Local female CX racer hit by car.

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Ali Delgado was hit on her bike yesterday, coming down a hill, a car didn’t see her and turned left. She crashed into the car. She’s at University Hospital now in ICU.

Allie is a local CX racer. We raced together a couple weeks ago. She is actually a teammate of Low Brow, one of the two females on the team. Allie just finished med-school and is a resident at Children’s Hospital. She’s only 26 years old.

Please send her some good thoughts. And a card or two if you choose.

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More here on the accident.

The accident occurred as the Sonata was turning left from westbound Corbly Road to southbound Berkshire Club Drive and struck Delgado, who was traveling east on Corbly Road, the sheriff’s office said.

The driver of the Sonata, 51-year-old Cathleen Looder of Oxford, and her two passengers were all wearing seat belts at the time of the crash and were not injured.

Delgado, who was wearing a helmet, was transported to Mercy Anderson Hospital by the Anderson Township Fire Department and later taken by Air Care to University Hospital.

Speed, alcohol and drugs were not factors in the crash, the sheriff’s office said. The accident remains under investigation.

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21 Replies to “Local female CX racer hit by car.”

  1. Sends chills down my spine. That’s almost exactly how I got hit. (‘Cept the driver in my case was in a hurry to get to Luby’s…) My thoughts go out to her.

  2. the driver in this case just didn’t see her. plain and simple. thank GOD its not a hit and run and she won’t be responsible for those medical bills. she just finished med-school. only 26. i just pray she comes out of this and is ok. just a goddamn shame. and it can happen to *any* of us. RIDE SAFE.

  3. Sounds like an accident pure and simple. What with all the road rage and shit, we forget that such as this is a fact of life, and we shouldn’t. How Esterhaus said, “Let’s be careful out there”.

    Judi, not sure how much influence an old heathen like me has with The Man Upstairs, but I’m pullin’ for your buddy just the same. Pray if you’ve got ’em, boys and girls.

  4. Its rough. Both she and her husband are our friends and teammates. She is an amazing athlete (placed first woman overall in her first marathon – Flying Pig – here in Cincy). She is a wonderful girl, please keep her and her husband in your thoughts.

    Ride safe. Enjoy every moment on your bike, remember every day on it is a blessing.

  5. Sorry Joe, this is not an accident it is a collision. Avoidable if the driver was paying attention. We cyclists have to keep pounding on this. An accident makes it seem like it there was nothing to do to stop this event.
    I’m really glad the injuries don’t seem live and limb threatening. Although she is liable to be sore everywhere. Bright clothes, cyclist road positioning and driver attention. (Wish I knew a way to control the last one.)
    Best of luck to the young lady.

  6. We had a local get hit and the car ran after hesitating. Rider not too smacked up. This is in my dinkums town of 10,000 in MN. Is it getting worse than ever or is it my perception? Anyone know if number of cyclists being bashed by vehicles is actually increasing? Makes me want to steer off the rd more as a pedaling fool.

  7. “the driver in this case just didn’t see her. plain and simple”

    No, the driver in this case didn’t *look*. Or, looked and went anyway.

    The law says you can’t turn left unless there is no oncoming traffic – so the driver also violated the law, and was not charged, as usual.

  8. Ralph, chris, ya got me. Guess it’s an in dicator of how bad things have become when I’m willing to suspend outrage simply because the motorist 1-seemed to be acting without malice and 2-didn’t flee the scene. At least if the “justice” system failed to charge the motorist, there may be a civil remedy. Jonny?

  9. Joe, there would be potential for a civil remedy. If the driver was negligent then they are liable for the damages caused by that negligence.

  10. Yeah… that accident word again. Like a 4 year old hiding from having done wrong, wide-eyed; “It was an ACCIDENT.” The most childish and stupid behavior comes out of people behind the wheel. The hitting and running factor is huge. We don’t develop as drivers, in fact, the same exact behavior patterns exist in car dependency that do in drug addiction. These include: “love” of the addiction, denial of a problem, and AGGRESSION when anyone ever questions the problem. Omnidemic and therefore goes largely unquestioned. It’s time we faced this massive problem – like 30 years ago.
    I hope that Ms. Delgado recovers well and gets back on the bike to continue using the more correct form of transportation.

  11. Any update on the rider condition? Here is hoping she is up and back on the bike real soon…

  12. Without divulging to much info (out of respect for her and her family’s privacy), I can tell you this — it is not a case of a few broken bones. Quite a bit more serious. She is stable, but the complications (internal injuries) have been quite scary.

    So far there have been signs of improvement. She is one seriously tough lady, so I have faith that she will recover, although it looks like it may well be a long, rough road ahead.

    Please please please send whatever it is you got — prayers, meditations, white light, positive thoughts, whatever you believe in — to this girl and her family.

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