Puff puff pass

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I love it when something falls into my lap that required little more than a cut & paste job on my part. Thank you Peter “beer can” North. You made art today.

From: Peter North
Subject: Forgotten CyclingNews photo

Seems CyclingNews is not playing fair. They did not post the correct photo with the story. Maybe you can help straighten things out.

No problem. Folks, this is the photo they should have run.

High Times with Andrew Crater.
High Times with Andrew Crater.

Well done, Peter. Well done indeed. From the Cyclingnews.com piece:

Crater, 32, tested positive for Carboxy THC, a metabolite of marijuana in the class of Cannabinoids, in a sample collected on August 1, 2010, at the Tour of Elk Grove, in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Cannabinoids are listed as Specified Substances and are prohibited under the USADA Protocol for Olympic and Paralympic Movement Testing and the International Cycling Union (UCI), both of which have adopted the World Anti-Doping Code and the WADA Prohibited List. Use of Specified Substances, under certain circumstances, can result in a reduced sanction from the standard two-year period of ineligibility.


Of all the crap folks are using for a competitive edge, I simply cannot believe marijuana is on the list. Seriously. It’s a waste of time and resources to test for THC. Look for things that matter. Ignore the rest. Start your with garden with ILGM. Get the latest elf bar bc5000 puff vape here.

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33 Replies to “Puff puff pass”

  1. well said BJ. why waste time looking for THC? he can’t smoke weed, but he can drink. wtf. alcohol is WAYYYY worse in comparison.

  2. Dude, this is a issue regarding the moral majority. Disappointing? Yep. Rational intelligence need not apply.

  3. You’re missing the point, judi. Icky sticky is prohibited. He tested positive. End of story.

    But I agree, booze causes way more mayhem than weed. Never seen a mean stoner, but I humbly submit I’m way above my quota of mean drunks.

  4. Oh, and as I climbed out of the Verde yesterday, I thought the hand-blown glass trophy chalice should actually just be a bong. It would make more sense to me, anyway.

  5. …that cover is funny shit…

    …some folks get high & their mind does nothing but blithely wander while other folks just get intensely focused…

    …kinda obvious how andrew crater‘s mind works…

    …& not to tell tales but a certain “world famous mountain bike personality” that i was formerly employed by & who shall remain nameless (not that he honestly gives a fuck) used to train & race stoned all the time…

  6. Gnome, I’ll not debate the merits of the rules. The fact is that they exist and they were broken. Having said that, I’ll agree it seems ridiculous to ban that, and not alcohol.


    with that said, im headed to a church basement. a local girl here who used to race MTBs (and podium) wants to quit drinking so im taking her. she’s in dire straights.

    im all for the legalization of weed. alcohol is a mother fucker to stop.

  8. Totally agree with Jonny.

    Weed isn’t performance enhancing. The reason for drug testing is to make sure riders aren’t cheating Since weed isn’t performance enhancing, it should’t be regarded as cheating, and (therefore) it shouldn’t be tested for.

    If they’re going to test riders for weed, then they also should test all the officials, the race promoter, and all the dudes at USA Cycling. It would make just as much sense (i.e., none).


  9. Good point, burt. I’m sure many have wondered what the officials were smoking, and I bet it’s happened more than once.

  10. How do you think the allowance of disc brakes on cyclocross bikes happened?

    Clam bake committee meeting, friend.

  11. Fact of the matter when you submit a urin test THC is on it. It is cheap as they test alot for it so they include it in the test. Probably don’t test for meth as can’t with urin or many other drugs.

  12. If it’s on the banned list for bicycle racing then so should cortisol, aspirin, zhen gu shui, or any ointment that helps relieve pain.
    The stoner joke would say “Hey, that proves that it is a performance enhancer.” the real medicine behind it is that it is helpful 99 times for any one time it is not, and no one should be deprived of the right to smoke a bowl to relax after a hard ride, after all, we can drink and that is NOT an analgesic. For the racing rules to simply piggy back on the idiocy of bad law in place is moronic and shows no class.
    Only a moron would think they race better stoned. Come on.
    Can you say ‘vasoconstriction’?

  13. …but then again, pro cyclist’s used to believe as recently as the ’50’s that the occasional cigarette was good for you…

    …before that, we’ve all seen those old advertisements from the ’20’s & ’30’s where 6-day track racers shilled for ‘lucky strikes’ & ‘camels’

  14. “im all for the legalization of weed. alcohol is a mother fucker to stop.”

    All drugs are a mother fucker to stop once you’re full bore in to them. Mary Jane ain’t as innocent as people make it out to be.

    Good luck to that local girl. Tip of the hat for your assistance.

  15. C’mon everyone knows that pot is a gateway drug for further abuse…

    Start with a bit of weed and next thing you know Whamo… EPO

  16. …speaking of addictive drugs, big jonny might be sitting, crying in a dark corner as we speak…

    …a strong eagles team dive bombs the jags 28-3…vick runs one in & throws for 3 w/ no int’s…

    …where do your personal feelings for the team vs a guy you don’t think too highly off intersect ???…

  17. Alls I knows is two things:

    1-Mr Rooney would not allow such filth to wear the black and gold, and thank God.

    2-Steelers 38/Tampa Bay 13. HERE WE GO!

  18. Oh wait-Just remembered one other thing-Mr. Batch did a steller job leading his team to victory. Ben Who?

  19. The Giants lost to the Titans today. 29-10. 3 personal fouls from offensive linemen. WTF ??

    Can I join BJ in that corner ?

    Or would that start up the gay stuff again ??

  20. It might enhance performance of those undergoing chemo treatments. or help MS patients hold their line. that just wouldn’t be fair.

  21. …nahhh…’cuz we all know there ain’t no gays in pro sports being as it’s all too manly, right ???…

    …& nathanjr…good point, amigo…lotta benefits to the herb…i sometimes wonder why i ever stopped…

  22. @bgw, I know why I stopped: I started having shit to do that required being more than semi-awake and using more than three brain cells. It works for some people, just not me. I had a buddy in college that could do hardcore engineering calculus on the mota. Basic calc. made my head hurt sober… I’m a far more functional drunk than I am a pothead…

  23. …el jefe…i was the opposite…maybe not with something like calculus but i was the cool stoner otherwise…i could smoke the heavy shit & totally articulate…talk to your mom or a cop even & they might sense that i was high but it was never a problem ‘cuz i wasn’t a ‘spacer’ type…

    …i rode thousands of miles, hard, fast & absolutely stone(d) focused…

    …as a drinker, i was a happy kinda drunk but it was real obvious i was loaded & i was pretty much useless…

    …notice both admissions hinge on the word “was”…i’m a lightweight these days & i enjoy it that way…“a” beer or “a” glass of good wine & i’m good…

    …& that cloud of smoke drifted away 25 years ago…

  24. The ironic thing is that weed is probably on the banned list to “preserve the reputation of the sport”, and I never even heard of this guy until he tested positive.

  25. Really pathetic to mess with this guy for such a petty substance. The testing is not accurate at all; this guy could have gotten baked a wk or two earlier and still test positive. So much for our high tech medical analysis. If they have to test for this gentle drug, can’t they at least come up with an accurate test that says approximately how buzzed you were at the moment of testing. I love the weed and it can be performance enhancing to smoke er up and ride, but it is a way different enhancer than popping an Adderol (sp?) or 300mg of caffeine or doing a regimen of red blood cell booster (no personal experience but assumptions can be made). Hope you Californians are going to send a message to the rest of the nation.

  26. Just read the article; they’re taking his prize $ back and titles won, etc. Just fucking evil, pure ruthless evil authoritarian bastards.

  27. Adderal is legal time-released speed, with a scrip anyways. Litterally, it is amphetamine…

    I could ride (and have a blast of a time!) after a little mota, knew guys who would race stoned. I’m not against it, but for daily useage, it just wasn’t my thing much past 25. That and I saw a whole lot of nothing get done by stoners. Still nothing wrong with a safety check before an epic ride…

  28. …you just reminded me…‘mota’ was the name of my dog back in the day…if that little guy headed off somewhere on his own, i’d be out walking the neighborhood yelling “mota, mota” at the top of my lungs…

  29. …can’t stop laughing ‘cuz it’s so true…

    …to those that don’t ‘know’ it means nothing but to those that do, they’re either laughing or wondering “just how crazy is this guy ???”

  30. I must regretfully announce that I am imposing on myself a life-time ban from any USADA-sanctioned events due to a constant flow of THC working its way into my bloodstream.

    I apologize to all my fans.