Colorado Trail Race Video

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The Colorado Trail Race, for those that don’t know, is one difficult little ride. Taking riders from Denver to Durango by way of some sweet trails. About 60,000 feet of climbing in 500 miles beats you down on some of the most scenic singletrack you will ever see.

Our friend Chris gave the CTR a go this year and smoked the route in just a smidge over 5 days. Somehow between all the pedaling and foul weather he collected some video. He had this to say about it over on his blog.

I was not sure if I was going to share because it definitely was a personal ride for me, and well, its kind of embarrassing. Ever since I came up short the first try at CTR, I have been motivated to push myself harder. Sometimes you have to crash first to clean a line.

Well thanks for sharing your experience, Chris. I hope you guys find it as awesome and inspiring as I did.

I really need to do this ride soon. 

keep it dirty…

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9 Replies to “Colorado Trail Race Video”

  1. fuck me..I need to get out of my little corner of the universe and experience something like this..before I die from life as a middle aged desk jockey.

  2. having spent the last three weekends riding the Kenosha pass to Georgia pass section, I can attest to the beauty and allure of the CT.

    Now the Aspens are full gold amidst multiple shades of green. Breath taking in every sense.

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