Now with more Thor

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Had to post this pic. Had to. Dude brought the FIRE!

Thor showing off his stripes Tour de France 2011

Image source:

Saw this quote too:

I get chills. This is definitely the sickest thing I’ve done. I had never expected to win a stage like this. I worked alone, worked hard and won in the end.
Thor Hushovd

I cannot track down a better source for that quote than the tumblr site I linked above. I hope it’s an actual quote and not some line made up by some idiot on twitter.

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Dude could not be more baller.

Thank you, Tour de France, for keeping me sane these last few weeks. Back to the books!

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9 Replies to “Now with more Thor”

  1. incredible ride by Thor. poor form from some French fans at the finish in booing the rainbow jersey. I understand that they hoped Jeremy Roy would hold on for the stage; I also understand that chauvinism is a French word ;)

  2. They boo’d him ?? Fuck those cheese eating surrender monkeys.

    And that’s big cause I hate that phrase. The French have a better record war-wise than most nations and the whole Maginot line deal taught the whole world a very important lesson. Totally off-topic but I had to throw it out.

    That first song…..was that a “I want candy” remix or am I just getting old ?

  3. Does TripleF mean French Football Federation ?
    That’d be enought to give a sense to your pittfull attacks towards us, camembert eaters.
    Or perhaps did you visit the Maginot line in the early 30’s ?
    In that case, please, turn off tour TV set grand’dad. It’s bed time for your.
    Off-topic to.

    Jérémy’s to young and tender yet. He’ll come soon.
    David is an angel. Victory deals with the dark side. He’s not in the right place.
    Thor was the man today. No boo, just clap. Respectfully.

  4. I said it before and I’ll say it again Thor is a freakin’ Stud! Great to the World Champ; get in a break, attack on the HC climb, descend like an express elevator (exceeding 100 KPH at times!!!!) and power around poor J. Roy like the kid was stapled to the road. Great win for one of the good guys of the sport. Just goes to show you do NOT want to mess with the God of Thunder.


  5. @pepin

    Read it again and it seems ok but I guess that came off wrong ?

    I was defending the French. They get a bad rap cause of WWII. They prepared and their soldiers were ready to fight but they quickly realized their Generals prepared them to fight WWI.

    Hitler flanked them and gave a choice; surrender or die.

    They surrendered like any rational person and then fought for years to end it.

    The Maginot Line taught us to not prepare to fight the last war.

  6. @TF. You’re wright. We’re definitly unable to choose your leaders. And we crawl for years after they catch the power!

  7. The guys at the finish who booed Thor probably bought 100 euros worth of Virgin Mary bidons thinking their prayers would bring a French winner.