SSCXWC 2012 – The winners do it up right

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I didnt make the trip to LA, and really didn’t know much about SSCXWC 2012 until after it went down.  As with all SS specific events I can only assume a good time was had by all, beer was consumed, bikes were raced, shennanigans took place, and someone drank too much passed out in a stranger’s Mazda SUV and woke up only to find their bike had been stolen (big ups to Sam for that one).  Anyway the main reason I feel the need to pound out this post is because of the photo below.   That looks like the winners (Adam Craig and Mical Dyck) getting their tattoos, because we all know that every time an SSWC winner gets a tattoo an angel gets it’s wings (or something like that).  Not like last year where those asshats pussed out of getting their victory ink (in case you forgot Caveman had some choice words about it last year).  I think their excuse was they had to hurry home to sip a drink out of their Rapha espresso mugs.

“if you dont want the tattoo, then dont win”

The good news is that next year’s SSCXWC will be in Philly, meaning they better have a cheesesteak and Yeungling/Troegs/Victory shortcut.

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8 Replies to “SSCXWC 2012 – The winners do it up right”

  1. I wish I did stuff that was so cool I had to get a tattoo if I won.

    Fuck yeah to the SSWC winners this year.

  2. Craig and Trebon lapped me for the 2nd time going into the last corner before the finish. I missed the first time they lapped me, probably during a tequila short cut. Trebon was in the lead going into the finishing straight but Craig got him in the sprint.

  3. I’m pretty sure that both of the “Rapha Kids” are persona non grata at all future SSCXWC. They know it too. Jones still gets heckled HARD about it in at least 3 time zones…