More Stoke: 12 Hours of Mesa Verde

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Phil’s World. May 12th, 2012. The 12 Hours of Mesa Verde. It’s gone for this year, but in 2013 it will be rolling into its 7th rendition. It has grown some, and the reasons for that probably include the fact that the course is composed of more ripping singletrack than you can shake a stick at, a kick ass fun loving staff, and the mellow vibes of many a ColoRadBro local.  If you have not attended yet, put it on the list. And if you have attended, put it on the list again.

Full write up at Mountain Flyer Magazine.

Event website:

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8 Replies to “More Stoke: 12 Hours of Mesa Verde”

  1. I just sat and weaved my head side to side, up and down in front of the screen for 6 minutes.

  2. I put it on mute and listened to Slayer “Skeletons of Society” made it much more crazy. But like Mitch I was doing the bob and weave especially the part at the end with the left hand turn between the trees.

  3. Hypnotized with the bob and weave, for sure. Stunned by the smoothness. No roots, no rocks, no chunder, it’s like another world…

  4. The rider with the camera needs to manual a lot of those jumps. He’d pick up more speed. Airs to uphill landings kill momentum.

  5. …that course just screamed “…do me on a cyclo-cross rig…”

    …smooth as a sunday morning shit…

  6. There should be a French version of this ride…the “Vesa Merde”…

  7. And you if plan to race, you better get signed up within a day or two. I did the race in 2010 but missed out in 2011 because it fills up so fast. This year we registered at midnight. It’s definitely worth the trip from AZ.