I was just thinking that…

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This guy just told me what I was already thinking. Coincidentally, I’m about to set off on my own long ride. So the next time someone asks me why I am doing it, I can just send them this link.


A little more reading on Jedidiah’s trip HERE and his Instagram HERE


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7 Replies to “I was just thinking that…”

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  2. Just about the best explanation I’ve heard for why I tour. He nailed it. Although the whole time I kept thinking that his ride would be improved by shifting more weight up to the front of his Surly, alas, to each his own. Great video.

  3. You’re an inspiration
    Never to old to be a adventurous kid at heart

  4. He is a very thoughtful young man.

    I love bike touring. I love traveling. I love living and learning and feeling alive. But, I also don’t mind routine. I turned 36 last week. After years in grad school and working part time, I took a full time job last October. I really like the job. I get to bike commute back and forth to work. I play soccer twice a week. I rode or cross ride on Thursday and Sundays. I just bought a house last month. I’ve been married three years today.

    Maybe I’m just new to this routine, but I don’t mind it at all. Work is work, ya gotta do it. But, I also look forward to riding my bike each morning and every afternoon. When I get home…I either head out on another ride or walk my dogs with my wife, or work on our house. Or read a good book or The New Yorker.

    As much as a routine makes time fly, you can always have fun no matter what you are doing. The key to a good time in in your own mind!

    Either way, I applaud this guy, but I just wanted to share this.