Stay tough.

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This morning I watched a BMX video that put me in my place.  It was about keeping it up even though there is fear and pain the come with it- it’s always a continuous struggle with finding that sweet spot we all like to ride on.

The progression of BMX is putting a chill down my spine.

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20 Replies to “Stay tough.”

  1. What that kid attempted at 5:00 was hardly a failure (his words). He succeeded in trying something epic.

  2. @ Mitch – I agree. Having the balls to try that is not a failure. The progression (insanity?) of BMX since I was riding my 20″ all the time about 12 years ago is crazy.

  3. Somehow rocking the Cherry Picker and G turns back in the day seems very lame now. I’m going to go drown myself in copious amounts of booze and watch RAD, the movie

  4. That makes me ache just to watch it. I must be getting old. Tell those damn kids to ride somewhere else!

  5. Caveman, Did you see the footage of the FISE event in france. That shit was crazy. I have been logged into daily to watch shorts of guys riding and everyday I find myself saying “what the hell. how did he do that.”

  6. I poured eight yards of concrete and backfilled 200 feet of ditch today. If that ain’t tough, you can suck my balls. Oh yeah, I almost got run over by a dumptruck and when I hollered, “Do you fucking MIND?”, Billy Big Rig parked his terror weapon and followed me to my wotk area, best I could tell with the intention to fight. I told him he was not worth my time and walked away. Still got an asschewing from my foreman. But he’s a good man and he meant well. My foreman, I mean.

  7. Damn kids. I can’t even count fast enough to know how many tricks they’re doing at once. And who’s going to clean those tar marks off the ceiling??

  8. …ya, ya, ya…& that’s why you’re like a fucking god to us, douchebag…

    …you’re more interesting & impressive in your basic day to day than pretty much any of us could ever imagine…

    …we live to be thrilled by these succinct nuggets of pure delight that are the backbone of your life…

  9. …it’s a shame you have those problems, joe but hey, let’s face it…you’ve got a lotta other problems that require professional help, so maybe you can get a package deal…

    …& rather than letting us enjoy a video about some young guys who are trying to raise the bar, which tends to inspire other young folks, why don’t you enthrall us with another enlightened story of how you don’t try & raise the bar, you just try & keep your head close to it so they’ll keep serving you..

  10. Ummm, “…fucking god…”? “…douchebag…”? How could a mere mortal such as I possibly hope to raise the bar above the level of brilliantly eloquent discourse that you have so graciously and generously provided to we, the lowly peons who hang upon you every word? Yea and also verily, we count the seconds until your your next pearl of wisdom, that which you cast before we swine.

    Get help. Seriously and for real.

  11. …keep trying, joe, but accept the tolerance of others around here for what it’s worth…

    …personally, i will always see you as a fucking clown…ad infinitum…

  12. Ummm, you DO know that Alex has the answers written down in advance…