Drunk Yoga is Aiiight

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Ommmmmmmm – In this line of work, asanas are reserved for the barstool, my shiva ain’t high and I sure don’t have much bhakti, but when Buddha comes a knocking and I’m lookin’ for some shanti, turning to the shakti and flexing savasans ain’t the worst thing ever. Rest assured, I hope you’re able to find your chakra, because I can’t seem to get my drishti off these yogini doshas.

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Keep your pranayama in check, and remember the dharma: #whiskeyismyyoga.

Namaste mother fuckas.

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I don’t have a beer gut, I’ve developed a liquid grain storage facility.

15 Replies to “Drunk Yoga is Aiiight”

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  2. Sorry, mate. I know I’m a bit of a role model around here and I hate to shatter your illusions/allusions, but in those days I was straightedge as all fuck and painfully geeky. “Big Bang Theory”? Shit. I was nerdy DECADES before it was cool.


  3. Too many tattoos. Also not a fan of the “edgy” girls with tattoos…who then clearly spend hours tweezing their eyebrows and perfecting their bangs.

    I like hotties who are hot without trying.

  4. Ewwww. I think the girl is fugly. But so am I so I really shouldn’t complain.

  5. Actually seems kinda cute, drunk or not. Except for the tats and piercings. Why do otherwise pretty girls do that?

    Teh kitteh seemed pretty nice though.

  6. @3T, you, (make that we), should be so lucky to have a lady like that look at us.

    Tats & piercings, I don’t know, if you want to look like a stage curtain when you’re old, your choice.

    Kittahs, just buried my little buddy Ziggy, guy had huge Catittude, when I drove into the yard at the end of a day, he’d appear at the car door welcoming me, ‘hey, how’s you day been?, feed me, feed me!’

    Left a huge hole.

  7. Hurben, so sorry. There is no pain quite like the loss of a feline or canine bestest buddy. Believe me, I know.

    And I know that Ziggy is waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge.

    You WILL try to fill that hole after a suitable interval, right? I didn’t know Ziggy, but he wouldn’t want you to be alone; of that I am sure.

    “When a man love cats, I am his friend and comrade without further introduction.”

    Mark Twain.

  8. Thanks Sparky,

    As long as I draw breath, there will always be furry critters in my life, Ziggy was special so I’m giving it a while, but no doubt, there’s a visit to the SPCA in my near future.

  9. @Hurben

    My ex had kittahs. Sometimes bunches of the damn things. Drove me nuts cause they could tell I didn’t like them and they returned the favor.

    As far as yoga…..tried that once years ago. I was in pain for days.

  10. @T3
    I like Kittahs because they are independent & choose whether they want to associate with you.

    Daughter in Melbourne has an Australian Bulldog, guy is twice the size of an English Bulldog, (plus keeps his tail), built like a tank but is as thick as two planks.