Where’s Husky?

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Our dear beloved Husky, he of the .47 ¢ toaster and Monster Dodge.

From: Brian
he’s in here somewhere


Point and shoot.

Husky goes large. Somehow, that does not surprise me. After being his roommate back in the mid-nineties as he harpooned his was across Tempe, I can’t imagine why’d he’d change his ways now.  

And why not knock the dust off his quads?  When you’ve got the IRS, 4 major banks, and Cumberland County’s Finest on your scent, you ought to get fast.  The Trail of Tears just got a little bit longer, and Husky will clean it 1st run.  Stay Pure.

I gotta get me one of them fat bikes…

Stay Gold, Ponyboy.

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The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

8 Replies to “Where’s Husky?”

  1. big jonny – totally off the subject here but I know you saw that picture of lemond on bigringriding – any chance you could throw it up on DC under “baller”?

  2. this is a post about The Husky Midget and all you guys can come up with is comments on fat bikes and Lemond?!?!?

  3. the motherfuckin saga continues…..
    dude should have his own 24 hr live feed
    cheers more beers from HBG-MTB

  4. You nailed it BJ. Looks like i’m a bit late to the game here at dc. Of course i wasn’t allowed to spend much time on the site back in the day when the subject matter was, uh, shall we say, “dubious”. LeMond was a flat out, off the couch, bad ass. Can’t believe i’ve never seen this one before. I’ll need to to get this print and stick right to the one of him decimating fignon and then crushing kelly in the 89 WC.