A very Didi Christmas

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Seems everyone’s favorite Devil is in the Christmas spirit again. Didi Senft, the German oddball that has been showing up at major cycling events in Europe dress as the Devil since way back in 1993 likes to build up something special for the holidays. He did so back in 2009 as well. He may have in 2010 and ’11, but I’m too lazy/busy/tired/drunk to run a google search to find out.

James D. sent us an email; “Didi the Tour de France Devil goes Christmas-tastic.” Thanks for the pic, James.

Click on image for massive high-res version.
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5 Replies to “A very Didi Christmas”

  1. I used to like this guy, but I think he is all washed up. I mean, he’s like a punk band that used to be under ground, then word got out and now they are playing for $ in clubs and what not. But after multiple brushes with like 3 over doses, late child support payments and 9 wives later, the guy is playing fairgrounds. The devil guy, for real, gets endorsemets of swinging that pitchfork thing around. I think if he really wanted to be the devil, he would dress up as a bank exec. When you go to the e-retailer wiggle, he’s all jumping up and down on the side bar of the site.Though, the picture of him on that kinetic sculpture thing is totally redeeming and we now should hold this man in high regard. What is this article about anyway?

  2. tinytim what were you saying when you weren’t making sense?

    johnthewrench i believe he had a heart problem and could not make the last tour, but don’t think he’s dead….yet.

  3. turd in the punchbowl:

    That guy is the pits. How is his making an ass of himself at PRO events worth watching? He’s only encouraging other assholes to strap on some longhorns and paint their chest to run alongside the mountain stages and git thersefs on TV. It’s the same dumbassery that has taken hold of the SS events. To wit, every attendee making a tired effort to act weird.

    Shit. Don’t act weird. BE fucking weird. You know, if that’s your thing. But BE it. All the time.

    I’d rather this guy just knock it off and post up course-side with some G&Ts and a umbrella.

    Now take your little swings, bitches.