Dogs and Bikes

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For those of you who love one or both of these, this ought to bring a smile to your face. I’m still grinning as I think about this video. Enjoy.

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28 thoughts on “Dogs and Bikes

  1. Awesome. I wish my 12 year old boxer could still run like that. I can tell she wishes the same.

  2. raddest dog/bike video. the utter and complete joy that dog is having is fucking priceless.

    i saw that a couple weeks ago but couldn’t get the damn thing to embed.

  3. Bikedog, birddog, whateverdog, there’s nothing better than knowing he’s getting as big a kick out of it as you are.

  4. @TTT the dog’s name is Lily. i think that makes it a female. Or a transvestite. It’s either a jack russell terrorist or a little dog on PED’s or it just got a caffeine enema. I was just hoping that it didn’t get chopped up in the rear wheel. Teach that doggie to draft properly.

    @Hurben Joe is a cat person. I like animals more than people sometimes. I guess that makes me a curmudgeon or a misanthrope.

    Here’s a slightly more raucous version of that first song, “Mountain Dew” Shane Macgowan is a gorgeous mess, before he messed up his voice with booze and cigarettes

    Thanks, Legs for the video.

  5. It’s a JRT. Mine is nearly 14 now, but in her day, she’d run the trail about 10 feet in front of me…looking over her shoulder every 30 seconds or so, to be sure she didn’t drop me.

    The video of Lilly is awesome. If you watch it again, notice that she’s doubling up some of the jumps herself.

  6. @Cap’n Tony

    Me too, two felines.

    Ziggy, the male, is the most Alpha personality individual that I’ve ever come across, he knows who’s boss.

    Feed me NOW! THIS cat box has NOT been cleaned! STOP playing with those stupid bicycles & SCRATCH my head!

    Damn cat, one day he’ll make a good saddle cover, especially with the tail blowing in the wind.

  7. @FFF

    You insensitive clod!

    That poor girl is distraught, distraught I tell you, over her concerns for our furry friends.

    Let’s not dwell on the media & merchandising empire that she’s building based on that shallow clip.

  8. Lily MacCaskill has no time for cats, she’s too busy. And she holds better lines than most riders;)

  9. i’m going to go out on a limb a venture to guess that Lily is a good dog. damn she was rip’n. great vid.


  10. I don’t get choked up at movies, but that scene at the end of Harry and Tonto where Art Carney is saying goodbye to his buddy-It tears me right the fuck up every time. Just sayin’.

  11. …lily is one awesome little trail hound…

    …unfettered joy as she rips it up with her dad…

    …totally cool…

  12. That was radtarded to the 10th power.

    Gives a new meaning to the phrase “wanna go for walkies?”

    ARF! (I think that’s canine for FUCK YES!)

  13. Well, so my little pal Steve passed away yesterday at the age of 16.5 years. I’m pretty tore up, but the little dude’s kitty quality of life had deteriorated, so it was time. Hug your pet, people!

  14. …ouch. mikey…in the middle of all this ‘aminal fambly’ talk & you lose one a’ yours…

    …bettin’ the little guy knew he was well loved & that’s really what it’s all about…

  15. Dogs, cats, budgies-Had to say goodbye to ’em all. It never gets any easier. Maybe it ain’t sposed to.

    Huggin’ my evil furball and raising a glass, Mikey.

  16. Guess it’s a bad week for furry friends. I held my kitty Mojo until her last heartbeat this afternoon. Seven years I’ve kept her alive after she was diagnosed with kidney failure. She was an incredible cat…followed me everywhere…only grew to about 8 lbs, with short little legs, but her tail was over 12 inches long…it was awesome. This is the first time my wife and I have had an empty house since we’ve been married. Sucks.

  17. A wise old dogman once said, losing any pet is hard but some of them break your heart forever.

  18. Yes… empty house sucks. Little shit: opened a can of tuna and threw away the water— no one hollering for it. Just put up the Christmas tree for the missus and there’s no one to hide under it.

    Steve won the lottery though, sixteen years at the same address. Long may ye roam

  19. i love that you guys are a bunch of softies. the worst part about owning a pet is when they leave us. bummer big time.

  20. A little known fact , Dogs really invented the bicycle. Man invented the leash.Happy Christmas to all you dawgs out there !Put a set of those fake antlers on your buddy and if you don’t have one,Wear them on your helmet

  21. @stefan, this is at trailside park in Park City Utah, it is an awesome place, super fun, well built and right next to an elementary school. Expect big things in dirt jumping out of Utah in the next 10 years as a result. They built a play area at the top of the Canyons Ski Resort as well, Draper Utah is Building one as well, among other places in the state. Colorado gets all the press for their progress, but Utah is doing it quietly and kicking ass.

  22. I am late seeing this… great video that makes me feel good. Love riding with my two labs. Lily was fyling!