jump the hump

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I was just cruising the BMX internets and came across this video of Gabe Brooks doing a 49 inch bunny hop. I thought you guys should know about it.

That clip led me to this web edit of him taking that talent to the real streets.

Handrails, playgrounds, and soccer goals. Bunnyhop this hump day.

*thanks to the crew over at The Come Up  for always keeping me entertained and in touch with the newest BMX videos.

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12 Replies to “jump the hump”

  1. Meanwhile at Snoqualmie Pass, the State DOT offers this kind advice to cyclists:

    “No bicycles westbound exit 54 to exit 62. When the snow that is covering it melts, the John Wayne Pioneer Trail could be an alternate route for bicycles.”

    WTF? I don’t know if even Dirty Biker could figure this route…?

  2. SIC!!! I really just want to go ride right now after watching that. I mean I probably can’t bunny hop a double curb these days but I’ll eat shit trying

  3. So much awesome going on here, for starters Daryll Nau needs to resurrect Blacken ASAP!!
    Aside from being a street killa, Gabe is a legit trail boss as well