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12 Replies to “It’s been scientifically proven that this was enduro before enduro was enduro.”

  1. Well I saw that video you linked previously, and upon learning how heavy enduro shoes are compared other types of cycling footwear, I decided it wasn’t for me. Then I saw that Bicycling magazine had done a feature on enduro and I knew it was lame-ass.

  2. Mikey: What you need on a Friday night is Spa ’91 qualifying paired with a cold brew of your choice. I am personally enjoying a Deschutes Red Chair PNW Ale currently which scores 10 of 10.

  3. C.J. From Baywatch. She had golden hairs, teeth as white as pearls, and the asshole of a seven-year-old.

  4. Mr. Hack— Seen, brother. I keep that Spa ’91 link handy.

    And as a born-and-brewed Pacific Northwesterner, I drink fully my share of the Red Chair. You are correct, it’s an excellent American-style pale ale.

    Fast-forward to 2014… Check this shit out. (You might have to login, but MotoGP is pretty low-key with the spam n’shit.) One or two of these kids will prove his genital heft and move on up to the Big Show:


  5. Johnny T is badass!
    Glad I cracked a Ruination bomber for that one.
    If you youngsters only knew what pilesoshit they were riding, amazing skills.

  6. Yeah thumbs up for H-ball and the man from Cortez.

    Every yahoo using the word enduro now makes me want to sell my plated 450EXC.

    Moto GP is cool, just wish they still rode two-strokes. Speaking of which, time to mix up some 40:1 and scare myself on the H2. I will enjoy several Guinness if I make it back.

  7. Mikey: Whoa, yes lots of “genital heft” with motogp. Seems like the human element is still very much in play with that shit. I’ve never had the balls nor the skill to push any type of motorized vehicle to its limits, so these dudes amaze me.

  8. I still ride rigid bikes.

    My body (what’s left of it) hurts every day.

    But when I ride (just not as technical or as fast) my body hurts less.

    Your mileage may vary.


  9. JT, the original mitten-state home-boy and my original mountain bike hero!

    Rigid bikes and undoubtedly, 1″ headsets. Man those guys could ride; I remember watching that segment on MTV, and remember how badly I wanted to see Dan whatzhiznutz get a severe beatdown.