Videos For The Weekend

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Not the newest but still pretty good. Plus the first few minutes show some of my favorite trails here in big-bad-evil Phoenix. Throw in a little Shredona and Moab, ya can’t go wrong.

There is also an Episode 2 and an Episode 3.

Speaking of Sedona…might as well share this one too:

YouTube Preview Image

I really don’t know how he sits down with balls that big.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and don’t forget to keep it dirty.

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

67 Replies to “Videos For The Weekend”

  1. That second video… The one with the guy with gi-normous juevos… I’m very familiar with that section of trail…. I’ve ridden it clean at least a dozen times… And when I say, “ridden,” what I mean is, “walked my bike down,” and when I say, “clean,” what I mean is, “while my nuts shrank up inside me.”

  2. I’ll bet most of these guys come from motocross backgrounds. Frightening skills. Been on many trails where my cojones shrank so far inside of me I had 3 adam’s apples.

    All of you who live out west-don’t forget how lucky you are to be there.

  3. Nothing like that existed when I was young enough to enjoy it, and maybe-just maybe-survive if something went wrong. My Steelers cap is off to those brave young men. Nowadays just bringing groceries home in my panniers seems like a victory. Oh well.

    Amazing footage. The “music”, not so much. Fuck, I AM old.

    Think I’ll get dressed. If I hustle I should just make the early bird special.

  4. @joe Fuck yeah Joe you’re OLD. I’m old as fuck myself but I loved the music. I been playing the videos in the background just for the soundtrack.

    Keep an open mind. listen to new music every day. Do you ride the same roads and trails every day? Explore new routes. Your mind will grow with all the new stimulation. Neurons will be firing and ricocheting throughout your skull. Do something different.

    You never know Joe, maybe with all this change you’ll rise up like a phoenix and become the Re-elect Pres. Obama coordinator for Pittsburgh.

    Or maybe not.

  5. if you look at the top video screen before pushing play, you’ll see a california beach bro with big pecs making a weird face. FYI

  6. @06-I think the word you seek is “curmudgeon”. Mrs. Joe says it’s part of my charm. Who am I to argue?

  7. ever stop and think about the carbon footprint of the whole motorhead-monster-drink endeavor portrayed in this tripe of a video? big trucks, small dicks, big trailers, small minds, cali plates, and platform pedal riding in kleenix?? this shit sucks and whoever gets off on this kind of crapola bikeporn just doesn’t get it. oh and i agree with the others, the musik sucks too.

  8. Like I said, tripe-shit-ass PHX riding… can’t do so without fancy trailer, truck, and baggy-faux-pro-duds…

    Step up or shut down.

    Mutant-Klunkerz-Hostilizodes… Check your Science… And your History.

  9. dirty biker,

    yeah, no shit. but it used to be based in Flagstaff (I guess by a bunch of transplated spores, but at least it was in the high country). it has all gone to shit, started with removing the porn, then too much PHX shit.

  10. Why the cats at AZ Bike gotta be hating all the time? I moved to Flagstaff in 1990. Went to NAU. Then down to Tempe in ’95. Started this website in September of 2000 when I was in Tempe. ( Spent some time in Idaho & Tucson before a few more years in Flagstaff. Then back down to Phoenix in 2008.

    And that’s just me. Other contributors to the site hail from all over God’s green earth. Even off the continent.

    So what gives? I’m in Phoenix. I’m going to skateboard with my daughter today. In shorts. Suck it.

  11. Fat Bob, it was never “based” in Flagstaff. It was “based” on the internet, which allows people to post from anywhere.

    I love Flagstaff, but douchebags like you really make it sound like a castle of shit. Stop giving one of my favorite towns such a bad name.

    And jesus fucking christ, if you can’t find porn on the internet, you might be retarded.

  12. Awesome BJ,

    I never had a skateboard growing up so last year I decided that I was definitely not checking out of this life without skateboarding.

    So I bought a long board & ride it in the company parking lot at 5:00 Am most mornings.

    Unfortunately I’ve just had a “please Explain” as to why a senior manager has been seen on a skateboard

  13. On company property, this apparently transgress several company Health & Safety policies.

    What the hell happened to personal responsibility?

  14. why the hating? quite simply, because the stakes are too high. just like california, the state of arizona needs to split, say at the mogollon rim? the spores down south can continue to live the mirage life while the folks up north can live the real life. if you don’t understand then you never will and we don’t really care a shit’s bit.

    happy festivus! bring out the aluminum pole and feats of strength…

    and NUKE PHX!

  15. fatbob is retarded. At least he just let it be known to us all.
    Hey everybody, Flag ain’t so bad, just stay away from this guy.

  16. “…because the stakes are too high.”

    Really ??

    How fucking old are you ???

    I now wanna visit Flag just to see how truly fucked up you people are.

  17. Don’t cast Flagstaff folks in with Fat Bob’s lot. He’s being dramatic. The stakes are not high at all. They’re really non-existent. Flagstaff’s a cool town full of cool people, but there are a few that just can’t seem to get past their own microcosmic bubble of stupidity.

  18. Fatbob reminds me of the “hardcore locals” found at posh ski resort towns. They spend their time dissing the tourists that literally keep their town alive. They usually get spit out the back in their 30s, broke, alone and alcoholic. Good times…

  19. d2, you’re a tard and you know it. stakes aren’t that high? have you been paying attention? and if so, for how long? your post sounds rather myopic, or perhaps obtuse, to me. you may insert your head back into the ground. and mikey – are you self-describing yourself? sounds like you got that descrip’ down. and last and surely least, triple flecher, i am 38.

  20. 38 ??

    And you’re still like this ?

    I lost that mentality around the age of 20.

    Seriously man/child. Grow the fuck up and go do something useful.

  21. You’re right, I’m a tard and I know it. I can’t possibly have analyzed the situation beyond the most cursory glance. I only spent six years deeply entrenched in that Flagstaff microcosm. I know the issues, I know the challenges, and I know the people fighting the good fight. You’re not helping the situation…you’re making it far worse.

    And the stakes are not that high. That’s being dramatic, again. You happen to live in a beautiful place, and I assure you that people who live within a mile or two of the trailhead are not the only ones trying to preserve that place. In fact, I’d be willing to bet a lot of the time, energy, money, and positive reinforcement of that community come from outside of it. Get over yourself. You are not singlehandedly propping up the Flagstaff bicycle community.

    You’re turning your back on anyone who criticizes the current paradigm…even the people who can and hope to make it better. Call people spores because they live in Phoenix. Fine. Call me a tard because I have a different point of view. Go for it. But you fix nothing. You help nothing.

    All you do is give Flagstaff a bad reputation and turn off the people who care about it and want to help. It’s people like you who hurt that place, not me.

  22. only 6 years… and deeply entrenched.. you’re almost a local! man, you must of put in some hard time. and judging by paragraph 3 in your schoolgirlwetpants rant, i’ve apparently succeeded. stay the fuck away. and yes, people in kleenix are part of the problem. it’s a deliberate choice to live in that mirage of a desert armpit. plz stay there and enjoy the desert from the comfort of your A/C house, car, garage, backyard pool, and mister-sprayed outdoor cafe. and about criticizing the current paradigm (DSP)… WTF? you are the status quo paradigm… i am turning my back on you. plz follow the rest of your spores to the white mountains and show low area. they’ve got much better downhilling, truck served rad riding. and i bet you get along quite well with all the mormons there. peace out, r2d2, and fuck off.

  23. Bye Bob. Nice talking to ya.

    Enjoy your self-righteousness.

    I’ll just stay here on Drunkcyclist, where 99.9% of the readership doesn’t give a fuck about you or Flagstaff.

  24. Merry Christmas to all.

    Even FatBob.

    Tho I hope the day after he endo’s and knocks some sense in his self.

    Or is that not in the Christmas spirit ??

  25. “Reflecting on our 10 years in Flagstaff, I’ve come to realize that the quality of our lives is not a result of the place where we live, but of the friends we make while we live there. Thanks to all of our friends for making our lives so rich.”

    You should read about Brad and Sheena’s epic adventure across the world in their VW Vanagon. They have a great perspective on things.

  26. seriously? this is how you spent xmess-eve? and x-mess morning? what the fuck is wrong with you? go enjoy the day. jesus fucking christ.

  27. Bowsnird [sic] gets a better spring season than Alta does. And I heard a guy who knew a guy that said you can buy actual beer in Utah now. I wouldn’t know, I’ve always brought my own.

  28. Oh, and I’ll be there in March, tacking a couple of days onto the Sun Valley/Vail trip. Gotta hurry back though, ’cause Blackcomb will be coming right up. Keep the waxy side down, brothers.

  29. …i’ll be riding my bike under sunny blue skies with a few puffy white clouds tomorrow…

    …bundled up, sure but here in nor-cal, what some people call a drought & the driest december in ages, i call fucking great riding weather…

  30. Yeeeaaahhh….that’s bullshit. Don’t buy it for a second. Lots of transplants become parts of their communities, improve those communities, make friends with people who grew up there and have no problems at all like this. I count myself among them. I feel like my friends are in Flag, and many are as close as family. I took a lot from that community, but I gave back, too, and I NEVER encountered anyone who treated me as anything but a local who cared immensely about that place.

    If you want to be exclusive, fine. Just understand that there are many of us that came to Flagstaff and were welcomed there, regardless of where we came from. I choose to remember Flagstaff from that perspective, not from the “You weren’t born here so you just can’t possibly understand” perspective. I’m not that jaded, nor were the people I met there and spent my time with.

  31. @FatBob— yeah, that’s a load of crap. Me, I’ve lived in this town for fifty years on and off (well, since 1962 anyhow) and my mom and my sister and her family all live within a half mile of me. I feel like a local.

    I live in the “multicultural” part of town; most of my neighbors have English as a 2nd language. Our school district has the highest non-white ratio in the state and there are about a hundred truly excellent Asian restaurants within a mile of here. Those guys are locals too, I reckon.

    I’m happy to show them my favorite routes any time— I’ve got five decades of shortcuts, longer-less-steep shortcuts and gaps in fences and parking lot drops in my head. I say, let’s ride.

  32. I’m basically transient. I change locations more often than I change my drawers but even I know that article FatBob posted is BS.

    It all depends on temperament and friendliness. I’ve aged to the point where I don’t have either.

    Now get off my lawn you brats.

  33. yeah, it appears all hopes for some contemplation / reflection were lost on R2D2, BGW, et al. at least we tried…

  34. …rabid loco…someday, you’ll have something to say that’s actually worth repeating…

    …until such time………

  35. D2 @41 – say no more; your abovementioned quote says it all… “here on Drunkcyclist, where 99.9% of the readership doesn’t give a fuck about Flagstaff.”

    yep – it’s abundantly clear. later, chizzlechest.

  36. You’re right, it does say it all. It is abundantly clear. So why do you keep bringing your negative, anti-everyone and anti-everything attitude around here? If you don’t like us at DC, go away. No one will miss you.

  37. Noone gives a fuck about flagstaff because of the holier than thou attitude which passes for opinions by you & your ilk.

    Listening to your diatribe, I’m reminded of the folks who comprise the critical mass rides; the message may be valid, but your delivery sucks.

    You’re alienating the very people you wish to educate.