Special Delivery!

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Upon arriving home from a long week at the salt mines I was greeted to a special delivery…the latest jersey offering from Klaus at Cycling Inquisition.

I missed the boat a while back on a limited run of black jerseys, but since it’s still hotter than two rats in a wool sock down here in the Old Pueblo, white seems like a better choice. Behold, the beauty that is Klaus’ latest creation:

Upon further inspection, it came with more than just stickers.  Does your jersey come with a recipe, brown caramelized sugar, or a tasty treat?  Yeah, didn’t think so.

Thanks Klaus!  Too bad this thing doesn’t have a collar, because if it did, it deserves to be popped! This $hit is hawt!!

Enjoy the weekend and keep it rubber-side down out there.

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3 Replies to “Special Delivery!”

  1. Klaus writes a top class blog and really advocates the hard work put in by the Colombia team today in the pro peloton. I wear his jersies whenever possible.