge seat rail mount. Next time you see him, don’t say anything or react in any noticeable way just try to ride slowly enough to get a good video of him. If he recognizes you and reacts, ride like the wind to get away. Make a copy of that video segment for the police. You ought to have a case number for that incident.

  6. can you check strava or garmin connect for flybys and see if he was stupid enough to upload his data and then get his profile and from there you should get names and facebook?

  7. Might be worth seeing if there are any webcams or traffic cams in the area. I’m sure someone on weather underground has a camera pointed at the mountain.

  8. I worked for a company based in Denver by the name of CoreSite whose stock symbol is COR. They were big on schwag too. I still have shirts. It’s probably a long shot but maybe worth exploring.

  9. This is nuts. My sis and brother-in-law ride there weekly and live in the area. I immediately made them aware of this situation and blasted it out to other front range CO riders to be on the lookout. Totally unacceptable behavior and I’m just happy you’re OK. If he does end up being identified, he’s liable for bike damage and possibly more for pain/suffering. I had a woman get out of her car last year and push me off my bike on my commute home for doing the exact same thing, shaking my head at her. Reported her plates and made sure to file a police report. Don’t let this go.

  10. So sorry (and angry) to hear about this. Trail riding/running/walking should be a place of solace, not this BS. Feel better.

  11. That’s truly terrifying. I regularly ride NTM alone as a young, small (not intimidating at all) female. Rest assured you made the right choice sharing this story. It is appreciated. I ride like you do–with bell ringing and kind words and slow passing and yielding (I’m also a trail runner, incidentally)–but I’m going to be extra-careful and extra-aware, now. It sucks because one of the things I love about living in Golden, compared to where I grew up in Texas, is that I generally feel safe recreating alone as a female on the Front Range (within reason, of course). But this is kind of like hearing about your neighbor’s house being broken into. Something about your sense of the world shatters being aware of an experience like this. “It could have been me.”

  12. My name is Mike Grady. I’m a photojournalist at 9NEWS, mountain biker, and DC reader. It sucks that this whole ordeal happened, but I think it’s great you shared your story for the exact reasons you mentioned. Would you be willing to share your story with us on camera? Hopefully putting it on air and another online outlet will help find the guy and make people aware of common trail etiquette. Feel free to email me: michael.grady@9news.com or call my work cell 720-233-6392. Again, I’m sorry this happened, but thank you for sharing your story. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

  13. Ridiculous!!!

    I had an incident like this probably 20 yrs ago… I looked at someone in a way they didn’t like (pretty sure a head shake was in there), they felt offended and obligated to walk over to my car and punch me in the head. Like you, it was total shock and I didn’t fight back or really do anything other than continually ask myself “is this really happening” in my head.
    My story ended a little differently, a large redneck in the truck behind this individual saw the whole thing, told him to get back in his car, and when he didn’t and pushed the redneck… this guy got what was coming to him. I didn’t hang around to see how it ended, but I’m guessing the cops were called.

    I’ve ridden NT many times with my girlfriend… this makes me a little tentative about going back… and makes me wonder if I should carry bear spray with me in the front range!

  14. Sounds like this guy may get his justice after all! Never understood why people get so upset while out “enjoying” nature. This last post shows promise for you and other trail users. Hope this POS gets his justice!

  15. Please update this post if you end up finding this worthless POS. We’re all rooting for justice on this!

  16. Super sorry to hear this! Appreciate you sharing.

    Don’t suppose you remember any other physical features of your attacker? Hair color, facial hair, tattoo(s).

  17. I live right at North Table and it’s one of my staple rides. The tensions between hikers/runners and mtb’ers has been escalated this year. Not sure what’s going on. I’m sure there are some serious tools out there that are pissing off the foot traffic and they’re deciding to take it out on every rider. Just as 40 hands said, not every hiker/runner is like this fuck stick and not every mtb’er is inconsiderate or a stravasshole. What really sucks is that now whenever I go do North Table, I’ll be way more heightened and ready to defend myself to most any foot traffic which will take away from my love of getting out there.

  18. This goes far beyond trail user conflict. The person who attacked you has exhibited anti social and violent and behavior. Other trails users are not the only people at risk in potential exposure to him. Studies will verify that women will be especially at risk encountering this person because he does not restrain himself or his exaggerated scene of superiority and entitlement. He also uses physical force to assert his dominance.

    Your attacker is a very scary person and I hope it works out that he is identified quickly and that other trail users will soon be able to enjoy your neighborhood trails without worry. I am sorry you had to experience this.

  19. Check out the Colorado Obstacle Racers Facebook page. They’ve got about 1000 photos on there…maybe your man is in one of them. It’s a long shot, but it’s a shot.

  20. This sucks, and I hope that catch the guy and prosecute him, and I certainly don’t want to discount what happened, but part of the problem here is the runner is probably sick of Cyclist buzzing him. Not trolling here, I promise, and absolutely the runner should not have had headphones on, absolutely, but if that trail is anything like the Multi-Use Trails here in the Springs, a good majority of cyclist go way to fast, and do not announce they are passing. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen cyclists come up from behind and fly by families walking the trail, scaring the shit out of the walkers. I’m pretty slow as a cyclist and I get passed from behind, a bunch. I estimate maybe 80 percent of the cyclist that pass me, fly by me, with out saying a word. Oh, and the bells, they are not effective, at all. I never hear them. I don’t hear them when I’m walking my dogs on the trail either and my runner friends equate bells on bikes to impatient drivers honking. Not saying it’s right, but the runner probably got tired of it and lost his temper. Like I said. I hope they catch him, and I hope you are ok.

  21. Man…that is my go to MTB ride down there. My experiences have always been positive.
    Double buds or phones on the trail is just asking for trouble. Let us know when they find this guy. He’s a menace to society.
    Be well.

  22. The worst part in all of this is that you feeling you have in the pit of your stomach. I had some dude punch me in the face and had his hands around my neck about 20yrs ago because he thought I was gay (nope – just a cyclist at a gas station picking up some gatorade). Leaves you feeling ashamed, weak, scared, on edge. 20yrs later, and that incident still touches the edge of my conscience from time to time. Make sure you talk to someone. Good job being courageous and posting this. Hopefully they nail this guy.

  23. Might be worth posting a sign at the trailhead warning about this guy and to see if any others might have witnessed what happened.

  24. You should have confronted him the first time he threatened you, just call him out, “really? You’re going to kick my ass for shaking my head? Why? WTF?” At least then you’re somewhat ready for a confrontation.

    Also, consider carrying pepper spray or a gun. You have every right to defend yourself from people, dogs, wildlife, etc.

    Your story illustrates just how quickly things can go haywire. It sucks to have to think defensively, but if you’re a dad you need to be even more aware of this stuff.

    Lastly, running is for people who don’t have bikes.

  25. Wow. Hate to hear this. Closer to the time Strava became big I was mtn biking near Marshall Mesa in Boulder, climbing a steep grade when I was passed by a stronger uphill rider and forcibly elbowed out of his way into a high grass high-side by same guy. Shocked, I figured he was chasing a Strava PR. I picked myself up and rode on, no chance to catch him going uphill. Probably just as well…..Karma is a wonderful thing….payback will come in some form, at some time. Be safe out there everyone! And, as my mother always taught me; Two wrongs do not make a right.

  26. If you don’t take Katherine up on her offer contact me for some rim help. I will take care of it.

  27. I carry a hardcore Taser gun for people like this and (especially) dogs. Next time I’m attacked by anyone they’ll be lying on the trail listening to me ride away wondering WTF?

  28. Thanks for sharing. I can’t believe this happened on NTM, my favorite local stomping ground. I’m so glad that you are reasonable ok, and will keep my eye out for the guy that did this. Sadly, I match the description, without the shirt that is, so I’ll just look for someone like me. Like others have said, if you can think of anything else description-wise, let us know. My wife is Katherine and I hope that you take her up on her wheel offer. Best wishes as you recover, and keep riding, friend.

  29. If you used Strava, you might get lucky with the Strava Flyby feature. See if you recognize the spot of passing and the assault and hopefully the runner uses Strava as well and you can hopefully identify him

  30. Glad your ok… In the future maybe you should learn to fight. If you would have kicked his ass chances are good he would never act like this around you again. Most dicks understand nothing short of this. He is now laughing at you and the cops. In a situation like this when dealing with a dick out in the middle of nowhere, its best to concentrate on punching him in the head as hard and as fast as you can until he either yields or goes down. If you cant throw a good punch, at least kick him as hard as you can. Just one good kick in the nuts may have saved the tires on your bike and taught him some manners…

  31. 40, I am in sorry to hear about this. You made the absolute right choice in your reaction. If you fought back it is his word against yours and as a younger person the cops would likely take his side. One father to another, you made the right choice.

    Happened to me last year with an auto accident with a VERY aggressive 62 year old. I went to school on golden and am very sorry to hear that this is how it has gotten.

    Sad to say but because of shit like this and wildlife I now carry a Kimberly Pepper Blaster and a fixed blade knife on my rides. I hope to never need either of them but with several recent dog and wildlife attacks plus how stupid general humanity is I feel it is better safe than sorry.

  32. Seriously people? Why sensationalize a couple of incidents and make it worse for everyone. For God’s sake people, keep your fucking mouths shut before they shut the fucking trail to bikes! DO NOT TALK TO THE ASSHOLE AT 9NEWS!!!! They just want to sensationalize and cause trouble.

    This State is getting to crowded and that’s just it. Nothing you can do. I blame JeffCo for building a trailhead on that mountain. It was a great place to ride before they did that. They ruined it for the neighborhood. Now every new asshat that moves here parks up and down 93 to go on it. Fucking sucks!

  33. Hey there,
    I work at the assignment desk at Fox31/Channel 2 and we’re sorry to hear this happened to you. If you are able to please call our assignment desk at 303 566 7600. Thank you

  34. I rode north table last Thursday and encountered a hiker with headphones and poles. As I passed him he yelled “I f****** hate bikers. You motherf******s -” and then I was to far past him to hear anything else. Don’t know if it’s the same guy. He had a beard and old black headphones

  35. Sorry tylera,

    sadly it’s the things that we carry in our shorts that help us think.

    But if you need someone to go slay a Mammoth, I’m here for you! I just need to work on my motivation, how does this whole act contribute to a worthwhile, growing experience to us all?

  36. Just to throw it out there. I found a guy by the name of XXXXX in Golden, CO, who runs frequently in the area. Fits the description except he’s not officially part of the COR group, but has a mutual friend who is.

  37. Sorry to hear that this has happened. This pos should be locked up, at the very least. Glad you’re mending, best of luck. Ride on, ride strong. Dave

  38. I had a confrontation with a guy that fits the description at NTM last season. Headphones blaring and I tried to get by from behind by asking, then yelling with. I response.

    After he finally noticed he said sorry, I went by and told him that’s not the way to share multi use trails plus it’s not safe with rattlesnakes prevalent & he screamed “F$&k OFF” at top of his lungs.

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  40. Thru some recent social media friending I came across your story this morning, which has absolutely shocked me. I am the ‘Cyrus S’ mentioned above and assure you that while I fit the description given and was running on NTM on Saturday, this certainly was not an act of mine. First off, I’m not the kind of dipshit that would ever wear headphones while running. Second, I’m certainly not a fighter and lastly, I live right off of the trail near the Mesa trailhead, run on the trails daily and have a young family that also uses them. Frankly, the news of an incident like this on North Table Mountain scares me and makes me wonder if this asshole is on the trails here frequently. If my family should come across him, what would he do…? This is precisely the problem with the influx of Trail users to Colorado and overuse of our public trails. I hope that you recover well and I’m happy to help if you can put together a description of him as I’m on the trails nearly daily.

  41. Send all the Californian douchebags that moved here back to their shithole state. Get the fuck off my trails! That means all types of users. STay in your own neck of the woods. God damn millenium hipsters! That’s the real problem. No care, no morals, no respect.

  42. As much as I’d like to see this guy caught and punished, maybe don’t name people until we’re sure? Could really ruin someone’s day/week/life by focusing blame on an innocent person.

  43. #BoulderWorldProblems

    I guess Boulder is a much better place to ride now. Funny how issues shift.

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  45. Okay, I get the vitriol from folks and having run and biked these trails on the Jeffco front range for 25 years, it is crazy sad that this happened. “40 Hands” my thoughts are totally with you and like other folks out there, I will keep my eyes open for your guy. My comments are not meant to dismiss your experience. That dude is horrible and doesn’t belong on the trails AND…
    Any fears and concerns for all of us trail users would be totally unfounded. This sucks, but it is the furthest thing from the norm. The trails are safe. The vast majority of people are good. The etiquette is mostly upheld. Given the big number of users on our awesome trails, bikers and runners are doing pretty well around here, so let’s temper the over-the-top anger and fear about this as some sort of trend or epidemic. I’ve no doubt that many of us have a “bad trail user” story (cutting trails, going downhill too fast, not moving over). To go along with that, I’d guess we’ve passed 1000 other trail users in which we had no issue or, more likely, a positive exchange. “Good job.” “Thanks.” “Have a great run.” Keep being good role models.
    Now, if we could just get some of the dog owners to realize that putting poop in a bright plastic bag and setting it along side the trail is NOT picking up after it…ha ha ha. Enjoy the trails!!!!

  46. I guess I’m going to be the odd man out here:

    If you’d simply ridden by, I’m sure there would have been no issue. But by shaking your head, you’re effectively insulting his intelligence, his “awareness” or whatever. Bottom line, you took a condescending attitude toward him and he, quite rightly, didn’t care for the insult.

    Should he have kicked your ass? Probably not.

    Should you have fought back? Definitely so. If you are going to insult the man you should also have enough moxy to deal with the consequences. Don’t write a check your ass can’t cash. If you’re going to insult someone, be prepared to follow through. What would your Dad’s generation have done? Fucking millenials…

  47. F these aholes who wear headphones and can’t hear and yield the right-of-way. Continue to shake your heads at them, and respond accordingly if they escalate things. Hope this psycho gets caught.

  48. John Harper wins Stupid Comment of the Day. Shaking one’s head is free speech — If somebody is “insulted” that’s their problem. Assaulting somebody is not free speech, and certainly not an appropriate response for being “insulted”. Get a clue, idiot. You sound as psycho as the ahole runner.

  49. John Harper is 100% correct.

    I also wonder what the witnesses (if any) reported. We are only getting one side of the story here. How do we know for sure that 40 Hands didn’t throw the first punch? We take his word because he’s a fellow biker? Sorry, something is not adding up in this story.

  50. Please don’t start doxxing people publicly. If you feel like you have info for OP, then send it privately. We don’t need to turn this into anything it shouldn’t be.

  51. John Harper is NOT correct. Shaking your head at someone is no justification for assault. It sucks the runner wasn’t caught, but the silver lining is if he continues to act this way he’ll get what’s coming…he’ll pick the wrong victim and catch a beating.

  52. I have a feeling we are going to have a Curtis Sliwa wanna be brigade up there knocking out knee caps based on an collaborated story that went viral.

    OP should come out to everyone and tell them to calm the fuck down and stop naming names, but he won’t. He’s just another entitled hipster millennium.

  53. What a pussy LiL andrew is—runner should have kicked andrew’s ass down the mountain.

  54. Carrier Corp, the air & heat people, have used their stock ticker for goodies and employee apparel: COR

  55. Said that wrong, they have a line of products with the logo COR… their traded under UTC, who owns them.

  56. I think the fact you didn’t fight back against this goddamned psycho makes you a typical thin-skinned millennial puss-bag. Sorry this happened–no excuse for the other guy’s criminal behavior–but it is simply unfathonable that you let him beat your ass and didn’t defend yourself. Grow a bit sack. Thank you and good night.

  57. What Old Guy and Jonathan Mendez are missing is that the perp cold cocked the biker 20mins later at a random encounter like a fuckin coward. If perp would have challenged him like a man, then it’s an even fight. Only cowards and psychos attack a defenseless person, and only sad sacks of shit defend the attacker and blame the victim.

  58. …And to Runner. Try some reading comprehension. The guy got jumped well after the original encounter. If you want to run a little experiment, I’ll jump out and jack you without warning and see how well you respond. I’m guessing you’ll be stunned by the first blow, then confused while I pummel you, and I’ll be on my way less than 60 seconds later… beating accomplished. Stop being an internet tough guy and try on a little humanity for a change. And stop calling the OP a millennial… he lives off N Table, so he’s probably a successful late 30s, not a professional dog walker sharing a 2 bedroom apartment with his 3 barista buddies.

  59. That’s a terrible thing that happened to you! Glad you are ok.

    I’m a runner in another state, and I wear headphones on my morning runs. They are at a low volume and I can hear all the noise around me…my feet, Killdeer, Robins, cars, other runners, and even the geese flying over me. Just my own defense of my headphones.

    But he obviously couldn’t hear and was being therefore irresponsible. What he did was completely crazy and absolutely wrong. Hope he gets caught or does the right thing and turns himself in.

  60. Joe said: “F these aholes who wear headphones and can’t hear and yield the right-of-way.”

    Serious question: where do the rules come from on who has to yield?

  61. So did you shake your head at him again or run your mouth? Nobody else reading this was there so you can paint yourself a do-right victim.
    It seems you were in the wrong as far as trail etiquette is concerned. Maybe mountain bikers would act less entitled if hikers start dealing out more ass-kickings. I am thankful frequent cycling causes ED and other reproductive harm.

  62. Sounds awful. Your injuries were so severe that you were able to try to take a picture of the guy as he was heading off. You had a helmet on right? You got a couple strawberries. Bid deal. I’ve seen 5 year olds get worse falling on the sidewalk…..I hope your bell didn’t break.

  63. Totally agree with John Walker. Insults, deserved or not, are provocations and provocations have consequences. Nature has its way of working these things out – you’ll think twice before condescending to strangers again. Your comeuppance involved no permanent injury or real loss, so you got a valuable life lesson for free.

    I rather suspect there’s more to the story. Like how, in addition to the head shake, there was the disgusted in-your-face glare? And how you were emboldened by thinking you were faster and couldn’t get caught? Insulting people while you run away is cowardly. And cowardice has its own rewards as you discovered.

    How would things have worked out if you had just accepted that some people may not hear a bell? If you took the personal responsibility as the overtaking party to yell when it was obvious you had not been heard? If you gave a cheerful “thanks” to a person who gave way when he realized you were there?

    Memo to Cyclists: Nobody gives a damn what you think about earbuds, or anything else for that matter. That you cannot engage in the simple child’s pleasure of riding a bike in public without drama is why you are so universally reviled. Your self-righteous confrontations have no constructive effect and only get other cyclists’ asses kicked. GROW UP!!

  64. I cannot fathom the mental Olympics one’s mind has to jump though to somehow perceive shaking your head at someone as provocation, insulting, or initiating a confrontation.

    “He is nearly past me, when he says, “I remember you”, then suddenly and aggressively moves towards me. Unprovoked, he grabs me by my throat and starts forcing me towards a boulder on the side of the trail.”

    Because assaulting someone who shook their head at you is totally reasonable.

  65. Wait? So you were a dick about trail etiquette and a runner beat you up and threw your bike down the mountain?
    Lolololololol, where is this guy? He needs a gofundme account, I’d buy him some fresh sneakers. It’s high time someone stood up to the likes of you and your ilk. I’ve seen you guys berate old ladies and children on the trail simply because you had to unclip. Colorado has a problem: often right coast or left coast transplants, self-righteously clogging the trails because you think you’re extreme or read about said trail on a blog or rag. You ride as though everyone should yield to you, you wildcat trails across private land and then ask that the trail be incorporated legally after you say “sorry bruh.” To sum it up for some of you hardcore aggro riders: YOU ARE THE TRAIL EQUIVALENT OF COAL ROLLERS!

    The saddest part is we’ll probably never hear his side of the story which I am quite positive, paints you in a more aggressive manner, likely combative or provocative.

  66. Thanks to your blog I am now convinced that most bicycle riders are a bunch of snowflakes who must have a safe room where they can whine to other pussies.

  67. Wow, how can so many people think violence is a reasonable answer to “being insulted.” People seem to think this was an acceptable “honor beating.” Guess what? There is no such thing.

    I once asked a woman who’s 2 children were running rampant in “The Egg and I” to please restrain them after they both ran into my 91-year-old father’s wheelchair while he was eating, causing him to hit his lip with his fork and get a fat lip. She did settle the kids down, but then insistently tried to get me to go out to the parking lot so she could beat the crap out of me because I “insulted her family.”

    So, apparently anyone trying to enjoy life in a supposedly civilized society deserves to be physically battered by deluded people whose pervasive sense of indignation makes them act like schoolyard bullies rather than grown-ups? I think not.

  68. Gotta laugh at the transplant comments. I have lived in So Cal my whole life and we have a constant influx of transplants, if you live anywhere that doesn’t have terrible weather and a variety of things to do you will too. Many of the transplants that come from CA to CO were probably not natives of CA either. Get off your high horse, your family was once a transplant to CO and you sound like the biggest snowflakes of all with all your whining.

  69. Terr and John, you guys rock. It is the coasters that are ruining our State. I live on NTM too and haven’t been able to ride it for five years because of these asshats that think they own the place.

  70. Terry Orist why didn’t YOU stand up against the cyclists you saw berating kids and old people? Now you laugh from behind your keyboard and rip on MTB riders and assume they’re not from here? Talk about a fucking snowflake.

    Then there’s Dave who says shaking ones head is an insult that deserves an assault..fucking idiot.

    The fact is there are plenty of runners, hikers, and cyclists who are douches out on the trail, just like there are on this thread.

  71. Finally. A runner did what so many other runners have dreamed of. He kicked a trail biker’s ass. Trail riders are amongst the worst humanity has to offer. A aimless activity that is big amongst the white privilege hipster types.

  72. What’s with all you snowflakes on MTBR? You all take the same one-sided view of things. Always everyone elses fault and not yours. Same sad sack of shitheads that have been there for years, but joined by a few Californians that migrated here. You can tell that from their join dates.

    Pretty patchetic that you douches can’t open your eyes and see things once in a while. If it weren’t for UncleTrail, there would be no grip on reality there.

    Love how some of you then go over to 303 Trail Monitor and use your real names. Fun to put faces to the shitheads.

    As for Andrew, he has some ‘splainin to do. This is a ONE SIDED news story right now with no witnesses to back him up. Yet, the fake news has already found their guilty party. The wonderful investigative news has discovered that person who beat him up. Well, they didn’t. No one has. Andrew seems to be the only person on a VERY crowded mountain that saw the assailant. It just doesn’t add up.

    Before you go trashing me as a runner, know this. I am a mountain biker. I don’t run, walk, whatever.

  73. Wow Terry way to stand up to mountain bikers! A little more practice and a set of balls and maybe you’ll be able to do it in real life you little bitch.

  74. This is is the place where a reply or rebuttal goes; it doesn’t appear the momentum of this discussion needs one.

  75. The bell is rude and it drives me crazy. Even if I had headphones in – I would still know you are approaching. So maybe the “bell” might have been strike one. Then, expecting the “runner” to move over when he has the right of way – could have been “strike two.” Strike three was shaking your head.

    You didn’t deserve to get beat up – but next time think twice about your actions.

  76. Wow. Just wow. Reading all the comments on this makes me want to puke. As a Front Ranger for over 30 years, I have seen the increase in trail use and have adjusted my actions and outings accordingly. Too bad some have yet to figure that out. Yeah, crowded trails suck, but we have to deal with it one way or the other.

    Both parties involved did something wrong here. Andrew should not have shaken his head. He should have passed the guy after he moved out of the way and went about his business. Did the head shake deserve a beating? HELL NO! And to all of you who think he deserved it, shame on you. You’re no better than the psycho who beat up Andrew. The runner/assailant should not have been wearing both headphones on a crowded trail on a weekend. He got pissed that he got called out on his BS and took it out on Andrew. His actions were criminal. Andrew’s were not. Now, all of this assumes Andrew’s account of the confrontation are totally accurate, which I admit, would be hard to prove without witnesses. Bottom line, bad trail etiquette does not deserve violence in any way, shape, or form.

    As a long time mountain biker, I know that runners have the right of way, and always yield. While there are some irresponsible MTBers out there that ride way too fast and do not yield accordingly, they are not the majority. Most mountain bikers are just trying to do the same thing you trails runners and hikers are trying to do……….enjoy our beautiful state and everything it has to offer. The problem here is that some of you have had bad experiences with other types of trail users and are now biased against that group. Let’s all just take a minute and realize that there are a few bad apples out there giving each type of trail user group a bad name. The sooner we all realize that, we can all be better about sharing the trails responsibly.

  77. Just a perfect example why I carry bear mace and a three inch spiderco knife clipped to my shorts. I protect myself against animals on four or two legs. This guy needed that type of justice. Be judged by 12 not carried by 6. Learn from it

  78. FUCK ALL OF YOU keyboard tuff guys who claim 40 (and whoever) should expect to operate under a prison mentality. For real. That is unacceptable. We don’t live in prison, we live in a CIVILIZED SOCIETY. Grow up, baby clowns.

    Talk shit, get hit…there’s a progression. It’s not jumping straight to violence. There must be some room for diplomacy first.

  79. JBC’s was the most intelligent comment. Most of the rest were an entertaining waste of my time. Where I’m from fast movers mostly respect slow movers. Many wear headphones, cranked even, but still know how to yield, even dismount and walk if needed. We pour our energies into our activities rather than aggression. Then again perhaps we are lucky to have a local trail culture of respect and dignity, one that for people like folks who don’t like having to turn their bars ever so slightly to get around those who can’t abide having a head shaken at them won’t exist until discussions like the above do not occur in the deplorable way in which many of you have participated.

  80. The guy was totally wrong! That said, as difficult as it can be, you were the guy that lit this bomb of a human’s fuse. You don’t know if he lost his job, works in a place that treats him like crap or what; however, rather than treating another rider or runner in a way that you wouldn’t want to be treated by giving him the disgusted head shake, try to be courteous to other people on the trail. A “sorry man, didn’t mean to surprise you” may have diffused the situation. People being courteous to other trail users is the only thing that makes these situations go away.
    As good as revenge feels, hitting him with a stick, getting him arrested, or beating the shit out of him when you see him on the trail will likely only make him angrier and may polarize different user groups. Be kind, make someone’s day better and your day will get better.
    I’m sure there are readers that think this is a wimpy way to deal with the situation, but think about it, do you really want escalation out on the trails where your going to have fun and get a break from the pressures of every day life?

  81. I’m just so deeply saddened that we’ve become such an angry, bitter country. Look at these hateful comments and the lack of emotional ability to compromise and resolve. We can do better than this friends. Violence is never the answer. Kindness and grace are always welcome. Generalizations of groups are never helpful. Everyone please take a few slow deep breathes and open your eyes to the flawed, wounded people around you…your selves especially included. Peace. Please. Why are we so mad? #firstworldproblems #sharethetrail #sharetheworld #protectthetrail #protecttheworld #dontbeashithead

  82. Knowing you could kick someone’s ass, but nevertheless choosing to make someone else’s day better, is the sign of a man. I hope this unfortunate encounter has the silver lining of making you a more compassionate person.

  83. I can’t help but think that one of the posters here did the actual beat down.

    I also can’t help to think that there may be another side to the story, why you ask? because there always is.

    In reality Andrew didn’t get hurt that bad, if the attacker had been a really tough guy Andrew would have been in the hospital for a few days with broken ribs, busted eye socket, busted jaw, etc., and may have even thrown Andrew over the hill, or taken his bike and started beating him with it. So Andrew was lucky that he only got a few scraps and is a bit sore.

    The attacker is a huge wuse, because the only thing he could try to hurt really bad was the bike, and he essentially failed at that as well. Then like wuses do, they run away and hide…probably why he runs everyday so he can run away from people better.

    Anyway Andrew heal up and get on the bike as fast as possible so fear don’t start to set in. And if you have the time and can afford it start taking classes in either Muay Thai, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or better yet if you can find a class that will do it is combining the two above into one. Taking a martial art class is a long term commitment, because it has to become instinctual, like an automatic reflex action, and that can take a few years. While more expensive than pepper spray you don’t always have time to whip out spray, or a gun, or a knife.

  84. Moral of the story is you reap what you sow. And cyclists have been depositing to the Bank of Pleasekickmyass for years. Cyclists spend more time than any other species sneering, condescending, whining, shaking their fists, complaining, one-star-Yelp-reviewing, eye rolling, swearing, flipping off, lecturing, gesticulating, offense taking, sniveling, scowling, scolding, panty bunching and rudely confronting motorists, runners, pedestrians, other cyclists, equestrians, heterosexuals, seagulls, elderly couples, kittens, people in wheelchairs, parked cars and small children.

    Cyclists live by the Inverse Golden Rule – I am entitled to have the entire world treat me as I would want to be treated. And if it doesn’t, I’m entitled to have a goddam meltdown hysterectomy without getting my ass kicked.

    And you doubt me? For evidence, just browse http://www.bikeforums.net to gauge the collective winning personality of the cycling community, with their endless internecine snipe-fest Pity Party about a world that doesn’t give Shit One about the concerns of cyclists. A phalanx of moderators has listed 36 pages of Banned Users for acting like … well … asshole cyclists, pardon the redundancy.

    Or, notice how cyclists gripe that overtaking motorists should be more patient, pass with plenty of room, be conscientious, respect right-of-way, assure the safety of the more vulnerable party? But reverse the roles and place the cyclist among slower pedestrians and ask them to extend identical considerations for identical reasons – Oh My God, now I have to slow down, I will to berate this person who better not kick my ass in response. Because, earbuds anger me and I’m the safety police. Of course, I don’t mean to generalize – I’m only talking about cyclists.

    Or look up Yelp reviews for any bike shop in the country (the main problem with running a bike shop is your target market is infested with cyclists). Filter by lowest rating to read a veritable hate-fest of self-entitled brats whining that their asses were not sufficiently kissed for their $4 tube investment. Any of these reviewers not need their asses kicked? I rest my case.

    So why is it that cyclists are insufferable and so in need of ass kickery? I’m thinking it’s both environmental and genetic, stemming from constant saddle pressure on smaller than average brains.

    And I love it when I hear “violence is not the answer” when they don’t even say what the question is. If the question is, “Would you rather have 4 hours of mind-blowing sex with the entire Switzerland’s Winter Olympics Women’s Ski Team, OR, kick some cyclist twit’s ass?”, then you must agree, it’s violence in a landslide.

    So when we find that a cyclist got his ass kicked and bike thrown off the side of a mountain (I LOVE that visual) for sneering at someone else for his own violation of trail etiquette and common courtesy, i.e., behaving like a cyclist, we come to the only reasonable conclusion – there is a God. And then when he photographs his injuries (Sorry Andrew, not impressed, I’ve had rougher first dates), takes it to the victim-celebrating media (the one lifeform lower than cyclists), and whine posts so as to inflame co-offended sister cyclists, it just doesn’t get any better than this. Because I get to write this knowing they’re reading it.

    SO CYCLISTS LISTEN UP!! You are a pestilence upon this earth. You are universally despised and for good reason. Every person you insult just files it away and cheers when you get your ass kicked. You want to be treated with courtesy and respect? Then YOU do your part as YOU brought this on yourselves. Is it all your fault? No, but mostly. Which is great news for you as you therefore have the most power to improve the situation (yes, you have personal agency, a novel concept in today’s culture of victimhood).

  85. I’ve seen questionable and reckless riding from fellow cyclists while I’ve been out on the trails. I’ve seen videos posted on Youtube of questionable and reckless riding. I’ve read comments posted on said videos condoning/encouraging questionable and reckless riding from fellow cyclists.

    I have no idea if this type of behavior represents the minority or majority in the cycling community. That being said, if you act like an asshat, pick on or disrespect someone, give someone the middle finger, etc you must be prepared for the consequences. The moral of the story is that the OP underestimated the consequences of his action. In this particular instance, he didn’t think that a simple shaking of the head would unleash the Hulk thus resulting in a beat down.

  86. Golden rule much anybody?
    Treat people how you want to be treated.

    There is a reason for the overflowing vitriol on this page. There are many, many cyclists that treat everyone else like shit, it sticks in the memory harder than a smile + hello. MTB’rs, face it, you DO have an image problem. When it burns in to the cultural zeitgeist, there is something to it, not just “oh they’re jealous of my Lycra & t-rex arms.”

    I know how dangerous jumping to conclusions can be but the OP’s story doesn’t add up. I wasn’t there but conveniently, no one else was.
    Your stream of consciousness thought process betrays you Andrew. “Why didn’t I charge him?”
    “Why didn’t I take a swing at him?” “I was in full defensive mode”
    These are all vain statements to masturbate your bruised ego with & prove your machismo is no more refined than the evolutionarily superior guy/hairless ape/human that gave you a brief ass whippin.

    As for you you aggro militant supporters of the “victim” calling people keyboard tough guys for suggesting you reap what you sow, reread your posts that happen to be chocked full of suggestions of violence and name calling.

    Cognitive dissonance isn’t limited to any one group or type but I can see it abounds in the foothills. Please keep in mind when you’re out pretending that you’re rugged or extreme or tough: treat people/strangers as you want to be treated. You never know who might be stronger, smarter or more evolutionarily fit than you, especially if you’re an avid cyclist.

  87. I live steps away from the west side of North Table Mtn. I ride or I walk it most days of the week for many years. As more people move near to Golden, it’s increasingly crowded, but so far I have not experienced anything more hostile than the west coast snub when saying hi to someone. Remember, hiking and biking on trails is dangerous, and you never know who you might need to help you in an emergency, and that is probably why we Colorado are innately a friendly bunch of people. Let’s lead by example and teach the newcomers proper friendly ettiiquete on the mountain. Key points: yield to uphill traveler, move over if a runner or cyclist wants to pass, and always say hello to those you encounter on the hill.

  88. @Daves Not A Real Man-
    I’m guessing your so angry cause you have a small penis and women laugh at you? Only mind blowing sex you’ve had is in men’s locker room at local gym after a steroid injection and a double dose of Viagra

    Be careful with that temper tho not healthy, I’m sure your doctor has told you this, blood pressure med’s and the Viagra your taking for your boyfriends at the gym is not a good combo. May I suggest some more cardio your looking fat in that pic btw

  89. #MAGA. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. That is right, I am talking about you losers. All of you. You hobby cyclists and weekend trailists. You people never make life better, as you take much and give nothing. All of you cucks and thots should do something worthwhile in life.

  90. Attention Trolls (daves.not.here..et al)
    GO AWAY. You will not change the mind of a true cyclist. I will not argue against your faulty logic, ridiculous stereotypes or violent and anti-social fantasies.
    I don’t contend that ALL car drivers are a-holes because a percentage of them are. They are also a-holes when not in their cars (yes you Dave).
    My advice is to get out of your car. Don’t drive to the gym to run on a treadmill.
    One more piece of advice, dave, Walk Your Talk! I do, but my talk is not to be a prick and threaten people.

  91. Davesnothereman–great trolling…it was believable until you said fighting would be better than banging the Swiss female ski team…

  92. Read Andrews (OP) tweets (@DC40Hands) and you will truly see what a piece of shit this guy is. I am now convinced he was the cause of this incident. Andrew has an aggressive personality and he is always trying to beat his race times.

    Andrew you are done! Time to apologize for your pathetic attempt at fake news.

    All will be revealed!

  93. Just another liberal POS entitled millennial. Ruining mountain biking for the rest of us.

  94. KC in da house-how is the OP ruining mountain biking exactly? Also, why are you trying to turn this into a political issue? Do you confront all liberals and call them names in person, or is this behavior reserved for the safety of your keyboard?

  95. ‘KC in da house!’ is a fucking piece of shit troll and a lying sack of shit to boot. I have reviewed Andrew’s tweets (@DC40Hands) and I could find nothing that would suggest an aggressive personality and NOTHING about beating race times.

    If fuckwits like ‘KC in da house!’ are so convinced that Andrew was the cause of the incident, get the runner to come forward to tell his side of the story. Because the runner ran like a little bitch when the police showed up and returned to his hiding place in his basement, Andrew’s is the only side of the story that we have.

  96. @john oakman, Dave_is_not_here, and KC in da house,

    Please, for the love of all that is holy, STOP TROLLING THIS THREAD. Unwanted, unwarranted, and definitely not productive in any way.

    Going forward, everyone should stop responding to their nonsense, including myself.

    That is all.

  97. Hey PB, you diptard. He did post his side on a “runners” forum. Why would he post it here? The dumb shiteaters on MTBR posted it there for everyone too:

    From the Runners account supposedly

    RE: Runner wearing earbuds beats up mountain biker outside of Golden, Co 3/30/2017 9:26AM – in reply to hart crane
    Reply Return to Index Report Post
    My friend just alerted me to this thread and I wanted to tell my side. I NEVER even touched they guy. I was wearing earbuds, but the volume was low. If you divide the path into two lanes I was running in the middle of one lane so there was a whole other lane to pass. He came up behind me and rang is little fairy bell over and over. I didn’t move because there was plenty of room for him to pass and nobody was coming in the other direction. When he passed me he stuck out his elbow and clipped me. Then I did yell profanities and threats. A while later he came up behind me again. This time he didn’t ring his bell and I didn’t know he was coming. When he passed me his soaked me with his water bottle. I was pissed then and jumped onto another trail that cuts off the main one he was riding on so I could get ahead of him. I waited until he came and then threw a handful of dirt at him. He then road off the trail and crashed. I’m not proud what I did. His story is crap though.

    Oh and by the way, NORMSK. Your detective work is awesome. And to IGNAZJR, why do you have to be so lame dude? KC works for you. Why don’t you tell everyone you get the LULZ everyday?

  98. KC in da house- Are you by any chance a martial arts expert?
    Why do you let others get to you? You’re supposed to be the Troll here. Come on boy, you’re losing your cool and making other trolls look bad. What are you, a liberal snowflake?

  99. I would have beat the shit out of that guy and tossed him down the trail. Never mind the assault on me, but damaging my bike? Hell no!

  100. Jeezus… so you shouldn’t shake your head and if you do getting a beating is just especially if you didn’t fight back…

    FMD no wonder you have a gun problem, coz that would be the solution, strap on holder in MTB bars whack in the revolver and she’ll be right…

    The good ole days are back…

    God bless America, you need all the help you can get.

  101. Y’all are the biggest bunch of whiney entitled pussies I’ve ever seen.

    Lol the only thing I’ve seen a mountain biker beat up is a can of craft beer in a trailhead parking lot.

  102. Looking at this comment trail, it’s so weak, I’m appalled at what this site has become.

    I miss the days of Big Johnny, Gnome, BGW, TripleT, Joe the electrician, Tony, Judy & even LittleJar.

    40 Hands has been a long time contributor to this site so I have no reason to doubt his integrity in this post

    Damn kids, get off my lawn.

  103. Right of way-
    Equestrian>Pedestrian>Cyclist>Motorized Cyclist>4 Wheeled Motorized Vehicle

    There’s no give with you sprocketheads & knuckledraggers. You can’t have it both ways: you bitch about cars passing you aggressively, you bitch about runners and hikers being in the way with earbuds and you PASS AGGRESSIVELY.

  104. KC in the house – thanks for posting the other account. Hard to know if it’s genuine, but it does seem to be a more plausible and complete story. Although, he doesn’t talk about what happened after the cyclist crashed.

  105. Hey all, it just bikes. They are fun, not everyone sees it that way. This is a truly isolated incident. Sure it sucks but so what. A good ass kicking is cleansing. Take your lumps, don’t get wierd about hikers and suck it up. in this case maybe your mom cared. Ride your bike, heal and shut up. Watch some John Wayne movies and learn how to take a beating if you are going to be a pussy about it.

  106. As an avid road cyclist and with several encounters with motorists under my belt, I’ve learned you have to defend yourself. Most times, when confronted, the blowhards backdown. Big in their cars, small when face to face.

  107. Golden is an outdoor community. Horse riding, running, climbing, biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, walking – it’s all here. Yeti, one of the greatest mountain bike companies moved from California to here, in part because of the amazing MTB community in Golden and Colorado. Trail running has been around for centuries, but only in the past few years has its popularity increased on the front range. Just like the horse riders and hikers learned to accommodate mountain bikers decades past, the the mountain bikers are now learning to accommodate the runners. Whenever I travel to Seattle, I realize that it seems nobody has the mental filter asking, “am I being an asshole?” Call it the golden rule if you want. Please, let’s just keep having fun – it’s the reason we live here, and why so many people are moving here.

  108. This is a cultural phenomenon. Most of us are smart enough to realize we aren’t simply judging the actions of one very narrow group but that of an individual that belongs to a very hive-minded group with weak individual indentity. If you don’t buy that you’re dumb or deluded. You conspicuously consume same clothing (Patagucci, Mtn Hardware etc), drive the same vehicles (Toyota Tacoma, 4-Runner, Tundra etc),
    shop at the same shitty expensive Whole Foods in SoDo SoPa or ShiTi Pa Town, rock the same beard because everyone needs to know how “mountain-y” you are. Face it, you’re practically a bunch of clones and if not clones, certainly idealogues.

    Is it that much of a stretch the suggest that you also behave (misbehave) the same as YouTube videos, blogs and forums would suggest?!

  109. WOE IS WE
    Yeah, life is so unfair for we cyclist-victims. When trolls aren’t posting in our forums, runners are clogging up our trails. Cars and trucks are driving on our roads. Bike stores are charging for our parts and service. Ears are not conforming with our sans-earbuds expectations. Pedestrians we run over are bending our rims. The world is withholding our entitlements.

    When outside on a beautiful day in God’s country, clueless idiots are smiling and happy, in spite of our scolding. Surprisingly, some of them are not swallowing our abuse any more. When we publicize confrontations that we have provoked in order to garner public sympathy, some aren’t buying our unbelievable, one-sided narratives. Worse than that, some say so and won’t follow our orders to shut up.

    We are increasingly getting treated like we treat other people – WHAT’S UP WITH THAT ?!? — Historically, our currency has been victimhood, but the exchange rate is sucking these days.

  110. Hey Dirty, the amount of penis I suck is amazing. If I ride dick for two hours and spend one minute in my ass, you lost less than 1 percent of your penis, To get blasted, jerk another then get blased again, AND spit it out for fun time mother fuckers is pretty balls. Big dicks should have opened my butt, and offered up like a slut. Instead works his balls like a whore and gets sent for it. Ride your dick, enjoy other dicks and drink shit. Fuck me for crying in the mud.

  111. You shouldn’t touch anyone, even if provoked…it’s assault. If you feel that your life is in danger and it’s self-defense, that a different story.

    I’m guilty of doing both, but I grew up. As I matured, I learned impulse control. And it’s not worth going to jail or getting sued for assaulting someone, nor is it worth getting pummeled for being passive aggressive and provoking someone.

    Even a disapproving headshake can provoke someone, especially with a heightened adrenaline response from exertion. One can pretend it is just an innocent head shake, but it was meant to solicit something. It is tantamount to sticking your tongue out at someone when you were a kid, and getting mad when the other person retaliates.

    If you need to get aggressive, take up martial arts perhaps. You will get equal time on both.

    Happy trails! Everyone deserves it.

  112. Glad you weren’t more seriously hurt. Nothing you did warranted this type of response. With that said, however, it’s worth considering that there are all manner of violent, short fused people among us that need but a simple head shake to set them off. And it seems like there are more and more of these types of people every day. It’s worth considering if that honk of the horn, shaking of the fist, extending a middle finger, etc., is worth the trouble that it may bring into your life. From a Buddhist perspective, nothing…and especially something so trivial as an idiot wearing headphones…is worth sacrificing your inner peace for.

    From a non Buddhist perspective, It’s worth considering if you should be carrying some means of defense. Pepper Spray is non lethal and easily carried on the bike somewhere or in a jersey pocket. A small handgun is also imminently doable on a bike if one is so inclined (legally permitted of course). Consider the remoteness of where you ride, how far you are from help, and all manner of people that you may encounter out there…like this idiot. Not to mention various wild animals that tend to engage fast moving objects when their prey drive kicks in.

  113. Sorry that happened to you, Guy…I am 70 years old and have been mountain biking for 20+ years now…and found that us mountain bikers are a pretty calm and mellow bunch…So when this happens it is very upsetting…Am also finding that there are more and more jerks on the trails…So happy that you wrote this article so that others will be aware of these kind of people out there…I ride North Table a lot so will keep an eye out for this ass hole ..

  114. Richard,

    You are mistaken. Mountain Bikers (of which I am one) are not calm. We are the same as everyone else. Be honest, how many times have you paced a douchebag runner or rider and said something under you breath. I am sure it is a lot because there are a lot of douchebags. All of us have broken trail etiquette at one time. What gets me is the people who claim innocence all the time.

    The OP was WRONG for shaking his head and I now know for sure that he did quite a bit more to provoke the “runner” than he mentioned.

    To the OP. You are not anonymous. You have friends and those friends have friends. Word gets around dude. Do yourself a favor and take down this post and try and forget it. Maybe in time, others will too.

    To the ASSclowns over on MTBR. You guys are the shnining example of snowflake mentality. SLbiker, you are the worst! Again, UncleTrail seems to be the only one with a sense of reality. The rest of you are just pussies with big anonymous mouths. Seems some of ytour crew are missing as well. Where’s Michelle and Dave? Like how they have been quiet since their hookup.

  115. KC is da house, this isn’t MTBR we have higher Standards.

    Unless you were there I don’t think you know shit. However if you have spoken to the Runner in question then you should identify that person so he can come forward and refute the facts provided here on website and in police report. Otherwise fuck off you aren’t bullying anybody here…

    Shaking of a head, hand, finger is not an excuse for physical harm under any circumstance….