On it part two…

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Check back on these, Im editing them as I go, So I dont create too many posts all in one day.

The sentence “die, die dich was angehen, und die, mit denen du nur am Rande zu tun hast” seems to clarify that the two are working with 2 separate groups. First, the riders that are known to be working with FUENTES, and second the others who seem to be in the ‘prep’ stages.

Together with this, the incident CASERO with his prep. for the Spanish Tour in 2001, that FUENTES had given many clarifications in the press, that CARERO had been in contact …
(ugh… Fuentes, CASERO, and the Dr. Luigi CECCHINI all rolled into one big doping mess…)

scroll down…scroll down…

The fourth in the 7th stage of the Giro 2006 on May13 was Jose Ignacio GUTIERREZ CATALUNA from Team PHONAK, was in an article on the 14th Maywith the alias The Buffalo (BUFALO) .
16 seconds behind the stage winner was BIRILLO, that came in together with Simoni, After the general classification with 16 seconds behind SIMONI were 3 riders; David REBELLINI, Ivan BASSO and Sergei GONCHAR.

With 20 seconds back, stood the rider Michele SCARPONI and Damiano CUNEGO.One of these two is called ZAPATERO. When you take the italian word scarpa, into spanish (zapato) it would appear that ZAPATERO would be code for Michele SCARPONI (LIBERTY SEGUROS).

on 14th may at 9:46 the following call was recordedbetween LABARTA and FUENTES where the gen. classification of the riders was discussed.

L: Did you watch the Giro today? Yes or no…?
F: I couldn’t watch the end, I was really surprised, because in 2nd…was… uh… Hey, didja see whowas second?
L: Im not sure how the classification stands, who won…all that.
F: BUT I SAW IT…! The winner was… come on… you know that douchebag… whatshisname… BASSO, Ivan BASSO
L: Ein Gewisser IVAN BASSO
(gewissen = conscience. Mabe they mean he has a bad feeling about it, or maybe they mean he’s in the know. Im not clear.) I.B.)
F: Basso, yeah…that guy. And then second… In the sprint, there was this long.. this insane long sprint, there was that boy scout Cataluña, Gutierrez Cataluña with CUNEGO. Cunego was 2nd and 3rd was Cataluña. 4th… yeah, hell… I dont remember the whole chain of riders. PRESIDENTE i didnt see, and when he called, he said he lost 2:30, but he came in with the guy who won last year, SALVO…DELLI.

(skipping down…)

L: Yeah, SALVODELLI, GONCHAR, Di Luca, SIMONI and that boy scout CARUSO, huh… then they have to look for SCARPONI at/on 15th.
F: Yeah, but on the 15th… he is at 15th, but thats not so bad, he said that he was so explosive today that it made him sick; really sick and someone said well yeah, but youre still top 15 and when I spoke with him he told me that it sucks a little, but he is still in it. He lost 2:30 but he came in with SALVODELLI and I said good, and I wanted to tell him he can keep it up and all that… Ok, Iam more or less happy and I told him so, that UNO and he said he came in behind me, more I dont know.
L: After him, yeah… after… uh… is 34th with 9:26

F: A little back
L: yeah behind him he said, but he didnt say how far..but i just saw…uh…no,no,no,no,…
L: I just saw, but im not sure how…
F: no,no…you just told me…no, no, … i didn’t know…
L: Good, (Mein Lieber = My Love…) First and Second are Boyscout Basso and Guti
F: fuck.
L: There you go… First and Second.

In this conversation LABARTA has BASSO and GUTIERREZ CATALUÑA solidly in connection with FUENTES; which seems to prove that CATALUÑA = BUFFALO and that one consort of FUENTES, as is the case with BASSO.

(End of the first section. It looks like the phone conversations are more telling than the actual documentation. Also, If I get some of these things not exact, well… that’s what you deserve for trying to get accuracy here at DC. I’m trying, but damn its boring and confusing.

In the previous conversation the pseudonym BIRILLO was associated with 3 times that were 16 seconds behind the winner, where Ivan BASSO placed. (Legal-jargon… blah blah…) Which brings BASSO in as a client of FUENTES.
Also noted is the placement of SCARPONI as is his well-being; also mentioned that they spoke personally, and that he is obviously a client of FUENTES.

Also mentioned is the pseudomyn UNO, and mentioned is the placement in the GC, which is the position of Unai OSA EIZAGUIRRE (LIBERTY SEGUROS-WÜRHT) without mentioning that he is or is not a client.

Another rider that is directly tied to FUENTESis PRESIDENTE, who called Fuentes about his arrival time, but that alone does notqualify as any identifying marks. (they know where, but they cant authoritatively say who)

Using the psedonym on the Erythro in the freezer FUENTES calls on the 17thm may at 7:39 the phone nember owned my Santiago BOTERO and uses the alias Sanson.

NOTE: I see at the bottom of the page that there are more and more footnotes. Reading them, it explains that as the document proceeds, the errors in translation become more and more frequent. That said, I will be using my fine bourbon-honed skills as the evening wears on. It is now after 5 pm. Consider yourself warned.

F: nothing, sticky tied-down. We want to see, when you start; this beautiful countryside being painted like the artist BOTERO, when this Columbian Filzschreiber is used.
(Filzshreiber=EPO) this is clarified later in the document.
B: Yeah, but the rest of these guys can really get going in the mountains.
F: That is a miracle! When I tell you that this artist, when he paints the countryside with this (EPO) then it is difficult, he must be always tied down, when that happens, then it has its own rewards, the loss of hair, like Samsom lost his…
B: yeah, i think.. its stabilised.
F: and i chose to deal with it the way I did… and watch…it wasnt planned like this, what happened in that moment… They cut Samson, and six or seven times… he didnt need any more haircuts.

(Haircuts = Doping) again, this is clarified later in the documents.

B: yeah, yeah, yeah…
F: But what should I say? In the end its not a wig, and nothing went wrong… It wasnt an emergency, but…but… i was scared. No, nothing, i just wanted to know ho you were doing, just wanted to chat, see how everything was going.

In the documents from the freezer it comes to pass that #3 isnt number 3 at all, but in actuality is #4, BOTERO. It gets cleared up by associating BOTERO with SAMSON as FUENTES did in their conversation. So it goes for the spanish inquisition.

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  1. Some friends of mine were in Germany, they spoke about a dozen languages (mostly eastern european) but not german. One guy hada bad case of diahrea, and they only way they knew to tell the pharmacist was “Ich haben explosiven schisa”

  2. Could you hold off on posting this retarded, illegible crap until whoever’s working on this puts together a clearly translated, readable post?

    I show up here for a laugh or two, and am rewarded with migraine-inducing garble.

    NOT WAnt!

  3. ALL HAIL DEDBOY ! ! !



    (what? He’s just some guy? not the ruler of the universe??? right.)




    (what’s that again??? Sheesh… whaddya mean I can’t pick on that guy for being a dick? Im just doing what I was ordered…)


    (… ahh shit… What? No one like bush?? WTF am I supposed to write about now???)

  4. Fugeddaboutit!

    Keep up the great work, Bikepunk. I don’t know where else we might find better quality info. Nowhere, I think.

    (BTW, he IS a dick. Feel free to have at ‘im.)

    Permission to continue on both fronts is hereby granted.

  5. I here by give Bikepunk a hand for trying his damnedest to translate this for all of us. I also say Bikepunk if ya want, tear dedboy a new ass, he is just angry cause Biggie took his free porn away. Anything that you have to read to understand, not just click and jackoff to confuses him.

  6. I understand his point, truth be told… I just thought after a week of moustaches, dead dogs and other non-bike news (aside from the ibelieve sites…) maybe people would be interested.

    People other than Jonny, who is without a doubt, an addict.

    But again… it is really tiring and a bit frustrating as well.

  7. great effort – but really all i care about is the parts that talk about Cunt-i-door (skim skim skim – get to the good stuff relevant to this year’s tour de farce, not last years)

    so i’ll be skimming your skimmin for the goods…

  8. BikePunk – I wanted to thank you publicly for providing those rush translations. Please don’t feel at all obligated to transcribe the whole thing, just give us the juicy bits!

    Dopers be damned

  9. I’m what’s wrong with cycling today? I don’t remember paying anyone to Barry-Bonds their way to jersey.

    But yeah, I guess riding my bikes, reading about bikes, working, eating, drinking, and trying not to get too fat is exactly what’s wrong with cycling today. Oh yeah, and sarcasm is exactly what’s wrong with cycling today.

    I am sooooo part of the problem. ’cause a freely-ignored jab at gobbledy-gook is the same as saying that people shouldn’t talk or write about doping, or saying that doping doesn’t happen. Yep.

    Now where’s my “old guys who get fat in winter” jersey? I got better things to do than piss in this sandbox.

  10. Isn’t there somebody on the interwebs that does deutsch? Some SAP geek or a bach musicologist?
    I’m reading this and I’m thinking of the the bit when lenny bruce starts reading his court transcripts on stage.
    DC is lucid, DC is terse…
    DC should switch from bourbon to Congnac or tequila if DC is unable to operate heavy language after use.
    DC has slipped his chain & is over on the side, putting it back on.

  11. Beer & a shot, bikepunk. You are ON it, dude. Same goes for the others who brought these site to light.

    The “experts” will get there at somepoint. You’re there NOW.

    Danke, mein herr.

  12. Yeah, the problem is its NOT searchable, nor is it copy-pasteable in BABLEFISH. that way I’d have the whole thing translated, and could work out the bugs, instead of trying to do the whole thing myself sober and whatnot.

    Other than that, Im off to drink more beer, and get on it tomorrow. The interesting bits that is.

  13. WOW! The transcribed phone conversations kind of gave me a headache. Are we still talking about doping roadies. It’s been raining a lot where I live so the trails are buff and tacky. I’m out the door w/ my trusty 1 by 1. Roads are for road kill and fat people in cars!! I know you guys hate to hear this type of talk and seem to be on some type of witch hunt right now, but just remember that bikes are first and foremost for fun. Why don’t we move on to celebrating ripping fast rides in the woods and flat tires at dusk with joints to be smoked and thoughts of one night stands.

  14. Man…huge effort bikepunk! This is some crazy ass shit for sure! Thanks man!!

  15. Why can’t we all just get along? If you don’t at least one road and one mountain bike, you must be a republican.

  16. Mein Kampf…Herr bike punk gets ze props for taking ze German. Uni-baller is next. Pressure needs to go on Rasmussen or anyone linked to Ferrari. I know ya did it, just admit it..

  17. Just a tip on the translation “Ein gewisser Basso” just means “a certain Basso.”

  18. Thanks BikePunk for giving us that infamous conversation during the 2006 Giro where the good Dr. Fuentes learns his clients are doing so well.

    Transfuse, transfuse, transfuse. It’s how the big races are won today.

    It’s time to start testing hematocrit at the start and finish lines. Presuming of course they don’t have a needle and blood bag in their jersey pocket.