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From: Colin M.
Subject: With all this local pro doping conversation going on lately…
I wish someone would be brave enough to do what this former pro runner did.

http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-243-521–13729-1-1X2X3X4X5X6X7X8-9,00.html (The Confessions of Eddy Hellebuyck)

I was reading this article last night and I wanted to share it. Finally, unless I missed someone’s book, a pro athlete comes clean and actually gives DETAILS on his EPO use. What we have seen in cycling has been at best a press release or a teary eyed apology. I remember Sheppard’s discussion of his doping had the most truth emanating from it but again I don’t recall any details of the magnitude shown in this article.

Anyway, enjoy the read. I know I did. Afterwards you may want to have a cold beer or a slap in the face because you’ll wonder what the fuck just happened.

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18 Replies to “Everybody is on something”

  1. I am always curious why someone sits down and does one of these “hang myself high” interviews. But I’m glad he did. I did not know that it was so easy to evade the testing regime. I just watched the ’99 Sestriere again. It certainly was impressive. Lance’s endurance, that is.

  2. As a runner, Drunkrunner maybe?, I caught this as well. I believe a lot of his desire to come clean is due to his involvement with high school cross country. Particularly with his son on the team.

    This is the first I’ve seen of a distance runner being brought down for doping. So far it’s been mainly an issue on the track, and pro races under 10k. I’ll be interested to see where this leads.

  3. …interesting read…

    …i caught myself honestly feeling glad to be reading a doping story that wasn’t centered around cycling…

    …that along says something…dopedcyclist.com…

  4. As a life long runner I have a major issue with Runners World.

    They took a post that I did on a forum & used it without permission, misquoted me & then gave me a ton of shit when I protested.

    Runners World & Bicycling are pretty much in the same boat, which is a shame as it’s not what Rodale originaly set out to achieve.

    @SJ hook up with Dead Runners Society, they’re good people.

  5. Dude, Hellebuck didn’t do anything brave, he doped his balls off for years, won lots of races, screwing clean runners all along, and didn’t “repent” until after he got popped for doping, and was trying to get a gig coaching high school runners in tucson. He is a pure and simple douche bag, nothing noble or brave about the asswipe

  6. Yeah I got that douche impression as well. Still, I think brave is the appropriate word. He walked the plank and leaped. Who knows how he will land. Noble? Nah.

  7. At least he was a hard partying extreme narcissist dope dog. Maybe had he laid off the bottle a bit more he would have found better form from time to time. He needed some new inspiration in his running; dope gave him hope when he was going flat. This confession will get him another wave of glory, woo hoo, whatever.

  8. Man that guy and his wife are made for each other.

    I think the most telling point is that not once did he show any remorse in terms of acknowledging the people he stole victories from. His timing was neither noble nor brave. He only ‘fessed up when the stress got to him, it had nothing to do with the welfare of anyone else.

    But it is nice to see someone besides Landis is super deranged in fighting a conviction all the way to the top only to roll over after the fact. I wonder how many more of these stories it will take before people realize passing in-competition controls doesn’t mean too much, no matter how many there were.

  9. May favorite part is where at the start of the interview his wife stuck up for him but as soon as she leaves the room he admits cheating. Classy.

  10. …really, otb, you think she looks like a dude ???…

    …like to see the women you date, amigo…

    …just sayin’…

  11. I cannot understand, for the life of me, why anyone with a perfectly functioning body, a body that does everything asked of it and so much more, would need to dope.
    I would LOVE to have a body that was super-healthy and did absolutely everything I asked of it, every time; but I don’t get to play with a full deck (medically speaking). So I freely admit that I resent the athletes who are so blessed with health and vitality AND who still feel a need to dope.
    Healthy athletes who dope are just pissing on the gift.

  12. …point, well pointed out, africansingle…

    …tiny little guy, big red hummer…hmmm…