Sunday Cycles Kid’s Bicycle Drive – DONATE NOW.

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Sunday Cycles Bike Shop is running an “ADOPT A BIKE” bicycle drive. They are asking customers and friends to “adopt” a kids bike/s to be donated to a local charity and school in an underprivileged area. If you can only afford one, that’s amazing, if you want to donate a sum toward bikes, that’s amazing, if you can step up and donate $200.00, $500.00, or more….. that’s amazing.

They would like to get 250 bikes purchased, built, and donated by Christmas Eve.

Joe is selling these bikes at his cost plus shipping. 12″ bikes are $29.99, 16″ bikes are $44.99, and 20″ bikes are $49.99. These are special prices that Joe has negotiated with the vendor and are only good for adoption purposes, not for purchase.

They have joined with The Fusion Foundation, a great local non-profit, so all donations are now Tax Deductible.

Please call Joe Berman at 480-440-2142, or email him at to adopt bikes or ask questions. Orders must be in by this Monday.

ALSO – If you are in the area, Joe also needs volunteers to help build the bikes. More info here.

THANK YOU ALL!!!! Let’s rock some kids world!!!

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11 Replies to “Sunday Cycles Kid’s Bicycle Drive – DONATE NOW.”

  1. Awesome!! I am in oklahoma. No programs for bikes, but we have bought five bikes for needy kids. We don’t buy Xmas presents for each other, just people in need. :)

  2. Figured that. Just never seen anyone do that before. Was wondering if it was some new fangled interweb thing I didn’t know about.

  3. alright people – time to donate. i just gave joe my money for a bike, you guys should too. there is only 36 hours left to donate!

  4. the donations are pouring in! with a lot of support coming from DC readers! Thanks to everybody for making this holiday season extra special for hundreds of children!

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