Let Levi (Trek) Ride?

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Am I surprised? No. Not really.

Is this lame? Yes. Completely.

From: John
Subject: Let Levi (Trek) Ride?
Check out who registered “LetLeviRide.com”… none other than Trek Bicycle


Trek Bicycle Corporation (DOM-1745459)
801 West Madison Street Waterloo WI 53594 US

Domain Name: letleviride.com

Registrar Name: Markmonitor.com
Registrar Whois: whois.markmonitor.com
Registrar Homepage: http://www.markmonitor.com

Administrative Contact:
Domain Administrator (NIC-14651135) Trek Bicycle Corporation
801 West Madison Street Waterloo WI 53594 US
internet_domains@trekbikes.com +1.9204782191 Fax- –
Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Domain Administrator (NIC-14651135) Trek Bicycle Corporation
801 West Madison Street Waterloo WI 53594 US
internet_domains@trekbikes.com +1.9204782191 Fax- –

Created on…………..: 2008-Feb-14.
Expires on…………..: 2009-Feb-14.
Record last updated on..: 2008-Feb-14 14:06:57.

Talk about protecting your investment.

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18 Replies to “Let Levi (Trek) Ride?”

  1. ouch-“impression was enhanced by the photo of Leipheimer, whose black hat, bikerish jacket, and steely (or at least aluminum foily) gaze all imply he’s not going to take this whole thing lying down—even though that’s exactly how he’s taken his previous Tours.”

    No doubt Levi took it like a 3 dollar whore last tour and Johan was pimpn

  2. I think it is pretty lame in the idea realm, but Levi’s sponsor is standing for him (their bikes).
    Is that so bad?
    I am not of Levi or Trek but at least they are taking a stand and Levi us trying to be a/the man.

  3. Art

    All I’m sayn is that in 07 he either bent over or got bent over perhaps for the promise of tomorrow as the article implies

    Like a 3 dollar crawler now he wanna holla?

    Free Me?

    naw not buyn yo

  4. Interesting that they support Levi, but make no mention of that other dude on the team that won last year.

    Contador dejar el paseo . com

  5. Alright guys, all jokes aside.

    We NEED to sign this petition to save the Tour de France. Without Truk and Disko’s involvement, er..Astana, the Tour will go the way of parachute pants. Truk and Postal, er…Astana IS the Tour de France. Levi NEEDS to race, and we need to stand behind him. The only hope the Tour de France has, is Rock Racing’s involevent in 2009, that is, IF the Tour de France survives a year without Truk and DiskopostAstana.

    Put your attitudes aside, put your feelings aside, and let your heart speak for you. France’s only hope of survival is the Tour de France. The people of that country depend on Truk and our leaders/racers to keep the Gross National Product high.

    We also need to think of the medical aspect. Much like stem-cell research, we need these athletes to help us find drugs to sustain life and help everyone from alzhiemer’s sufferers to Micheal J. Fox.

    Signing that petition is like driving a hybrid car, you are saving lives and the furure of society and the world as we know it. Thank you Truk and PostAstanaDisko, thank you.

    -this is a sattire, if you didn’t get it. damn those fucking douchebags. Viva La Revolution!-

  6. Take a stand or stand for nothin….. STRIKE ,, STRIKE Power to the riders… The riders need to protect themselves from the corruption that exists all around them. To put a black eye on the efforts behind, Let Levi ride is , well being an ass. Lets see the forest not the trees…….

  7. I’m happy to see the Trek is standing up for Levi! Fucking ASO douche bags need a serious ass kicking. They talk about doping destroying the sport and tainting their race…well they have done far worse. At least I’ll get more riding in during July.

  8. IMHO Levi is one of the biggest dopers in the peloton. A guy the size of a prepubescent hamster powering down the big men in flattish ITTs?

    Bull Fucking Shit.

    I want his fucking BLOOD right after a stage. It’s gonna be Fe heaven, and I want his isotopes, which are gonna be a little plant based. And to boot, he’s on the HGH night train.

  9. once again you fucks are singing the doping song at anyone who hasn’t been caught. i don’t even know why I read this crap anymore.