Russert – Absent without malice?

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As I watched last night’s debate with my family, I kept turning to either my wife on my left or my father on my right and saying, “I don’t think that question was fair.” Tim Russert was seemingly confused about who was the moderator and who was the debate participant. He’s sure seems to be chomping at the bit. Maybe next time, he should run for office himself?

This morning, first time around the blogs and I see it wasn’t just me who was surprised, if not outright confused, by Russert’s language, poise and direction:

I discussed this in the live debate blog. But I think it’s worth going back and watching Russert’s run of shame here. I would say it was borderline to bring up the issue of Farrakhan at all. But perhaps since it’s getting some media play you bring it up just for the record, for Obama to address.

That’s not what Russert did. He launches into it, gets into a parsing issue over word choices, then tries to find reasons to read into the record some of Farrakhan’s vilest quotes after Obama has just said he denounces all of them. Then he launches into a bizarre series of logical fallacies that had Obama needing to assure Jews that he didn’t believe that Farrakhan “epitomizes greatness”.

As a Jew and perhaps more importantly simply as a sentient being I found it disgusting. It was a nationwide, televised, MSM version of one of those noxious Obama smear emails.

Read the rest:

I felt Hillary Clinton shook her gloves a little loose when challenging Barack Obama’s response regarding Farrakhan. I can’t say the gloves came off, it was no masterstroke. And Obama handled it quite well, in my opinion, knocking back what she spend minutes building with a few simple sentences.

I’m feeling Obama.

Why all the talk about Farrakhan? Since when is that guy even slightly relevant? Russert gave him way more juice than he deserves. Shit, now I’m even writing about that clown.

Correction, I am now writing about both clowns.

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Subject: jury art + bikes!!!!!!!
Hey big boy, check this link out, pretty funny that there is a website for
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Looks like he had some time on his hands.

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Looking good, beanpole. Call me when you wanna battle.

A great game & complete time waster:
Spin the Black Circle

Some random whatever videos I’ve seen this week:
Sexual Harassment And You
Fred Phelps Jr.’s Comeuppance
Extreme Mormons

Update: TalkingPointsMemo has a video montage of Potato Head Russert’s finest moments from last night ->

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9 Replies to “Russert – Absent without malice?”

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  2. that game blows (still playing it)

    Russert is a big sack of poop – and curse you damn it for making me watch it…

    what a sumbitch… all smug and sh!t in the post debate interview…

    oh and damn you Big Jonny – there’s a good handful of time i won’t get back

  3. Sometimes I am glad I can’t watch this shit over here. I mean reading the news is infuriating enough, but to have to see that bloviating shitbag… too much…too much.

  4. Guys-

    “Extreme Mormon” is the funniest shiat I’ve seen in days. I can’t wait for the sequel, “Singlespeed Missionary.”