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19 Replies to “Charlie Hustle now on BMC”

  1. Charlie Hussle: not the first cheater, just one of the first to get caught.

    Let him in the hall for sure.

  2. Ok, now we’ve got to buy Judi a car so she can have a New York strip with Pete Rose. What’s the cheapest pre-owned, barely running bucket of bolts on the lot? You got anything with weeds growing in it? Perfect.

    They’ve got an 1998 Toyota Avalon with 171,591 miles on it for $4,972.00. That looks to be a good investment. A car on it’s last legs and dinner with Charlie Hustle.

    Judi, I’ve got some bad news. We can’t afford to buy you a car so you can have dinner with Pete Rose.

  3. Whilest all I know of Pete Rose is what I’ve gathered off the interweb, I actually find this sad that a legend is now doing this shit.

  4. …pete rose was a fucking phenomena on the baseball field, not one iota of doubt…‘charlie hustle’ was made for the game…lookit that foto…

    …with the inconsistent way selig has run the game, it’s a huge & hypocritical injustice to not induct rose into the ‘hall of fame’

  5. If you’re into it, go watch http://www.4192movie.com/ (it was produced by some colleagues of mine here in Cincy, and is pretty awesome). I grew up watching him play, and the man was hard as nails.

    He could end up on Dancing With the Stars for all I care, he was still an incredible player, a legend, and goddam well belongs in the Hall of Fame.

  6. TRUE TRUE! I do need a car. DC’ers, buy me a car I will paint the DC logo on it, even. And drive lead car in all local road races that I am not already planning to race/DFL in.

  7. And no making fun of my baseball/Reds obsession, Judi. Chapman’s gonna rip some arms off this year.

    Ok, back to bikes.

  8. OK the guy sliding on his palms is exactly the reason I buy gloves with Kevlar reinforcement. That and the multiple overlapping scars from previous wrecks, then suckers hurt.