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14 Replies to “Adam Craig”

  1. Full aero FACE with that suit! I salute you sir.

    Think his sponsors care about pix like this?

  2. Would Adam be a dishonourable member of the DC club if he cared what sponsors think?

  3. Top notch that one. I met him at SSWC 05, didn’t know it was him til after he walked away. Waaaay laid back, not pretentious, super fun dude for sure.

    I passed him on the course with his “Daisy Dukes” on. He was fixin a flat.

    ME (wolf whistle) “Watcha doin’ Daisy?”

    AC “nothin’….wanna make out?”

    He passed me back later. Duh.

  4. Took 6th in that cross race to him this past weekend in bend. Fucking crazy to be chasing a full green Olympian. Dude is a ballar!

  5. Great guy, very down to earth, and a super kick-ass rider. He gives me hope for the XC crowd.

  6. yup when he won in ireland he grabbed a beer coming through in the lead after lap one and tried to do a wheelie with the beer along the gravel road where the start finish was and wrecked , it was rad

  7. X-C guy or all-around best mountain biker in the world? Consider wins in cross, x-c, singlespeed, super-D.