wtf vomit style

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I can’t find  words to describe what my eyes just saw except for just being extremely embarrassed for the sport of Cross.

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This would of been a better song for those tri crossers…

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29 Replies to “wtf vomit style”

  1. The shitty editing compares well to their shitty products. The people at Sram need to spend a little less time playing with themselves and spend a little more time making products that last longer than 6 months.

  2. this is hilarious!! at least i know some people are still having fun with our sport other that just me and my kooky crew!

  3. The first video proofs once and for all to me that racers can’t dance at all! That second video reminds me of Junior High. Let you guys in on a little secret I used to dance a lot. My buddies Tom Tape (pronounced Toupee), his cousin Ricky (became a back up dancer for Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation tour), Josh (there adopted white cousin), and myself spent days learning that entire routine. We even had those stupid pants. At the eighth grade graduation party we busted that out as well as got a good group of guys doing the “Heavy D.”
    I was an ugly young man, but girls loved the fact that I danced. Nowadays I tell everyone I can’t dance at all, even though I used to teach swing dancing.

    Let the jokes and laughs begin!

  4. If I tried to pull that shit at a CX race, I would expect to be beaten senseless with a frame pump.

  5. What, can’t “racers” be anything other than cardiobots, beholden to the system, popping all kinds of chemicals, and being general societal D bags? Does this elicit personal self doubt when “warming up” and “cooling down” at your Cat 4 laugh fest? The “scene” won’t have it, apparently. Get over yourselves.

  6. I don’t get the lust for a sport where the UCI mandates that you get *off* your bike and run.

    And, that bans mountain bikes, cuz that would be cheating.

    Here’s the SRAM commercial I want to see: video of Schleck at the side of the road, losing the Tour de France because his chain came off, with the huge “I Am SRAM” text overlay…..

  7. At least they be having fun outdoors and not sitting in front of the computer like a bunch of judgmental assholes.

  8. @TripeT: I didn’t see anyone riding in that video, did you? I saw a bunch of kitted out poseurs dancing around like morons and pushing their bikes around like they’re accessories.

    Granted, I didn’t make it all the way through that slop, so maybe they start riding at the end. I don’t have much faith that that’s the case, though.

  9. TTT +1. I really don’t get the hate. It’s silly, but that’s about it. Those “poseurs” are some of the best American CX racers, and at least a couple of them will be at Louisville in Feb. (they’ll get their asses kicked by Nys, Albert, & co., but they’ll be there). Wasn’t there was a Leadville post about Todd Wells being DC?

    Also, Gangam Style is actually making fun people who act like they are rich when they aren’t.

  10. @D2

    Granted. The vid seriously lacks riding of any kind. I didn’t have the stomach to make it all the way thru so I can’t say about the end but…..they were partying. How stupid do you get when you party ???

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  11. Just to clarify, I wasn’t judging the content. I got no problem with people making asses of themselves in the name of a good laugh. I do that shit frequently. I mocked the dancing.