Confession Time.

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I was at an event for burritos and beers here, and it got me thinking.

I pee in the sink.

Pretty much anywhere I go, I’ll pee in the sink at some time during my visit. This was in a restaurant, but I do it at friends houses as well. Doesn’t matter. The toilet is fine; it’s not out of necessity or anything.

It’s just something I do.

Thursday, I forgot to lock the door at the restaurant, and a girl walked in on me. At first she was startled, then started talking to me. I think she thought I was washing my hands. Once she saw I had my dick out, she got quiet, FAST. I finished, washed my hands and mumbled something about ‘No Problem, You can watch me, if I can watch you…’ then stumbled back out into the crowd. I didnt see her again, but I did notice some strange looks after that. But I get that all the time.

I also fill my pockets with beers before I leave. At least one for each jacket pocket and one in the hand for the trip home. Or in my bag if I rode there. Guaranteed.

Thursday I killed between 6-8 beers then stuffed my pockets with 6 more. (Dickies jacket with a Mountain Hardware one underneatn, ergo 6 pockets.)


PS: Im just saying; If I show up to your house, Im gonna pee in the sink and raid the fridge when I leave.

What kinda shit do you do regularly when you go out?

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“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

23 Replies to “Confession Time.”

  1. No wonder you pee in the sink. You’re a rock-n-roll clown and you like to do c-c-c-cocaine!!

  2. I had a co-worker who liked to pee on his wife’s leg in the shower.

    Never met his wife, so I can’t judge for certain.

  3. Wasn’t going for inspirational; didn’t expect to get invited over for a test run of anyone’s new Kohler; And if you like Dethklok, then.. well, you’re OK by me.

    I just wanted to get something up that wasn’t fat bikes, wasn’t hate-on-Specialized (although I really don’t like them much), wasn’t a race report, but asked you, dear readers, what, if ANYTHING you do when you’re out n about NOT on a bike that is strange, bizarre or just.. not bikes, if you felt like sharing.

    I guess it’s because allergy season is in full swing here, and this year it’s hit me pretty hard. SO hard, in fact, that with the meds I take, I don’t feel comfortable riding. (This from a guy who has no problem swigging 2 litres at lunch on a 70km ride.)

    If you got something, post it. If not, comment. That’s what we do here.


  4. Sometimes I poop in other people’s cat boxes. “Oh my god, what’s wrong with your cat!” And leave shortly thereafter…

  5. That really makes you unique and interesting. Pathetic post. Grow the fuck up, you fuck up. Might be time to say good bye to your rebel punk archetype, just as most folks have said good bye to visiting this site; the content is pathetic nowadays.

  6. Hey, AA

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya, ya fucking dipshit.

    You can stay over at whatever site you prefer. No need to give us your one click ever again.

    Im sure if we posted up our site visitor info, you’d be quite disappointed in how much traffic we actually DO get, regardless of your useless opinion.

    Go back to your Toby Keith, flag-waving, rah-rah-USA bullshit and leave the drinking and biking to people who actually do both.

  7. yup, AA
    actually more people are reading the site than ever before. We just have a lot less trolls like you filling the comments with negativity. Even if it was just us 10 contributors reading, we would still be posting.
    So you might as well speed on before ya get pee’d on. And have a look at our mission statement as you head out the door

  8. I like picking my nose when taking a leak and leaving them on the wall near the urinal. That’s how I tend to find my way. Most bars look the same, all I have to do is go to the can and I can see how oftern I”m there.

  9. “…..speed on before u get pee’d on”. You sir, are a wordsmith! Awesome turn of phrase; I intend to steal and use at every opportunity!

  10. Sounds fun but would be way too much work. Gotta coil the snake up just to use the urinal or toilet. Damn thing would just be layin in the sink. Outside is always a better option. Peed all over my front and backyards – back while letting the dog out, front while heading out on a 4:30am ride…stellar always

    Not a big pilsner drinker but have an Oskar Yellow Mama’s pilsner on deck after a Racer IPA (10 of 10). Any thoughts on the Oskar Pilsner welcome. Homemade 6 pack from Chevron station nice perk to as up.

    Holy shit, first sip of Oskar pilsner real good

  11. I once peed on the face of the daughter of a Hells Angel while he did mounds of coke just inside. I can piss anywhere, in front of anyone but have to admit that I really had to think that one out of me.

  12. awkward…….it started out like a Penthouse Forum letter, and ended up with just you and your dick with some extra beers.

  13. I broke up with a chick once cause when I got up in the middle of the night to pee in the sink I discovered that she hadn’t done the dishes.

    Disgusting filthy woman.

  14. My best was when I woke up on a beach 2 miles south of the condo I was staying in with my lady (no longer) in Mexico with a 8 inch dump on my chest, wearing a pink tank top, one flip flop, a pack of camel lights on the ground, 1/2 bottle of vodka between my legs, 3 kit kats, a 7-11 burrito half eaten on the ground, and a bag of mescaline clearly ravaged only hours earlier. I made it back to the condo before she awoke.

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