Jeremy Roy felt the sky fall upon him

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I am using the promise of the internet as a carrot. Write a few more essays, review a bit more, answer a few more multiple choice question. Then you may surf. For five minutes.

This one. Damn, I felt for that kid. So close. So damn close. He took the climber’s jersey. I don’t think it offered much consolation.

It is not possible to fight beyond your strength, even if you strive.
Homer, The Iliad

Damn good show out there, Roy. You made my morning.

Jeremy Roy Stage 13 Tour de France 2011

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8 thoughts on “Jeremy Roy felt the sky fall upon him

  1. I’ve missed the catch twice today so far. At least for the live catch I was actually out riding a bike.

    No shame in giving it all you have and getting beaten by the stronger man. I thought Thor was cooked and he just rode his pace right back.


  2. Dude was in tears at the finish and if anyone blames him for that they have never laid all their heart on the line in any athletic pursuit. He went to his wall and unfortunately for him there was someone with just a bit more.

  3. He sure as hell did. I felt for him too, no shame in that effort, and honestly, that’s what the French folks like. He’s a definite hero to them. They’ll love him probably forever, just for that one stage.