Neben écrase l’opposition

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Drunkcyclist is down with woman’s racing. I’ve put out a four girl squad at the 24 Hours of the Old Pueblo for the past four years.

From: the serrach
Subject: yeah yeah I know..
Its only women’s cycling but come on man, check out this headline –

Neben écrase l’opposition –

“Neben Crushes The Opposition” as in Amber Neben, my friend, straight outta Orange County, CA. She’s crushing the tour de France de feminine. Or whatever it’s called. Without dope. Just pure power and skill. Now that is cool. So how about a shout out for the other tour de France? Here’s another linky.

Thanks for the translation; I can’t read a word of that article.

Proud product of the American School System right here…

Ride Clean.

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7 Replies to “Neben écrase l’opposition”

  1. …kick ass cycle chick…in a tough ass sport.

    …ever noticed how the french are so, well, french ?…i wish they’d do something about that.

  2. Fuck “riding Clean”..I could understand if people who “rode Clean” are organic Vegans, But they all take Everything under the sun to make then Ride faster, Powder, gels, supplements, And then Chug Beer after After eating processed food and taking more supplements…Ride clean , Fucking righteous Crap…..Just fucking ride and stop pointing fingers…

  3. great comback….Real original..Kinda like, Yea and your Mom sucks a good cock….Most everyone is faster than me…SO FUCKING WHAT…MY COCK IS HUGE….