Five Out of Sixer

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Prescott Sixer Logo6:15 is no time to wake up in Phoenix for a 9am race in Prescott. At this stage of the recovery, that type of self sabotage was only predictable. By 6:20am I threw all my priorities into the bag, grabbed the bike and met up with Joe Fat-Bike and Ryan to head up the hill to the second annual Prescott Sixer. In tow, Joe had the Sunday Cycles Weenie Wagon (SCWW); There were 50ish free hotdogs that weren’t going to give themselves s away. Ten minutes before the start, I was ready. Not so large as to create frustrating conga lines in the singletrack, 111 riders attended the event this year. A Nice collection of AZ and other ne’er do wells. It’s grass roots at it’s finest I’d say. As a result, the Sixer has an emphasis on good times and beat downs. In Mike Melly’s own words:

“We do this out of passion, we do this cause we like events and we want to make a positive impact on our local community and we think it is fun (in a sick way).”

I was happy as hell just to toe up to the start line. It was a local gathering of familiar faces all around. I also arrived with an experimental poor man’s drivetrain setup. Between me and the bike, things were a touch slow or delayed, and the smile on my face only went upside down, once. by the end of the first lap, the keyword was chronic chain drop. Five laps and over a dozen chain derailments later, at 2 pm, and it was the back, the hands, and then the chaindrop. The course was fun. An urban trail system at its near finest. It could have flowed more, but I hear maintenance on the system is in the works, so who’s complaining now? Anyway, that was it for me. Five laps in five hours. In the full six hours of the contest? Well, dudes and chica’s were railing mad.

Flagstaff local Ryan Geiger sealed the overall solo win at the second annual Prescott Sixer by eating up 9 laps between 9am and 3pm. Only one of his laps was over 45 minutes. The course, roller urban singletrack and double track of 9.4 miles, and damn if dudes weren’t keeping the pace hot. In the waning hours, the embedded rocks strewn over the course made the beat down get real. By my last lap, there were a lotta kitted up dudes in chez lounges.

Sedona local Sara Stanford picked off the women’s solo with 7 laps. Sara and I rode together a few times while I lived in Sedona. She’s fast. That then went without saying as She chicked me while I ate my hotdog compliments of Sunday Cycles Weenie Wagon. Thankfully, I got her back before quickly DNF’ing on the next lap.

gnome eats a dog
Nitrates. A poor man’s EPO.

In the preceding photo, it should also be noted that while I noshed the good life, Michael Goldman also snuck by me as you can see in the background. I caught him you know, but then he just got on the gas or some shit, and that was the last I’d see of Michael. Go figure. It was a local ballersville. Also of note, Form Cycles head honch Daryl Roberts battled all day long to loose out by only four minutes to Tim Bolton on the Official Single Speeds. Both had 8 laps. Results here. In the coming years, all us Sonoran AZ heads should look this race up since it happens right as the desert cycling season comes on. It’s a perfect middle distance of urban singletrack fun and like minds. I wish I could have finished out the event this time, but it was too easy to leave without worry given all my variables. And DNF is no sweat. I want to work on some ability, and 5 hours of that six hour ride was enough to tell me where I’m at. It isn’t pretty, nor should it be. Special thanks to:

  • Mike Melly and Hub Event Productions for putting on another good time.
  • My Shop, Sunday Cycles for giving me the time-off and the hotdogs!
  • Drunk Cyclist for the chance to ride it and write about it.
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8 Replies to “Five Out of Sixer”

  1. i mostly want to say that i really appreciate the overall tone of this post. your approach to race compete journalism encrusts all the right factors: equipment, nutrition, times, and sexy. i will read this race-author’s reviews again as they emerge themselves to this website in the future.

    “we about to pump this shit, like they do in the future.” El-P.

  2. Sheet dog, I was gonna say something positive, but I think Snegg Hork done beat me to it. Amen, brother.

  3. Fucking stellar field, awesome weather, killer singletrack…..I’ll be back next year with more in tow

  4. Hey G-nome…in another incidence of “small-worldliness,” Sara and her husband Zach are from my neck of the woods in Illinoise. Rode with him a few times “back in the day” when I usta be a “racer.”

    5 outta 6 ain’t bad…