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32 thoughts on “Radwanderung is German for…

  1. My shorts would be ruined in two spots…

    The left side from hugging the cliff, and the chamois from repeatedly shitty myself…

  2. I want the names of those three riders! That is my three year old daughter’s bike ride to school and that was private property! Didn’t ya see the abandoned teddy bear? Fer chrisake you guys think you can just go anywhere.

  3. nein…nein… fucking-no-way-nein-fuck you.

    My bars are wider than those trails. Now you see why I dont get out so much. Fear is strong in this one.

  4. Those dudes are NOT Drunkcylists…at least not at that moment. Holy shit, they rode shit I probably wouldn’t walk! Way over the river….Nicely done boys. May you live long a bear many children.

  5. No. Just, no.

    Do those guys not have mothers or something? If I sent my mom a video of me doing that, she’d beat me senseless and I’m forty years old.

    Impressive. Most impressive.

  6. How in the f*ck was that dude doing a wheelie 2:50+? Next question, did they ride back up?

  7. The price for failure is steep, literally!!!!
    My ass would be so tight, I’d shit washers!!!
    Impressive to say the least.


  8. “Radwanderung is German for…” the wheel barrow they need to carry their balls…

    I couldn’t make myself watch the whole video.

  9. @Flat tired

    Only a girly man couldn’t watch the whole vid. Real men like me have no problems. I could watch that vid all day every day. Munching Cheetos, drinking beer and scratching my balls the whole time.

    What did bp say ??

    The fear is strong in this one.

    Oh yea.

  10. @Hurley

    Fuck you and all you stand for.

    That vid gave me vertigo just watching it. I now have to sleep with the lights on for at least a week.


  11. As I’m sure all you MTBers well know, the trick is to ride on the outside edge. That way, if you get the low side, you just grab the edge and let the bike fall. If you try to hug the inside and fuck up, you get the high side and away you go, superman.

  12. …jeez…i ‘dabbed’ 63 times & got off & walked at least 4 times just watching that video…

  13. remember to look where you want to go and not where you dont want to.. your body follows your eyes