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We absolutely love girls who ride bikes, hell who doesn’t? And what better way to wake up in the morning than to be greeted by a nice looking lady getting all gnarly on her two-wheeled pleasure maker? You see, a while back, we started posting this sort of stuff each day at the rise of dawn over on the blue page and it’s been really popular, but we see room for improvement. What we’ve noticed is that there’s a great shortage of photos on the interwebs featuring girls who actually ride their bikes rather than just posing next to them. So we are officially launching out very own hashtag project conveniently titled #realgirlsthatride to help solve that problem.

And this is where you come in. We are leaving it up to our readers (like Victoria seen below) to submit photos of themselves getting rad on their rides, and tell us your story. Victoria runs a page called Arkansas Heels on Wheels that promotes women’s cycling as much as possible to make Arkansas more bike friendly and to promote health. She also thinks “Women who cycle are sexy!” and so do we, go figure…

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Here’s Heather in Massachusetts:


And some Dutch girl by a train, supposedly..


Nicole getting all criss-cross apple sauce in Florida:


Joanne looking cute and mean at the same time in Utah:


Yes, we see great things on the horizon with the Real Girls That Ride project. And if you’re worried we are going to discontinue posting the high heeled hotties, or the highly educational babe photos, don’t be. We’ll keep featuring plenty of the “norm” but we also find real beauty in highlighting women who use their bikes as a tool, and not just an accessory.

So send us your photos, or tag them on our wall using #realgirlsthatride. We are also on the twatterinstagram, and tumblr. The hashtag applies and the dude abides. Cheers!

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I don’t have a beer gut, I’ve developed a liquid grain storage facility.

8 Replies to “#realgirlsthatride”

  1. If I saw any of them on the bike trails here I would be in big trouble and my trike or my bike would also get hurt.

  2. It’s not women that ride that can skool ya. It’s any women who breathes that ya have to watch out for.

    Damn XX chromosome. <— did I spell that right ? Too drunk to google it.

  3. Been in France for two weeks now. Nothing sexier than the (many) women in skirts and heels riding commuter bikes. No spandex necessary.

  4. Real girls? Sorry Cupcake, real girls sell cookies and have training wheels on their bikes. I am a real WOMAN, that rides, bleeds monthly, and owns multiple double crown forks. Most of your pictures were of women and some of them were actually in the process of riding bikes but your hashtag is nothing more than thinly-veiled misogyny. Please keep it off my rides. Thanks!

  5. @A lady

    A pill might be in order now.

    Girls and boys. It’s not the words but the intent. And I see nothing but goodwill in Cups post.

    Except for the 3rd pic down. I wouldn’t fuck her with a stolen dick.

  6. @A Lady: I see your point, but in this instance, I think Triple T is right. Look at the intent rather than the wording. We hear all the time about girl power and tough girls and girls that do this and that, and the label is generally embraced by confident, empowered women.

    Why should this be any different?

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