Graham Bensinger sits down with Floyd Landis

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WordPress does not allow an embed from If some figures it out, let me know in the comment section. (Update: fixed by the gnome. Nice!)….

The click though will take you the video on And, short video selections dealing with specific subject matter addressed in the interview are available.

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30 Replies to “Graham Bensinger sits down with Floyd Landis”

  1. Well, there is an embed link, didn’t copy, it’s the share and copy button, the triangle.

  2. Just started watching it.

    Floyd looks fat.

    Hope the interviewer has some real balls and journalistic sense.

  3. He looks like a normal, relatively fit adult.

    Once I stopped racing, I realized that most cyclists pretty much look like war atrocities. It seems normal when its your peer group, but it’s really not (in my opinion) even attractive.

    Wait, did I just say Floyd looks attractive? That’s definitely not what I meant…


  4. Just started watching but if that’s fat then I’m a lost cause.

    His hair is annoying.

    Anyone noticed bgw seems AWOL ??

  5. landis: lance has a sense of entitlement that defies any kind of reason. i’ve never met anyone like him and i don’t hope to meet anyone else like him.

    bensinger: where do you think [lance’s sense of entitlement] comes from?

    landis: i don’t even care.

    oh, but i care. i care very much. poor lancie is alcoholic. he’s a classic, textbook case of a trauma survior (dad abandoned) raised by an alcoholic parent (mom has been married at least 3 times) who never learned empathy. he’s never been able to overcome that awful shame that came with being such a terrible son that his father chose to leave. he’s never come to understand the rage he has and uses to cover heartbreak of losing his father. and until he wakes up, switches from autopilot to manual – he will spray his addict vomitus in all directions in order to distract himself from himself.

    as far as the “i don’t hope to meet anyone else like him” thing, well, i understand how repulsive and addict can be. however, i expect to be surrounded by trauma survivor/alcoholics for quite some time. i expect i’ll be quite satisfied with this too.

  6. landis: [armstrong] liked to be in complete control of whatever situation he found himself in.

    or, as in AA, “we live in fear. so we try to control everything.”

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  8. I’d have a lot more respect for Landis if he would have just retired with dignity. That whole bit about Lance getting satisfaction not from winning, but from making other people lose-Isn’t that essentially what Floyd is doing here?

  9. Are you five? Do I have to take your hand to show you? Do you watch the thing? You make me very tired.

  10. Floyd is a rat in the classic sense of someone who was in with the in crowd, part of the brotherhood and then ran to the feds and spilled his story…mix in some PA back woods naiveté and cynicism. While I do not doubt the truth to his stories, including a certain amount of inaccuracy, he now comes off as self serving more than anything else. A man with a vengeance mission. I wish him well.

  11. Bobbo, cool it. Us five year olds are making Gildas “very tired”.

  12. I love how Landis always seems to bitch about Lance whenever he wants to promote something… In this case his NASCAR shit.

  13. Marcus Garvey wins. I thought Floyd seemed as centered as he has been in a long time. It is not about getting Lance back as much as it is scorched earth on cycling culture. He hates on more than just Lance.

  14. Dolak- so the formula for being a badass athlete is to have parents that aren’t June and Ward Cleaver and to maintain that rage from not being able to control ones parents decisions? No chance Lance was just an ass kickin mutha who wanted everyone on his team to work for him exclusively, no rational behavior there right; it all stems from childhood shit that was beyond his control? How do you know about his mothers drug habits? There are no men that are assholes right; and a woman better damn well stay with a man no matter how fucked up that man is right? How much slower would Lance go if he discovered these elusive truths you have shared here? He probably would have let some others win the Tour just to prove he’s discovered his deeper self right? It would have been awesome to see all that empathy he would have had as a competitor if he had given you a bunch of money to sit around and discuss his childhood. May be he has done that with another therapist already; imagine how much faster he would have been if he hadn’t done that therapy? If you care so much, send Lance a business card with your wildly insightful tidbits; the dude has enough money to keep you living the lavish life w/ glamorous accessories to keep your needy ego happy.

  15. AA , shut the fuck up. I know Lance. Dolak is pretty close to right. He has no real friends except those he controls through business relationships or through Omerta. He is few stable interpersonal realtionships, and short lived romantic ones. As soon as he feels he does not control, or you can hurt him in any way, you are out. Just ask Mike Anderson.

  16. I love AA.

    They crack me up.

    If I was to ever join a cult, I go to Cali and join a sex cult.

    At least then I’d get laid now and then.

  17. Humpty, while I agree that Lance is a dick, and I know brother Anderson and worked with him for years, Dolak is a hack who has to have everything fit his world view where everyone is an alcoholic.

  18. Cheap gin ??

    joe ??

    I thought you only licked the finest gin from the thighs of virgins while eating pizza and watching the tour.

    You feeling ok there bud ??

  19. Gin, whiskey, radiator fluid.

    I get the feeling joe would drink about anything.

  20. Yeah, pretty much. Alls I knows is it was like 102 degrees today. Real degrees, not them funny French/Canuckistani ones.

    And after putting in a day of commercial electrical work in brutal heat, followed by a two hour drive back home, I am full of Mrs. Joe’s good home cookin’ and gin.

    And my kitties are with me. And my kid is downstairs, having fun with her friends. Truly, love surrounds me and life is good.

    Sorry, what were we talking about?