NO flatlanding in the house

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Ever since Dominic found that Steve Mulder video he’s been all about riding flatland again. He took his Hoffman apart, re-painted it in a weekend, and is now doing tricks in our livingroom. This is called a “decade”.

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty cool.

I raced last weekend and loved every second of it. I placed shitty but had a fucking blast and who the fuck cares anyways. I managed to beat two of the cat 1/2/3’s which felt pretty good, I guess. The first road race is out of the way which feels good. I’m actually excited about next week’s race now.

easter sunday 011

Have a great week.

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Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

15 Replies to “NO flatlanding in the house”

  1. ok, it’s official..Dominic is a lucky mofo. what other girlfriend/wife would allow bmx tricks in the living room and film it while giggling? I would bet not many.

  2. Excellent !! well done, read your blog & glad that you had a good time.

    You should lean on BJ to see if he has any DC cycling tops for you so that you can Represent !!

    (Okay, that’s pretty pitifull, a fat old white guy saying ‘Represent!’, but the thought is there..)

  3. Decades and boomerangs is what I’m all about :)

    Not enough room in there for a good boomerang though, like to hang ten on those suckers.

    with the title I thought he was gonna put the bike through the fish tank.
    Cleanly executed but not as exciting.

  4. How about a perverted decade? Dunk a toe in the tank @ the apex. That’s one you want to bust out for your girlfriend, boys. Make it smooth and she might make you dinner.

    I’ve got a Standard Shaman under the shelf in the garage, not a lot of traffic in the street in front of my house…hmmmmmmmm……….

  5. Closest bike I have to anything like that is my Monocog, which ain’t close at all. Fixed gear, yet. Man, I love watching that stuff. Sucks that I didn’t start really using a bike until my bones were already old and brittle.


  6. And hey Judi, that picture of you on the monkey bars made my day. If more people had more fun more often, this rock wouldn’t be a half bad place to live.

  7. we ride the rollers in the livingroom, and the trainer is usually set up next to the tank. i’m glad he didn’t crash into it. that would have been a nightmare. so next up are gonna be pix of dominics smashed up shins.

    p.s. joe electric – thanks. i wondered if anyone even noticed it. :) i’m a 12 year old when we go to the playground.

  8. t-bone, where are you? d was fixated on that video. thanks for the link. that is a wicked place to ride.

  9. Yo Judi! I’m in Muskegon, Mi..where you guys?
    I hope to go back to Hungary and meet up with those dudes someday…im amazed on what those mofo’s are doing now!
    magyar1972@hotmail if D would like to chat about flat and good luck on your nxt race!
    Ride in the Wind.

  10. tbone, we’re in cincinnati. dominic isnt online much but i’ll shoot your email to him anyways. thanks! ride safe….