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The woman has a point:

And while we can make all the jokes we want about Floyd Landis, last year’s Tour champion, the most glorified record in American sports is on the verge of being shattered by a man with numerous ties to performance-enhancing drugs. Tour officials already don’t recognize Landis as the champion and are pushing the United States Anti-Doping Agency to strip Landis of the title. Bud Selig wishes he had such an option with Barry Bonds.

Last year, the most feared defensive player in the NFL — which only happens to be the most powerful sports league in America — was suspended four games because he violated the league’s steroid policy. The dirty Tour de France cyclists were expelled from the event, and some were fired from their teams. But Shawne Merriman still played in the Pro Bowl and every sack he has earned still counts.

And yet with a straight face some of us refer to cycling as the dirtiest sport in the world. That’s rich.


Thanks to our Dear Big Pun for the link.

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6 Replies to “One in from Big Pun”

  1. Props to Jemele Hill for pointing out what SHOULD be apparent to the mainstream, but obviously isn’t.

  2. I’ve been pointing to co-workers that out that our local paper ran a half pager in the sports section on cycling and doping on the day before the tour, while on the facing page there was a four sentence blurb in the “notes” column about the latest NFL suspendee who is getting four games off for “violating steriods policy”. In the NFL the first offense gets a four game, then eight, then a season, then what…?

    Cycling IS the most progressive, even if it’s seriously flawed. All sports do it… lots. Remember that tennis players and Euro footballers were on the Puerto list too.

  3. Barry Bonds claims he didn’t know what “the cream & the clear” were when he used them [side note: is there any evidence that he ever stopped?]. I don’t believe for a minute that a professional athlete of his stature would mindlessly use unknown products.

    “I never asked Greg” about what the products contained, Bonds testified. “When he said it was flaxseed oil, I just said, ‘Whatever.’

    He’s a cheater and a liar. It’s sad to say, but claiming ignorance in this matter does not equal innocence.

  4. Fuck Barry Bonds. I’m glad that Hank Aaron won’t be there to see him beat the record. I hope his ‘record’ has a big fat asterisk next to it.

    At least cycling has the balls to be upfront about it and deal out some real punishments.