Albert Street Revisited

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Have you seen the latest 50to01 video yet? Well check it out:

I feel like this video is a huge step forward for mountain biking by taking a couple steps back. These guys aren’t dragging RED cameras into the forest, setting up fancy zip lines or using drones. No excessive slow motion shots or footage of them driving to the trail and adjusting their goggles like a typical shred edit. These guys are simply out there in the woods, going big and doing dork tricks. It’s so goddamn refreshing to see right now. I was talking this over with my buddy DD the other day and he summed it up perfectly. “These guys are doing it for Albert Street and they don’t even know it.”  If you didn’t ride BMX in the 1990’s you probably don’t know what that means. But it was a video from the company FBM. It was raw and rowdy. Good music and good riding from a ton of people who were lesser known. See below…

Now, Ratboy and his crew at 50to1 have some square corporate sponsors. So we will probably never see the same amount of nudity and beers from them. But the riding is great and the vibe is positive. It just makes me want to drop what I’m doing and go ride. Just like these old FBM videos did back in the day. I don’t want to jump the gun, but this could even be the Blind Video Days or Memory Screen moment for mountain biking. A tipping point that shows riders what’s possible with a little bit of creativity, irreverence and weird-ness. So grab a shovel, some buddies, some beers and a bike. Let the party in the woods continue!

**and if you haven’t seen the latest FBM video, it’s worth purchasing. They haven’t skipped a beat.


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5 Replies to “Albert Street Revisited”

  1. Long live FBM!
    I just bought the new video. It’s definitely worth $8. And those British kids ain’t half bad at riding bikes.