Katie takes 1st at USGP opener

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Interesting. Katie was injured for CX Vegas but kicked some ass today in Wisconsin at the USGP. Maybe it’s the equal prize money? I am glad to see her racing again.

Coming off her own knee issues suffered at the UCI World Mountain Bike Championship, Katie Compton (Planet Bike/Stevens) decided to race the day before. And she rode right back to her top form, rolling away from Luna challengers Georgia Gould and Amy Dombroski.

Although able to solo to victory, Compton did not seem as dominant early on as Sue Butler (Hudtz Subaru) and Andrea Smith (Milton CAT) opened strongly. When Compton did launch an attack, only Dombroski could respond. A second surge from Compton disposed of Dombroski just Meredith Miller (California Giant/Specialized) came forward. Gould would pass Dombroski to score a second place finish. Dombroski held for third with Miller in fourth, Butler in fifth.

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11 Replies to “Katie takes 1st at USGP opener”

  1. …or, maybe she was injured and, like a professional, was being judicious considering the long season ahead of her. Great performance no matter what though.

  2. yea, why waste time on a race that will pay maybe 700 bucks compared to the men’s 2K and possibly re-injure that knee? not worth it. i bow down to her.

  3. …i’m with ‘kid wonder’…katie compton, as THE preeminent u.s. womens cx’er would have raced ‘crossvegas’, which i’d suggest ‘publicity wise’ is THE preeminent event of the american cross season, if she were healthy enough…

    …as a professional & a proven winner, the points garnered at u.s.g.p. events represents her sponsor well but then again so does the publicity for something as big as crossvegas has become…

    …while i believe women should have the same monetary incentives to race as the men, i doubt money played into katie’s decision in this case…

    …if you know otherwise, i’ll gladly stand corrected…

  4. Except there was more $$ for the womens top 3 than there was for the mens. Stans and Clement upped the purse.

  5. CX magazine reported that both Stan’s and Clement upped the purse for the women so that the top 3 riders each earned just slightly more than the men’s podium winners.
    Women’s was to be $2400,$1200,$900 compared to men’s $2350,$1175,$846.

  6. KC was my coach for two years. Cool as hell. Much props to a gal that spilt time racing paralympics in tandem track. Broke the mold…broke the mold.

  7. I’d guess it was a calculated decision involving her, her coach and her doctor. I’d guess it also involves the fact that, as defending US Champ, there is probably much more riding — financially and politically — on multiple appearances at the USGP series than at a one-night, early-season event like CrossVegas.
    Whenever one is dealing with recovery from injuries, sometimes it really IS day-to-day. Though I was sorry not to see her race in Vegas, I will certainly be looking for her at USGP-Portland; and hope she has an excellent season that feels worthy of wearing the USA Champion’s jersey.

  8. …when it comes to ‘cross, even chuck norris sez “whoa, baby, it’s all you !!!” when katie c rides by…

    …just sayin’ what i heard…