Tuesdays with Dirty: The right coast?

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This week finds me in Upstate New York. I have been here since Sunday with my trusty Travelers Check and it has been fantastic. This is where I grew up, and it will always be home to me. Even though they say you can never go home again, you sure can visit from time to time and go on some great rides. Pavement, gravel, singeletrack, busy city streets and tranquil bike paths along the river can all be had in a single 25 mile ride. I have been doing a lot of those. With lots of pit stops. I call t his one “Mohawk River Style”


I’m spending the rest of the week chillin’ with family and old friends, nothing too exciting to write about, but it has been great so far. All I know is that I will be back in AZ just in time to drink heavily while watching Paris-Roubaix on Sunday. Until then I’m going to go find some muddy dirt roads to pedal on. Keep it dirty…

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

18 Replies to “Tuesdays with Dirty: The right coast?”

  1. good on ya db. ya hit it just right as its near record highs around here now. can’t really tell from the pic, but that almost looks like you’re near the cresent bridge area? grew up (& still live) right around that area. enjoy the summer-like temps while you can, as its gettin back to normal (50’s) by the weekend.

    good choice of fluid replacement btw!

  2. I was born, raised and learned to ride a bike in Upstate NY. I love it here and wouldn’t rather live anywhere else.

  3. Danimal,

    This may come as a shock but a significant number of your fellow inhabitants of this tired old mud ball that we call Earth don’t speak English.

    They speak quaint local dialects like French, Italian, Dutch, German, Mandarin etc. & generally when living amongst these tribes it’s best to speak the local dialect so you can be understood when you say “more beer please”, generally followed by “where’s the shitter”.

    It always amuses me that a US Congressman who was a guest on a talk show on the subject of ‘language’ said “The Queen’s English was good enough for Jesus Christ so it’s good enough for me”.

    Can anyone spot the flaw in this argument ?

  4. I should mention that that’s also a song by an excellent local band called the Muttonbirds.

  5. your blessed from above on this journey. enjoy the days ahead. Bad Brains,Boulders, and Paris-Roubaix await your return to the Southwest!

  6. Danimal, Farrar is American, but when in a foreign country (and no, Idaho is not a foreign country) he has the good grace to speak the native language (not spanish, because there are many other foreign languages outside of Mexico) to the local press, then english to the international media.
    This makes him even more valuable to his team (and liked locally).

  7. Here’s another kudo for upstate NY riding. did first race here in 1969, and have ridden all over USA since, still some of the nicest up here in the Finger Lakes. Peace