Update: Move with Love

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Last October, Ali Delgado was hit by a car on her bike. Her husband, a resident at University Hospital, was working the day of the accident. He was the doctor who was called to the scene via helicopter.

This is the follow up to the Delgado’s incredible story. It’s on the front page of CNN.com today. Watch the video. Then read the story. She is an amazing fighter.

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7 Replies to “Update: Move with Love”

  1. Amazing story and a good reminder of how precious and fleeting life can be. Live each day like it’s your last and love every moment.

  2. @legs, agreed. im glad someone watched the video. i dont think this will be the last you hear of this story.

  3. “…a car didn’t see her…” No, and HELL no! A negligent DRIVER didn’t see her. Every time I hear such an incident described otherwise it makes my blood boil.

    Not busting on you, Judi; far from it. Your friend sounds like an amazing person. I wish her a full and speedy recovery and I appreciate you sharing the story.

    It’s just that, well, “…a car didn’t see her…”-Well, it wasn’t the car’s job to be looking out. You know that. I know that. I just wish there was some way we could get it to sink in with the public at large. Again, not a criticism of you excellent post; more a reflection of how language can be a snare.

    Sorry for the rant. Sometimes I think too much. Sometimes I don’t think at all. And I’m damned if I know which is worse. Let’s all be careful out there.

  4. JTE – too much coffee? :0) Riding bikes in the road, it’s the chance every cyclist takes. thats why im moving to the trail.

  5. Coffee? Heck, I could probably pee stronger than what Starbucks serves, Judi. But we all take our chances every day. I’m probably safer on these country roads than I would be on any singletrack just slightly north of “not very technical at all”. Just sayin’ that using language that suggests it’s the car’s fault rather than the driver’s for a cyclist getting hit always jumps out at me. Accidents happen. When they do, we need to be precise and insistant at correctly placing the blame. Cyclists ought to at least be able to use the public streets with some assurance that other road users are aware their actions have consequences, and that they will be held accountable for those consequences.

    ‘Kay, it’s raining harder than a cow dumping used Starbucks on a flat rock, so I think I’ll spend some quality time with my work stand and my wrenches. Be safe, y’all.

  6. WOW amazing story. Kudos to her Husband for standing by her. That is true love and it is something amazing to see thanks Judi