For the weekend

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A tutorial on how to cheer at a bike race. Write this down: 

Moto champ vs. downhill champ. If anything, it gives you a really good look at a killer downhill course 

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Do you ever feel like you are a monkey herding goats…on the back of a dog?

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If any of you are over at the sea otter this weekend, you might want to check out some sleaze

Sleaze Otter 2011 clothes attitude


The Arizona Trail Race started  this morning and you can watch at Friend of DC, Yuri, is out there giving it some stick and looks to be off to a good start. Good luck to all the riders out there this weekend. Its going to be a hot one, but that route is oh so sweet!

…and we can top it off with a nice little NSFW video here.


Now grab a drink and let’s start this weekend!

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9 Replies to “For the weekend”

  1. They forgot the Beer Burps, but awesome nonetheless. That last video was funny until someone get’s an eye poked-out.

  2. …jeezus…after all that, i need a beer & a cigarette…

    …smokin’ little body & i’m not talking about monkeys on dogs !!!…

  3. Can I request a USA-Pelvic Thrust cheer when I finish the Whiskey in two weeks?

  4. First time checking out a post with video on a borrowed itouch. hard as hell to write this comment, but the site looks great on this device.