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26 Replies to “i’m still hyped.”

  1. Anybody who likes bikes even the least little bit owes it to theirself to have at least one cruiser. I miss mine something crazy. Gave it to a good friend who lost everything including his bike in a messy divorce. It’s got a good home, though, and he doesn’t have to wait until every other weekend to see it.

  2. …initially i was nonplussed as i scoped that ‘daire but i sensed the artist was only just preparing his canvas…

    …through motion, a ‘still life’ is perfected…

    …bravissimo, artiste, bravissimo !!!…

  3. Just one thing I don’t get-You got a half rack of nice beer there. Why the 40?

  4. And so the Fat Tire = mountain goat piss or favourite brew debate begins anew.

  5. Very nice, and the fridge is really clean too. Enjoy the cold ones, and I am thrilled to not see PBR in there.

  6. To the nay sayer about homeboy’s choice… It’s the best ale given the selection he has, and have you tried 2 below? It’s got a higher alcohol content and it’s delicious. This comment brought to you by a nice chianti. ffffffffffffffphfpffff.

  7. You also missed the Sierra Nevada Glissade. Not quite as good as the Pale Ale or Torpedo, but a good spring beer none-the-less.

  8. @21-lj, I have no opinion on -2, though I’d jump at the chance to try it. My confoobulation stems from the prescence of a 40 oz LowLife in the same fridge, as it seemed to me the most unlikely of juxtapositions.


    ps-“ffffffffffffffphfpffff”? How is that pronounced?