so if you are poor, you use Hammer?

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You can decide for yourself but by what  I got out of this video is, Hammer product is for the poor?

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23 Replies to “so if you are poor, you use Hammer?”

  1. I dont want to see any litigation as a result of this… “Please Hammer, don’t hurt him.”

  2. …i’ve used ‘hammer’ products for years ‘cuz it works for me & doesn’t upset my digestive system…

    …i’m only disappointed because i thought it would turn me into a world class cycling athlete but apparently one has to train hard to achieve that particular level of success…

    …damn, too bad for me…i coulda used the glory…

  3. I didn’t get any, “Manual for Speed” but I did get the, welcome back to this week’s episode of “Improvised Recipes from the Bachelor’s Kitchen.”

    “I’m Chip Chippery your host, and while this may sound disgusting that’s beside the point. The ingredients for our next meal is whatever is left in the pantry, so Adapt & Overcome, motherfuckers.”

  4. hammer gives their products away like crazy. i used to get free 16oz bottles of the shit at triathlons. nowadays i eat lara bars (always on sale in the ghetto kroger near me) and the $18.00 protein from target.

  5. That was PROtarded. Everybody gots a poor pro saga these days as part of the resume and I just puke a little more every time I have to hear another boiler plate version of it. I mean,

    Can bro take off the lid, and talk to me around a plate of Manwhich? Fucking scrub.

    Approval thumb of hate goes down.

    I defer to the Adam Craig post as more appropropriate DC material.

  6. I like the, “we were so poor we would eat dog food if it came down to it,” a al Black Flag stories, but I always wonder, (because I own no dog and therefore shop for no dog food), is dog food demonstrably cheaper than store brand beanie weenies, rice, etc? There’s no way dog food is cheaper than ramen, maybe the price per calorie factors into it in a major way. I have known people that can quote down the the penny what items in a standard convenience store give you the best calorie/money ratio. I’ll always appreciate my ability to live on Little Caesar’s and bacon and eggs. seriously.

  7. re: poor pro’s…. In another life I was a soigneur for a US womens pro team. The domestiques in the womens peleton made a lot less than the men and lived off clif bars. On the flip side, the other option was not riding as pro, having a real j.o.b., and riding whatever you could afford for fun. Choices….

  8. New me?

    I get tired of neo PRO’s with no cred gotta have they own baller story. I mean, any of them getting their heads dinged by the refrigerator door? Yea. Prob not.

    Athlete Octane kicks the shit out of Hammer any day bitches!

  9. yeah…I’ve been poor broke and found that I had all sorts of nutrition through these if not other gels…most races include a shit ton in your schwag bag

  10. @Caveman,

    I’m intrigued by your statement surely you don’t mean Gnome is linked with elgruppo mutanto?

    Interested people want to know.

  11. …we all hadda wonder when we saw the gnomer avatar foto with the ‘macho borracho’ tag attached to it…

    …you’ll note senor macho borracho, bandito he may be, has dos posts over in the ‘contributors’ list…

  12. Athlete Octane is cool and all (I’ve used it, it works, etc.), but it’s not “food.”

    Utilizing Hammer products, as good as they are, for meal replacement is just silly. Even if you are getting it for free. You can eat cheap, really, really cheap, without resorting to such tomfoolery.

    I mean, c’mon. This is right up there with those retards carting around on their fixies all day (total miles ridden = 2.75) to make a $47 dollar “pizza” and nod in appreciation at each other while sipping $5 dollar “craft” beer and jerk each other off.

  13. I like that you used the word Tomfoolery…and I like, even more, that you accurately characterized “those retards.”

    That made me feel good on the inside.