Bummer weekend

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So my cough got worse Friday and Saturday and I had to bag the race yesterday. Goddamn I hate that feeling. A total a complete bummer. I walked around all day yesterday with my head hung low.

I have another road race to look forward to this weekend though so I am staying off the bike and trying to recover.

In the meantime….Dominic found this and is bummed he missed out on this event. He broke out the Hoffman and has it taken all apart so he can paint the frame. He wants to flatland again.

YouTube Preview Image

Speaking of plates….our LBS gave us a new plate cover. I like it.

license plate

That’s all I got.

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13 Replies to “Bummer weekend”

  1. Fortunately there is an endless parade of road races for when you’re ready. I too used to get that bummer feeling when my plans were reduced to snot and headaches. Then I stopped racing and that solved everything… but you shouldn’t do that.

    Flatland. Damn that is some hard shit. Rock on Dominic.

  2. Judi,

    You should post some video of Dom. I saw one you posted once and he is a bad as mo fo.

  3. snaps, that is some flatland beauty. rocket peg manual to bike flip thingy = sicknessssss. (how many shins does it take to get to the center of a flippy pop?) get it, domenic!

    sorry bout the cold, jedi! sucks for shure to have to sub out a race for an afghan. heaven knows (as do kitchen & gnome) that i’d have taken the opportunity to snuggle up with a chai tea and re-watch my Friends box set in an enormous set of busted pajama bottoms and one of big kitchen’s old college sweatshirts.

  4. Flatland is gansta. My fav was when he scrubbed out of the trick and somehow ducked in time to not hit the nose of the plane. crazy smooth

  5. Judi,

    At the end of the day, it’s just another bike race, there’s always another one.

    My daughter called me from Australia sounding just like you, I refered her to:

    YouTube search, “harden up Australia chopper”

    Take care & look after yourselves.


  6. …there are plenty a’ races & believe it or not, plenty of time & yep, you know the health thingy is most important…

    …i’m bettin’ that once you are back to health w/ some miles n’ speed in your legs, you’ll get into it w/ a vengeance…

    …re:- the vid…jeez, i’d just like to be able to regularly do a great “trackstand” when stopped for red lights…i’ve been able to do a decent one for years (you know, sorta kinda creeping forward stuff) but when i see someone w/ real masterful control over a bike, i’m always impressed…but hey, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it…

  7. @tbone – thanks for the link. dominic is all about getting back to it now. he needs to find some flatlanders to ride with. i have a whole bunch of videos on youtube of him doing tricks last spring. look up judir6. he favored cocaine and alcohol to riding when he turned 18 so he fucked it all up.

    @lauren – come down for a MTB race this summer. it’s be cool to ride with you.

  8. Cool Judi. Tell Dom to hang in there..I still haven’t found any in Skeetown Mi. yet. I was 12 when i got into it so I was all pure and shit..lol. I’ve bought some parts from this dude..flat only bike shop.