The son will not share the guilt of the father, nor will the father share the guilt of the son

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Unless, of course, they’re both guilty as hell.

Lance Armstrong is receiving training advice from the son of banned Italian physician Michele Ferrari, the doctor says.

Responding to allegations that appeared in Italian media this week linking him to the center of a widespread doping ring, Ferrari denied any wrongdoing in a statement posted online Thursday.

Corriere della Sera reported Wednesday that Ferrari’s son also was involved in the distribution of performance-enhancing drugs, and that Armstrong called the son before last year’s Tour de France, referring to him as “No. 1.”

“My son Stefano is administering a website which offers personalized training consultancy to various cyclists and triathletes; Lance Armstrong is among them,” Ferrari said in the statement.

OK, so it was just something Stefano Ferrari was doing on his own, right? Without the involvement of Michele Ferrari?

Lance Armstrong made payments to an Italian physician banned for doping through a front company in Switzerland, an Italian newspaper reported Wednesday.

. . .

Citing work by Swiss and Italian investigators, Corriere said that Michele Ferrari, a banned Italian physician who was once Armstrong’s training adviser, was behind the “anonymous company now in liquidation.”

. . .

Speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation is still not complete, an Italian law enforcement official told The Associated Press that the Corriere report is “all true, and you can relay it across the ocean.”

Tick, tick, tick…

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49 Replies to “The son will not share the guilt of the father, nor will the father share the guilt of the son”

  1. No, I don’t think so,

    Speaking for myself, I no longer give a crap.

    I am wearied by all this.

    Fucking drag him out & crucify him or burn him at the stake, I just don’t care anymore.

    It’s all corporate shit.

  2. Jonny – as much as I enjoy the content here, and fully support the disestablishment of Lance, I’d like to point out that you linked to Fox News.

    Tisk tisk.

  3. Hey Hurben!
    Exactly. The yellow stuff keeps on oozing out, like pus from an abscess.

    Now can we hijack this thread and turn it into something about the Bokke and the All Blacks? Or does that make your head spin worse than mine ;) Jonny would kill us.

  4. And AfricanSingle throws down the gauntlet just daring Hurben to run up the Jolly Roger.

    As TripleF slowly backs out the door…

  5. what hurben said.

    honestly tho, before i started writing for this site, both dominic and i were lance lovers. BJ has opened my eyes to all of his lies and cheating. even dominic, who defended lance until last may when we watched the tyler hamilton interview on 60 minutes with gnome when he was visiting, now believes lance cheated. he was bummed. it was like telling a kid santa doesn’t exist….

  6. IMHO Lance needed to dope to win or even contend. He was good on dope; no doubt. It took his one and only genetic weakness, not an extremely high VO2 Max and erased it. Couple it with his incredible fatigue resistance, light weight, excellent power per weight and he was a Grand winner.

    So with his public renouncing of using Dr. Ferrari, they simply did a front and a shell through the son.

    This is yet another Lance lie in a very, very long list of lies; presuming the report is true and with Ferrari’s admission I would say it is almost certain.

  7. “It took his one and only genetic weakness”

    Are we thinking of the same Lance? Made by medicine…period. You think he started doping after cancer? There is a good chance he made his own bed and was lucky to live through it. Total scum from way back.

  8. @ Judi — when I was five, my small kindergarten class was evenly divided between Jews and non-Jews. my mother took me aside and patiently told me why, even we knew Santa wasn’t real, I couldn’t/shouldn’t tell my classmates what I knew. She told me it was important that everyone figure things out for themselves, and that it wasn’t my place to shatter the myth of Santa for anyone else. (Yeah, I know, I had an intense mother.) Besides, she told me, since we were Jewish, we didn’t have a whole lot invested in the Santa Claus thing anyway, so why spoil Christmas for someone else?

    She had a point.

    I’ve often thought of that lesson when Sweetie and I talk about bike racing today and she asks me if I think so-and-so is doping. Anymore, I just shrug my shoulders and tell her, “You want to see some real racing, come out to a local race and watch the amateurs drag their cross bikes around the course. There’s a lot less doping and a lot more heart.” That explanation is easier, and frankly kinder, than trying to explain why Contador should look so fresh at the end of a Giro mountain stage that is killing everyone else.

  9. …i still care because i find it to be all such an amazing dichotomy…

    7 fucking tour de france wins…any way you cut it, that is undeniably impressive shit…no one else in the history of cycling has accomplished that & nor may it ever be equaled…but the fact that he achieved it can’t be denied…

    …heat, cold, wind, rain, crashes, bonking, equipment failures, ill health, tactical situations, etc:…the guy never faltered under any circumstance & considering he was up against the cream of the crop, well, i will always find it impressive…

    …was he the ‘only’ juiced guy out there at the time ???…not bloody likely…

    …is he guilty of cheating ???…100%…guilty as a motherfucker…you & i may ‘know it’ but better still, he fucking KNOWS IT & he’s gotta live with himself…

    …at this point, the guy’s whole premise has become about denying the truth, rather than being able to sit back & be lauded for having accomplished something phenomenal…

    …even if nothing is ever proven otherwise, the doubt is now there in the eyes of the world…lance ‘fucking’ armstrong has proved to be both an amazing cyclist & an amazing imposter…

    …& the more he denies the allegations, amidst the accusations of teammates, associates & former ‘friends’, the bigger his reputation as a liar & a cheat grows…

    …no one knows, quite as well as armstrong himself, how he’s been hoisted by his own petard…

    …& that’s why i still kinda care…i like the fact that he’s gotta answer to himself every time he opens his fucking mouth…

  10. “i like the fact that he’s gotta answer to himself every time he opens his fucking mouth…”

    A big YUP on that…It is funny for all the crap G. Lemond had to eat, that was one of his major points…in the end you live with yourself.

  11. #14 Beth H said

    ” “You want to see some real racing, come out to a local race and watch the amateurs drag their cross bikes around the course. There’s a lot less doping and a lot more heart.” That explanation is easier, and frankly kinder, than trying to explain why Contador should look so fresh at the end of a Giro mountain stage that is killing everyone else.”

    Well said, Beth.

    I still watch the pros but with a lot less fervor. They are ALL dopers. Just a matter of degree.

    Armstrong dragged his whole team down that path, laundered money, connected other users to his drug suppliers, had a fridge filled with his drugs. He was one of the driving forces of doping. He was the pusher.
    If some local kid sells drugs on the street corner just to survive-he goes to jail. Pharmstrong pushes PED’s-he gets rich. FUCK that.

    But the thing I hate most about that prick Pharmstrong is his sense of entitlement, as Landis mentioned in an interview. It’s Pharmstrong’s arrogance that makes me despise him.

    I’ll be a happy pirate the day they nail Juan Pelota’s sorry ass to the wall.

    He’ll have a new title to go with all his others-Felon.

  12. “i like the fact that he’s gotta answer to himself every time he opens his fuckinh mouth…”

    I agree. But, do you really think this bothers him? I don’t think it does.

    It takes a certain kind of person to keep denying the truth for this long.


  13. OK. I said I don’t care but….

    “MONEY and POWER”

    That’s just an excuse.

    I’ve seen interviews and read tons and I think the man is a psychopath.

    You will never get remorse or guilt out of this person. He simply doesn’t posses the ability.

  14. Wow, we got a real Lance Pharmstrong love fest going on here.

    Excellent, keep up the good work!

    And you know that psychopath or sociopath Pharmstrong reads every word about himself on the web. Or pays someone to do it for him.

    I used to believe in you Lance. I did believe in the miracle of Saint Lance.

    Now, I believe it will be a miracle if you don’t get hemorrhoids from all the extracurricular activities you’ll be indulging in, whether you like or not, once you get sent to the pen. Use astroglide, to smooth out all the bumps.

    Here’s Lance being Lance.

  15. I wish Lance would just take his well earned money, and move to a nice villa somewhere in the EU. I understand there are bargains there these days.

    I just don’t what him to have a viable voice/place in politics in the America I live in. He’s not the guy I want calling the shots, and I believe high level politics has been he goal for awhile.

  16. Sources have told me that in 2002, Lance Armstrong snorted cocaine off the bodies of aborted fetuses.

    “I KNOW” that to be true. I believe Lance Armstrong may have even aborted those fetuses himself and forced Tyler Hamilton to eat them.

    But, are their any truth to the rumors that Lance Armstrong was Caylee Anthony’s father and helped Casey Anthony hide the body?

    Ughh…what that man won’t do to win bike races.

  17. Four random reactionary thoughts.

    1 – Post the meds, the heart rates, the vo2max – all of it on the ticker on the tele, make the pharma companies the primary sponsors, and let’m race. treat’em like F1 cars and let’em fuckin’ race.

    2 – Kelly Slater is about to win his ELEVENTH world title in a sport that, like cycling, is all about selling clothing, unnecessary equipment and ‘lifestyle’, so wtf is HE on??

    3 – If we chased down the criminal bankers, insurance brokers and lawmakers with the same zealous fervor as the lying, doping athletes, our world might see some real justice.

    4 – F’ the UCI – the only relevant cycling races are Three Peaks, Melburn Roobaix, The Great Divide, The Stuperbowl, the Trans-Iowa and whatever bar-stool-bragging-rights sprint you orchestrate with your friends tonight.

  18. @AfricanSingle & TripleF.. “his team being nailed” ?

    I’ll let you into my shameful secret..

    I don’t care about rugby.

    There, I said it & I’m glad!

    Ek gee nie om nie!

    Having said that I did go to the France Japan game, most enjoyable game I’ve ever been to & the wife went to the Springboks vs Namibia game.

    AfricanSingle , the game took place at North Harbour stadium on the North Shore of Auckland & the stands were a heaving mass of green, not for nothing is the shore known as “The Republic of Browns Bay”, you’re more likely to hear Afrikaans in the street than English.

    NZ is just heaving with the Rugby World Cup at the moment, it makes for interesting cycling when there are so many cars/camper vans /motorcycles on the road & they are not used to driving on the left hand side of the road.

    I realize that this RWC may be scaring all you NFL fans out there, I mean playing without padding & helmets for 2 x 45 minute periods with the only timeouts being when there’s a prone body on the turf is a bit daunting, these are Manly men, (well okay, Dan Carter a bit suss).

    My prediction, as I stare into my magic can of Australian beer…

    Springboks vs All Blacks final with the Bokke taking it.

    You read it here first..

  19. My anti-Lance zealotry peaked two years ago. Now? I just don’t care. At all… Yawn… I betcha that’s the only thing that truly gets to him. He doesn’t care at all if you hate him. He *really* doesn’t care if you’re angry, or disappointed, or disillusioned or heart broken. But indifferent? Yeah… I bet that gives the man in yellow nightmares.

  20. And when I say manly men, I mean it.

    POS like Michael Vick would have been beaten to a pulp by his own team mates years ago if he played rugby, in fact he wouldn’t still be playing.

  21. @Hurben: Find a recording of the Georgia-England game. I too am not a fan, but the Georgian team had 15 Real Ballers, not so the Poms.
    As ons die boere-taal gooi sal Groot Jannie ons bliksem ;)

  22. Awesome!

    Loved that translation, it shows the limits of these translating apps when you vear from dictionary correct grammer.

    Roughly what AfricanSingle said was:

    “If we sprout Afrikaans then Big Johhny will rip us a new one”

    Which I don’t think will happen as Afrikaans often sounds similar to Flemish, like a Paris-Roubaix commentary.

  23. I’m confident enough that the Boks won’t win the cup, that I’ll do the same for you if they do!

  24. Awesome,

    Now that I’ve actually thought about this, (yes it was painful, thanks for asking), to make it interesting, let’s say

    a Beer Store Pack 1


    A selection of their fine beers of the winners choice up to the same value.

    The DC Beer aficionados can kick in with their recommendations.

    The menu is at:


    Fuck him and feed ’em fishheads….with the quickness. Through all this the ones I have the most respect for are the ones that stood alone and told the truth when it wasn’t cool. People like Lemond and Mike Anderson. You have no idea what they and their families went through speaking the truth about Cancer Jesus.

    Floyd was right, the most poetic justice of this whole thing is that Lance knows he is a liar and that more people every day realize he is one too. Soon he will be irrelevant, he is on his way already. If you have any doubts, look up the facts on his last few “twitter rides”. He actually has to lie about how many showed up. Narcissism in it’s most pathetic form.

    Fuck Lance, ride your bike…..with the quickness.

  26. …my, my, my…i used to be so at odds with humpty over this stuff but i hadda back down & take a deeper look…

    …i fully agree that it’s the individuals like lemond, anderson, floyd, tyler (finally) & betsy andreu who not only stood up to speak the truth but all of them, having experience with ‘cancer jesus’, knew the shellacking they were gonna take from his camp…

    …if armstrong was surrounded by people who truly understood the situation, they’d devise a strategy that allowed for the actual truth to be spoken & yet find a way of salvaging the good that has been created in the past…

    ….that’s not likely to happen because they’re all so used to being “yes-men” that they’re blinded by their own dogma…

    …when a campaign is so intrenched in using a particular ‘winning at all costs’ strategy, it would take a particularly intelligent human being to devise something new & workable…i don’t know that armstrong has anyone in his camp capable of that…

  27. LA needs a viable exit strategy. He cannot claim he regrettably dabbled in the twilight of his career because the accusations span his glory years at the top. He cannot claim he was an unknowing victim as the accusations suggest he was involved with a cover-up of his working with Ferrari.

    I could go on and on. But why bother? Simply stated, LA needs an exit strategy.

  28. …gianni…maybe we could have a contest…“how to get lance armstrong out of a ‘livestrong’ jersey & into a cilice or a hairshirt of atonement”

    …see what kinda ‘exit strategy’ we could conceive for the lad…

    …3rd place is a day with lance & the hog (bruyneel)…

    …2nd place is a day just with lance…&…

    …1st place is ride & dinner with lance-pal robin williams…

  29. @specialneedz

    Mate, you’d better start choosing your beers.

    Allez les Noirs Tout Puissant

  30. Hard luck, South Africa is probably the team I least mind the ABs losing to! They still have a couple of tough games before I can claim any beers though!

  31. …& if either of you fuckers mentions how the all blacks decimated canada 79-15, i’m gonna file a protest…dunno if i wanna say wtf ??? or just ouch !!!…

    …but if wales beats france & all blacks beat the aussies, just remember, i got me some serious welsh in my background…

    …GO CYMRU…

  32. @BGW

    If the RWC ends with a Wales/All Blacks final, I fear that Wales will be beaten so savagely that GreenPeace & Sea Shepherd will stage protests.

  33. …hey, ‘save the wales’, ya ???…

    …never played the sport as a kid so i don’t really know what i’m lookin’ at but i do recognize athletic spirit & ability & that canada/all blacks game was a serious one sided tilt…

    …GO CYMRU !!!…

  34. Don’t feel too bad for your team BGW, they put up a good fight for a country that doesn’t prioritize rugby over everything else! I am worried by the prospect of the Aussies next week, and then facing the unpredicatable French in the final if we get that far… Whilst I would be gutted for our loss, Wales winning the Cup would be awesome!

  35. Agreed, specialneedz.

    Rugby is a national sport & virtually a religion in NZ & SA, not as much in OZ.

    By the same token BGW, Canada would rip every country in the RWC a new one in Ice Hockey, (well except for Russia & the USA, that might take a bit more effort).

    Now there’s another awesome sport!

  36. …ice hockey = olympic gold, baby…canuck rwc = ehhh, not so much…

    …i WILL be cheering CYMRU over the next two weekends…