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So, I went out on a ride Saturday morning. While I was motoring down a street called Acoma, I saw a flash of silver pass beneath me. I knew immediately what it was: an ammo clip.

I slowed, turned, and went back.

.45 reasons to hate Phoenix
.45 reasons to hate Phoenix

Eight hollow point .45 ACP rounds just sitting in the middle of the pavement next to a field full of kids playing soccer on a Saturday morning. What’d I do? I gave it to a cop.

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The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

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  1. yeeeehhaawwww, second amendment…everyone should be packing.

    The Supreme Court ruled the words ‘militia’ in the second amendment really didn’t apply…lol.

  2. So someone dropped their mag, what’s the big deal? Probably a CCW holder who lost the shit, unless you were riding through a bad neighborhood.

    Bullets without a gun aren’t really dangerous…not more than a firecracker, anyway.

    Giving it to a cop with a description of where you found it is a good idea though…


  3. How could you not know at least one person who owns a gun ?

    That’s like that lady back in the 70’s who didn’t vote for Nixon and didn’t know anyone who did. Even tho he won by a “landslide”.

  4. Ask Plaxico Burress how you can live in New York and not know anyone with a gun. 2 effing years in prison for having accidentally shot himself.

    That doesn’t mean there aren’t guns, being from upstate NY, we had rifles and shotguns a plenty, just pretty rare to see pistols.

  5. I live in Europe and the only gun owner I know is a ex who is a cop and it’s her service weapon…

  6. Yeah, I’ve found shotgun shells and bullet holes in goalposts out on the west side of Phx a few times at soccer fields.

  7. Growing up in rural Western Maryland, I don’t believe I knew anyone who DIDN’T own at least a deer rifle, a shotgun, a .22-or more commonly two or three of each. The shooting sports were popular and gun crime was practically unheard of.

  8. There’s a good reason I don’t live in PHX – the self cleaning oven.
    Every community must have its “Chedda” character; the armed fuck-up,
    and if you recall that movie “8 Mile”— “my man Chedda shot himself wit his own gun.” either that or it was intentionally ditched.
    Seriously, dude in upstate NY, you must be not that far ‘upstate’ as the mountains are filled with armed people. And, you cannot presume no one you know has a gun – do you live in America? Someone you know owns a gun like someone you know owns a car, dude.
    It’s just that not everyone talks about their guns.

  9. “Bullets without a gun aren’t really dangerous”…to you n’ me, maybe but to an inquisitive kid who wonders “what if ???”, if he hits one with a hammer or throws one in a fire…

    …kid i grew up w/ did just that w/ a live .22 casing & of all the infinite number of degrees a fragment could direct itself, yep, took out one of his eyes…

    …kids don’t think about shit like we ‘grown-ups’ do…

  10. Jonny, do the police in your town carry .45 ACP? One of ’em might have accidentally ejected his clip whilst reaching for a donut.

  11. I find it hard to believe that Big Jonny aka dump truck was motoring down any street on a bike. That tubs o fun couldnt motor down a hill even if he wanted it like a fat kid wants ice cream.

  12. Dooder we find’em pretty often,Sturday an’ Sunday mornin’ after a fun night.No worries,most AZ kids are taught gun safety at home.You scored,.45 is the real deal,too bad you wasted it onna cop…As for Upstate NY,well who knows.Them Green Mountain boys don’t even need a CCW though.

  13. Nevermind the machine guns (or the asault rifles or the submachineguns), bgw. I want to have a go at that McMillan. Set ‘er out there about 100 yards…

    …although I gotta admit that suppressed HK would be the bee’s knees for pest control…

  14. Give who a sporting chance? Set the TARGET out there about 100 yards, Dingie. Chip shot* for a McMillan.

    *Golf referance. But I ain’t gay.**

    **Not that there’s anything wrong with that.***

    ***By “gay I mean homosexual.****

    ****Not that the other definition of the word is particularly descriptive of me lately. I guess maybe if I rode more…

  15. There are parks all over the country where it’s common to find used condoms in the bushes. That’s far more bothersome to me that an ammo clip near a park.

    From the Internets… “Currently the most popular cruising websites are and”

    There is probablly a park near you.

  16. Ahh, I seem to remember a nice pic on the home page, on occasion, of a certain mountain biker taking aim at a TV with a shotgun.. just say’n.

  17. Firing a shotgun at a beer can is a bit different than being such a douchebag that you drop (or throw) a full clip out the window of your car. I’ve no problem with guns, per se. In fact, I own several. But keep your shit under some kind of control, aight chief? Arizona is the wild, wild west. And I mean that in the worst way possible.

  18. Didn’t think I’d raise so much ire (didn’t intend to, anyway). Not judging, just saying I never see guns in my everyday life besides cops. I do know a couple people who hunt and I went target shooting at a range once.

    Agree w/BJs comment above.

  19. …you sound like you have experience but that could be learned from reading a ‘mag’ or watching a video ‘clip’

    …just sayin’…

  20. I’ve seen weapoms with clips that load from the top. The Imperial Army of Japan had one in WW II. Not a particularly good weapon. They also had a medium machine gun with a side loading clip.

    The French (quelle suprise) had a particularly awful machine gun in WWI that loaded from the top. The Cauchau (sp?) it was called. And let’s not forget the Russky SMG with the side loading clip. I’d google it but I’m well into some typically mediocrre Canuckistani hootch (day before payday; Kentucky’s finest tomorrow)and still ain’t touched the cold sixer in the fridge.

    But AFAIK belts load from the side. Always have. But I’d love to see an example that proves otherwise.

    You know, the M16 i fired at Langley had a MAGAZINE (bottom of the weapon) that was loaded with a stripper clip. (top of the magazine) What does this prve? Nothing, except maybe…

    “This is my rifle
    This is my gun
    This is for fighting
    This is for fun”

    …or if you prefer…

    This is my rifle
    There are many like it
    But this one is mine
    It is my best friend
    It is my life
    I must master it as I must master my life
    Without me it is useless
    Without it I am useless

    Substitute “bike” for “rifle” and I bet you could find more common ground for all of us that a dragline and twenty Ukes could move if they worked night and day.

  21. @Ron D,

    The British Bren Gun took a top loading mag.

    During the Bush war in South Africa they were rechambered to 7.62mm & took the same mags that we used in our bottom loading SLRs.

    The Bren was a heavy bastard for a patrol support weapon but incredibly reliable).

    And given that I’m now down under, a nod to the Australian Owens Sub machine gun, top loading with either a straight or drum mag.

  22. This is beginning to sound like an NRA club meet.
    Maybe we could get one of those Danish Long Johns and mount a .50 Browning for the nose gunner (particularly because any mention of a tail gunner would get me into trouble…..)And while we’re at it, lube the chain with good old Squirt (yep, I always was a bit worried about that choice of name)