Fuck you, buddy

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I hate to even link a shitbag site like this (why send him any traffic?) but sometimes you just gotta do it. Tony’s Kansas City is today’s choice for the “fuck you buddy” post. He describes himself as a “Local artist/crackpot”. Nice. I can hardly wait to see what he calls “art”.

From: Levi
Subject: bikers down blog reply…this will piss you off
Check this out. This guy is a complete pussy fart. Story is a local Kansas City bicyclist and his granddaughter were training for the MS150 and were struck from behind by an “inattentive driver.” Subsequently both died. A well known blogger from the Kansas City area posted a blog entry about this tragedy. What he says shows how backward thinking many people in the K.C. area are towards bicyclists. Check it out:

tinyurl. com

Here is some more if you can stomach it:

Take it easy. Hope I didn’t get you too down.

Its not so much down as confirming my worst fears…

Tony, or whatever his name is, likes to make jokes and write a funny blog. But, two people died in that accident.

Pretty hard to make that one funny.

Tony, you’re not mad at me. You’re mad at your Father. Harden the fuck up and get over it.

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21 Replies to “Fuck you, buddy”

  1. I live, commute, and race in KC. The “rich, white liberal” part the dipshit wrote about was correct. However, KC is dangerous for cyclists, no matter the bent. Part of the problem is cyclists themselves – lots of rec riders doing crazy stupid shit en masse doesn’t help our PR. I’ve been brushed twice by, believe it or not, Cadillac Escalades, on two different occassions. The local yuppies are too busy talking on the phone, running for their next latte to notice dinging some poor slob on a bike with their mirror. But the local papers and their websites are full of comments about cyclists deserving to die. Sad, but true.

    Jonny, I’ve been reading and lurking on the site for over a year now. Helluva site and I enjoy it daily. Thanks for all that you do to promote safe cycling and bike advocacy. KC could use a little more folks like you.


  2. Harden the fuck up is right. He’s about a shit-ton of douche all wrapped up into an asshole package.

  3. Yo Jonny,
    As a KC cyclist i can attest to the dangerous nature of the streets in this city. although much of the time drivers seem to respect cyclists, especially in the city, i still hear of someone getting hit at least once a week. Streets and lanes are narrow, road upkeep is poor, and drivers are pissed that your in their way. cyclists have to be extremely defensive and can expect to be honked at, yelled at, swerved in front of, have mcdonalds bags thrown at them, etc… and the majority of cars on the road are suv’s and heavy trucks.

    with that said there is also a thriving bicycle culture in this town that continues to grow. we have cyclists from every niche who understand the need to have open city streets. in fact it is the dream of most local riders to be able to share these streets. this is something we are working very hard at and take a lot of pride in, with limited success.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family of the riders killed last week. Thanks Jonny for supporting KC cycling.

    Share The Road!!

  4. “Share The Road!!”???


    Stay Off The Road!!!!

    You want to go ride bikes? Fine. God Bless. Enjoy. Go find bike paths that prohibit cars. You’ll be safe there.

    But if you insist on riding your light-weight, low-speed, low-visibility vehicles on roads that are paid for by usage fees on cars and trucks, are engineered to handle cars and trucks travelling at high speeds, and whose prevailing traffic travels at speeds two to three times what your unnecessarily spandex clad legs are capable of producing, then you constitute a hazard to navigation and you are an accident just BEGGING to happen.

    A car or truck tops a hill at the posted speed limit of 65 mph. They are greeted by a gaggle of cyclists clogging a major commuter artery traveling at 20 mph. What is the driver supposed to do? Slam on his brakes and be rear-ended, causing a multi-vehicle chain reaction? Swerve into the opposing lane of traffic and cause a head-on collision?

    You people need to get over yourselves. Perhaps a few physics lessons on subjects such as mass, inertia and momentum are in order.

    Those gay-alien helmets and pseudo-super-hero spandex only provide so much protection from an 18 wheeler carrying a full load of swinging meat.

    Find yourself a nice park with clean air and barricades to keep the cars out and cycle to your hearts content.

    But if you insist on going one-on-one with regular vehicular commuter traffic, you need to be prepared to face some casualties with a little less self-righteous whining and complaining.

    I wouldn’t walk the streets of Iraq armed with nothing but a rape whistle and pepper spray. And I sure as hell wouldn’t ride a bicycle on a highway relying on nothing but a plastic helmet and my supposed “right to the road” to protect me.

  5. My uncle drives a tractor on roads not more than :45 minutes out of Kansas City. And he doesn’t go above 20mph.

    Are you suggesting he too should clear the roadway? Is he too an accident just begging to happen?

  6. I’ll give you a physics lesson, Fagier Ofaggis. What I’m trying to say is, nice pseudonym, fag. How ’bout you go suck some Log Cabin Republican cock and get the fuck outta here. It’d be for the best.

  7. This is why I’m swearing off the roadie for long rides on the highways and byways and only riding enough in town to get to the trailhead down the street, the grocer or whatever other errand. I’m sick of playing with these asses who can’t figure out how to slow momentarily from 65 to 30 and pass with care. It’s not rocket science and it won’t suck all the time out of your day, Xavier O. and Co. Just lighten up, pass the spandex crew with some consideration and motor on. In the meantime, I’ve got a kid now and I don’t feel like being a martyr to the cause by becoming one with the grill of a soccer mom conveyance. Godspeed, road warriors.

  8. i absolutely despise motorists… but i realize that the feeling is mutual. i’ve been living with it for years. cyclists can fight for their rights to own (or at least, use) a small portion of the shoulder, seemingly to no avail. motorists argue that they pay fuel taxes for that six inches of tarmac, too… and cyclists should ride there, only “at their own risk”. tempers flare.
    the irony is… if i even look at you wrong because you mirror-checked me, cut me off, or pulled out in front of me… you could ‘hit-and-run me’, and chances are, every single witness would say that i had it coming to me. WTF???
    as much as i hate dealing with idiots in automobiles, i have to, because i choose to. i use the same roads that they do. they have to deal with me, too. i am eagerly anticipating some sort of fuel crisis, which will at least level the playing field, if not tip the odds in favor of human power. i’m not blocking highways. i’m just riding my bike, and trying to stay out of the way of all of the idiots with whom i “share” the road.

    the world is full of idiots. don’t be one of them… ride/yield to/appreciate/bicycles.

    love and hate to all you lovers and haters!


  9. sometimes i drive a car. sometimes i ride a bike. i certainly understand frustrations of both. ultimately i cannot believe that tony guy was serious at all. if he is, which i guess he could be, he needs help. xavior onnassis or whoever, if he is serious, is a jackass. part of driving is being able to stop. maybe if he lived somewhere with snow he would realize no matter how fast you can go, stopping is crucial to being a responsible captain of the tin machines. xavier, maybe you should stop driving in KC until you can develop some judgement or perspective on what you are doing. good god i hope you aren’t serious. i will stay to the right, you stay to the left and hopefully our paths will never meet. jesus.

  10. monkey – I own and ride a bike too. But when I ride my bike, it’s on a designated bike trail with other cyclists enjoying calm speeds, clean air, beautiful scenery and good company.

    What I don’t and would never do, is have the arrogance and the hubris to suppose that I should be able to take my bike onto a major roadway during rush hour traffic and force every single vehicle behind me to slow to a crawl just because I have a “right to the road”. Not only would I be incredibly inconsiderate to do so, but I would be creating a dangerous and life threatening situation for myself and everyone else on the road.

  11. gun toter – Ya all got some steer horns mounted on yer handlebars? Maybe some Coleman Saddlebags filled with ice and beer?

    We have concealed carry up here in Missouri too. But I don’t have one. That’s why we have so many cyclists up here! LOL!

  12. I just love how this Tony guy still bludges off his parents. Maybe if he stopped paying for fuel and rode a bike he might be able to afford to get his own place. Then he might actually be able to pick up, have some sex and chill the fuck out… until then, I hope he burns his cock while sticking it in his exhaust pipe.

  13. “Maybe if he stopped paying for fuel and rode a bike he might be able to afford to get his own place. Then he might actually be able to pick up, have some sex and chill the fuck out”

    OMG! ROFLMAO! I am purposely using old, lame, text messaging abbreviatons because your comment doesn’t deserve anything more.

    Oh, yeah…guys who don’t have a car because they ride their bike everywhere get ALL THE BABES!

    Chicks love that whole “retro, live with my parents, ride a bicycle everywhere, refuse to grow up and get a real job, like watching birds, refuse to paticipate in society until it conforms to my immature view of an idealistic utopian vision of paradise” kinda thing.

    Okay. Yeah. I want to be just like you.

    Go rent “The 40 Year Old Virgin”.

  14. xavier i agree that the hubris of many cyclists bodes poorly for people who ride responsibly, staying to the right, staying off busy roads at rush hour, etc. i still think cars, at least where i live, need to pay more attention, because like it or not as drivers there will be bike riders assuming they are king shit of the road, and as cyclists, like it or not, there will be drivers not paying attention, getting distracted by whatever, or thinking they are king shits of the road. both exist, people are dying, everyone needs to pay more attention and try to not kill each other. i don’t think banning bikes makes sense, i think people being more attentive does. personally there are some roads i won’t ride on because of traffic concerns and safety concerns. i have a right to the road, cars have a right to the road, i don’t want to get killed trying to ride my bike and work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  15. “i still think cars, at least where i live, need to pay more attention”

    On this, we can absolutely agree. My pet peeve isn’t really cyclists. It is my fellow motorists who are yapping on their cell phones or otherwise not paying attention to their own driving or the circumstances surrounding them. I want every driver to be 100% focused on DRIVING.

  16. After reading the pro’s and con’s of biking on motorist priviliged roads I offer my views. I have biked over a 100,000 miles on mostly rodes in Texas,also Virginia,Montana,Wyoming,Colorado,Oregon,Washington,Kansas,Idaho,Utah,Vermont,and some that I must be forgetting. Most of my biking experience has been with out motorist conflicts. A few times, very few, I have experienced imature, and unprovoked reactions from motorists, such as throwing beer cans,profanity, and buzz jobs. I do agree that riding on some roads during peak traffic is hazardous, and the biker is at jeopardy. So my advice to bikers is to be aware of the road conditions before riding. And of course to motorist, do not assume that the road only has vehicles that are going at your speed. It may not be a light weight bike and rider that you could hit, but a ,farm implement, deer,18 wheeler,road side mower, or a friend or relative.

  17. What the fuck have I been missing here, seems like DC has turned into a regular shooting gallery.

    The single underlying problem here is a lack of respect. We are all so damn self important that we think we have more rights to (fill in the blank here) than others. Thats why cars cut off cyclists etc. and why 40 roadies will clog an entire lane and not yield to vehicles. Share the road is a two way street, and just like anything else, there are going to be assholes on both sides of the fence. Also a lot of decent people. If we all made an effort not to be the self important asshole…
    yeah, world peace and all that too.
    Xavier, you should visit central PA someday and get stuck behind an Amish buggy. bet that would piss you off mightly.
    whats your take on their road rights? Stay on the amish buggy paths?