Bike swap cometh – frame jig up for grabs

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The frame jig that I machined, when assembled to build frame 1: 'Go Ugly Early'
The frame jig that I machined, when assembled to build frame 1: 'Go Ugly Early'

Tucson Bike Swap website.

brass hammer and tube: Feb 2010
brass hammer and tube: Feb 2010

For the price of a needed radiator, a frame jig will be for sale one day only at Gaba Bike Swap tomorrow morning. It is a fund raiser for my auto parts counter addiction. I will also have some other parts to sell, and will have the stand set up, with all the light and heavy maintenance tools pertaining to bicycles, and will be doing repairs.

For those who don’t know, this is one of the most ‘buyer’s market’ type of swaps. It isn’t Seattle, it isn’t Minneapolis. Shit goes pretty cheap. It isn’t just shops setting up ‘shop’, either. It’s a good place to get your spare chain rings or search for NOS goodies. The bike swap is on famous Fourth Ave and used to be in Pima West parking lot in the good old days. Go early, go ugly, and go with a stack of ones and fives. I’ll be making change for those that need ATM 20s for at least a little while. Look for me on the East side of the Avenue.

stack of money.jpg

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17 Replies to “Bike swap cometh – frame jig up for grabs”

  1. It always has been on Saturday – WTF? It IS on Sunday. Correction. Push early wake up 24 hours forward.

  2. I think they started doing the spring meet on sunday a couple years ago. I’m not a fan but that is only bc I work sunday mornings

  3. heading down from phoenix…
    good stuff

    nice wheelsets (mtb)
    frames (mtb)
    bars (mtb & rd)
    you get the idea… if you mention DC I’ll even give you an extra discount

  4. I am sorry to be missing this one. It’s a great event, and not just for the selling. Che’s Lounge will soon be opening it’s doors. Ice cold dollar beers.

    Ah, the memories…

  5. Opening its doors. Baby lawyers must be impeccable in their writing.

    It is = it’s
    it + possessive = its.
    I know, it’s a stupid rule but it’s English. I don’t make its rules.

    Where the fuck were you, one each Mr. Dirty. I no see ya.

  6. “Che’s Lounge”?

    Che didn’t lounge. Che murdured thousands. And Che’s likeness, displayed prominantly in the campaign headquarters of Barry Hussein the boy king speaks volumes to anyone with brains enough to listen.

  7. Dude, I don’t care if they rename the place Wladziu Valentino Liberace’s Lounge. It’s still f’n cool and one of my favorite spots in the entire state.

  8. LJ – are you referring to my comment?

    It’s a great event. It is a great event?

    Update: Now I see it! Jesus. I read that sentence five times and didn’t notice. Man, that was weird. Ok, got it now! Damn. I think I started to type something like “open their doors” and then I changed it. Should’ve just gone with that first instinct. Bah!

  9. …here in ‘the land of the free, home of the brave’, we have “ultra clean w/ stain fighters” to wash the blood from our saintly white robes, so as not to offend those who don’t care to be reminded…

    ‘liberace’s lounge’…you may have something there…cater to your fedora-ed old school-ish straight shots & ‘on the rocks’ guys to the pork-pie crowned ‘new’ martini crowd & throw in your margarita & cosmopolitan &/or umbrella-ed fruity mixed drinks bunch & there you have it…

    …the ‘new young sophisticates’ need a ‘see & be seen’ scene where they can tipple…why nor ‘liberace’s lounge”

    …sure you you wanna be an attorney ???…

  10. Joe, maybe, just maybe there was more than 1 person named or nicknamed Che in this part of the hemisphere.

  11. Nope. All wrong. Ended up at Che’s Lounge today at 5:00 pm after quite a day. I took the shuttle to the border town of Nogales, got a tooth removed, bought a sweet bottle of tequila (can only take ONE across now, according to law.) See post this evening for Mexico pictures.

    Che’s is just a place where you get a 14 oz portion of Miller High Life (thank you) for one dollar. Now, after a day like, this, in 90 fucking degree heat, riding back from the South side, a place where I might run into a friend or some familiar face that is AIR CONDITIONED [lullaby at checkpoint show passport answer questions] with a fucking one dollar beer is OK with me. I give a flying fuck about the name, or the image, of Che the person which you’ll notice, if you care to shut the fuck up and step into the interior, is not the theme AT ALL of that place.

    So shut the fuck up. I was there today and enjoyed a beer with one less mercury filled retained baby tooth. I was there today and relaxed for a minute and got back on my bike for 7 miles to home.

  12. littlejar, i think the heat makes you cranky. soak up that a/c and enjoy those 14 ounces of, hopefully, icy cold High Life and just chill. the peanut gallery is just making chatter.

  13. I love Che’s Lounge. It’s like a one stop shop for when a bro needs to get fully drunk bastarded on less than ten bucks.