Nashville Bicycle Lounge and DC

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A while back, the vagrants at Nashville Bicycle Lounge sent me the preliminary design of their new jersey to see what I thought. The man in charge asked if DC wanted to be a part of it and after seeing it, the only answer I had was “Fuck yeah we do!”. So here it is:

It’s one part Firebird and one part Iron Maiden. It’s a little bit country and a little bit Rock and Roll and 100% awesome. The New DC logo is on the back pocket so when you are pulling away from the group they will know exactly what you stand for.  That pocket should be filled with middle fingers.

We share the back of the jersey with this guy and a bunch of kick ass chicks who call themselves the Menstrual Cycles Bicycle Gang. It’s a goddamn party. 

The best part is that it’s available to everybody directly from Voler. So, if you want to sport a kickass jersey and help support a truly rad shop (and DC) you can PLACE YOUR ORDER HERE!

 $70 seems like a small price to pay to look this good.

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39 Replies to “Nashville Bicycle Lounge and DC”

  1. Stopped in there today, I will say, they do look damn good. And I haven’t even seen one on myself and my swag has grown tenfold.

  2. D2, sure, how about you airbrush out that nasty thigh bruise. ;)

    But seriously, she isn’t even close to hot. Cute and good taste, but not hot.

  3. Any lady who sports a bruise like that & holds a Surly cuzee has got me. I’d pay for that calender, good on her.

  4. hey Colin,

    we would prefer you not purchase one of our jerseys.

    thank you.

    Dan Hensley
    Nashville Bicycle Lounge.

    D2, email me if you would like to speak with Megan about being on the calender. i think it would make her smile to know there is even interest. women love to feel beautiful.

  5. I think I see the Virgin Mary in that bruise.
    I need a closer look to be sure though.

  6. @Dan Hensley

    Rock on.

    Megan is a beautiful young lady, and bruise or not, anyone who says otherwise is fucktard.

    I would love to see/have a calendar that had real women in it. Instead of this endless stream of calendars with nothing but blonde haired blue eyed siliconed nightmares.

    That is all.

  7. …rock on, megan…rock on, menstrual cycles bike gang chicks…

    …this is a better, healthier & more beautiful world because women like you are out riding bikes & enjoying it…

  8. Fuck you kiss asses. Just being honest about a normal looking chick. You fags probably don’t even know what logos got copied to make that jersey.

  9. Colin, I don’t think you insulted her, but I would take a cute girl who didn’t mind getting dirty and scraped up over some plastic, high maintenance, anorexic hawttie ANY DAY. The bruise means that she’s not afraid to fall down. Kinda’ need to be willing to do that if you are going to mountain bike.

  10. “Fuck you kiss asses.”

    Nothing kiss ass here. I’m a semi-normal man and I go for normal women.

    “…don’t even know what logos got copied to make that jersey…”

    Pics or it didn’t happen.

  11. colin, unlike other dc plasticle reposts megan is a real person and “normal” does not apply to bad ass girls who really ride nor does it apply to her personally. i’m sorry you only interact with digitized girls on computer screens.
    “copied logos”, are you for real? those licenses were granted or you wouldn’t be seeing them here or elsewhere.
    by the way, i’m beside in her the photo. let’s dance.

  12. BTW I have a friends of berthoud pass calendar on my wall. All natural, local, and cuties. Respect.

  13. I don’t know Megan, but it has been determined by everyone I know that rides; that if a female rides, and rides hard that makes her hotter. Enough said.

    Colin about the licenses and all that noise. Back when I was working in silk screening and t-shirt design the rule was if you could change the logo by 10% you didn’t need license. Not sure if that is still the case, but whatever the Jersey’s look cool. Stop talking shit unless you got your own that are better.

    Oh yeah and most everyone here read the post where DB said and I quote “It’s one part Firebird and one part Iron Maiden. It’s a little bit country and a little bit Rock and Roll and 100% awesome. The New DC logo is on the back pocket so when you are pulling away from the group they will know exactly what you stand for. That pocket should be filled with middle fingers.”

    So yeah most of us know those logos. If not from our knowledge of awesome movies and great bands, then by simply reading before we open our fucking mouths. I usually kickback and try not to get involved and make light of the bullshit said on here. Today my gout is flaring and I can’t see straight due to pain, I still rode to work and I’m on my lunch right now trying to enjoy some posts. You fucked up my escape.

  14. Aww and I had a good smart ass response to keep it going :(

    Oh well back to my heroin addiction.

  15. She is bombshell! Way to go measuring this badass fly-ass athlete against some fake-titty girl in your imagination who couldn’t fix a flat. She’s a real person who rides bikes! Why you gotta make it like that? When’s the last time you got your pencil sharpened dude. Buy a ticket to Katy Perry in 3-D, and keep it to yourself boss.

  16. I wasn’t going to get into to this but, well, fuck it.

    As the lady in the photo I would like to thank Colin M for his lovely comments regarding my appearance. I was really hoping this would launch a lucrative career in cycling fashion but I now know better. Although I didn’t take offense to the initial comment, the subsequent comments lead me to the conclusion that you are “not close to hot” either.

    Thanks to all my “kiss asses” who realized that I didn’t need to get all gussied up to help out a bad ass bike shop that has always had my back.

  17. …keep ridin’, megan, ‘cuz you are hot…

    …i’ve always thought the sexiest thing about a woman was her attitude, whether it be her approach to, well, riding or, you know, other stuff…

    …hell, shaved legs, a soft smile & a bruise…i thought you were “…all gussied up…”

    …disclaimer: no, this is not a come-on, i’m older than your dad…& no, i don’t want a free jersey…i always liked camaro’s over firebirds…

    …you just deserve some serious props…

  18. Colin, you got owned. Megan, the bruise and the Yingling in a coozie make you infinitely sexy.

  19. @Megan

    what the above said, (except for Colin because he’s a sad case), you’ve got fans around the world & even down here in Hobbiton.

    @D2, you want to sell the calendar, Megan better be in it!


    That was awesome! it took me 3 attempts to stop hitting the space bar!

    PS. Megan, you’ve got to like Turtles.

  20. …shep…smiley face thingy…

    …dirty…you’ve got cool, righteous friends everywhere, huh ???…

  21. “PS. Megan, you’ve got to like Turtles.”

    Oh, without a doubt. If Megan doesn’t like turtles she can’t be in the calendar no matter how adorable she is.

    That is all.

  22. back-ordered it reads now, WTF!?!?!
    seems to be an awful lot of sexy Clydesdales with same idea…..

    BTW I vote for huge boobs on any calendar