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12 Replies to “A different kind of hand up”

  1. If my Sweetie did that for me on a course I’d drag her off in to the bushes.

    Of course that would require first finding a Sweetie.

    The older I get the further and farther Sweeties seem to be.

    Growing old sucks.

  2. I found my Sweetie long before I got old. Now she is old too. And she is still my Sweetie. Thirty year anniversary this Monday.

    And if she flashed her boobs we’d probably both fall down laughing.

  3. …joe…i’ll give ya props for that…

    …btw, the traditional 30th year anniversary gift is pearls…

    …might i suggest you give the love of your life a ‘pearl necklace’

    …just a suggestion but it comes with an honest “congratulations !!!”